Savory Deli and Market

2801 Fallston Rd
Fallston, 21047
Savory Deli and Market, isn't too hard to get to on one of my work routes, so I stop by here every now and then. It is pretty obvious that they serve all organic food here. You can see them cutting and cooking your food thanks to the open kitchen. They have a wide selection or organic meats and vegies. When I come here I usually order their chicken salad and the Boom Shrimp Wrap. The salad is filling but you feel strangely healthy afterwards, at least I always do. The shrimp wrap is also delicious with the shrimp being very well cooked and juicy, trust me regardless of what else is in the wrap the shrimp's flavor is apparent and I love that. The service here is also very good, there is never a big line because they serve their people quick. And the staff are very polite. This is a go to when I need fast food but don't want to eat junk food.
One of my favorite places,I drive 25 minutes too eat here and the food is the best,I go at least once a week,love,love it.
Very nice convenience store/deli and sandwich shop. They have a lot of choices. Many tasty options. A few inventive combinations. I've picked up sandwiches from the Savory Deli many times. I particularly like the breakfast sandwiches.

(410) 692-0201

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Fast Eddie’s Pit Beef

2800 Bel Air Rd
Fallston, 21047
Fun stop. Good food fast. Nice to sit at outside under cover and chow down. Fries are really good and sandwiches are awesome.
I think a sandwich here is too expensive. Just doesn't knock my socks off. Sides are VERY small. Not a good value.
Nothing else to say then the best pit meat around. The pit ham and turkey is awesome, their french fries are like nothing else in town, and they cater as well, which makes them great for parties. Only problem is they don't do a very good Job answering their phone, but that is because of how fast paced the employees work. Still with that flaw a 5*

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Baldwin Meals

2419 Baldwin Mill Rd
Fallston, 21047
Stopped in looking for seafood and they directed me elsewhere. Picked up a homemade eclair and it was to DIE FOR! Girls very sweet.
The food's ok, but way overpriced, It should not have one $ sign, but rather at LEAST two $$. You can't get an entree for under $10 with tax (unless you go for breakfast). Large 16 inch pizza, didn't even fill the 16 inch pizza box. Crab dip came in an aluminum container, the chips that came with it also had carrots and celery and pepperoncini in the same box - making the chips soggy! Maybe they will get better as they get more established.
This place really is terrific! The customer service is fantastic, the prices are great, and the quality of the food is awesome! They even have delicious to go meals for only $10! Even the pizza is fantastic. I'm really impressed by this local gem. Thanks for the great food and wonderful service!

(410) 941-5442

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Texas Roadhouse

2428 Belair Rd
Fallston, 21047
First time in this restaurant and was very pleased with our experience and meal. We will go back.
Wow. That's all. Just wow. One cannot go wrong here.
Excellent service. Fresh peanuts. Drinks were always full. Rolls were steaming hot. Steak was cooked as ordered.

(443) 299-6157

Steakhouses, Barbeque, American (Traditional)

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Back In The Day Cafe

2823 Belair Rd
Fallston, 21047
We happened upon this place while looking for somewhere local to eat in Fallston. The staff was very attentive and food was great!
So so for a quick bite. Portions are small. Reminds me of the food you would order at the old drive ins. Hershey milkshakes which I didnt try this visit. Too expensive for small mediocre portions. Shame we need decent food places in Fallston. This place isn't it. DO NOT get Mac n Cheese!!!! Its terrible!*
Everyone mentions a quick bite. Oh, just the opposite. It took 45 minutes to get our order which was wrong. We left, never to return.

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Italian Sensation

2316 Belair Rd,Ste E
Fallston, 21047
Today, while checking out some residential properties in Bel Air/ Abingdon Md, I stopped into IS to try their lasagna. I've had their shrimp fettuccine alfredo before (a 5 star item btw), but wanted something different today. It was WONDERFUL. It's big/fully stuffed enough to fill me up and I'm sort of a big guy. Italian Sensation always delivers an amazing meal at truly reasonable prices. I opted to get their cheese garlic bread, as a side to compliment the meal. That was somewhat dissapointing, stick with the soft roll of bread and butter and you can't go wrong. I think their quality of food rivals some of the fancier Little Italy restaurants. At a fraction of the price. Go to Italian Sensation, you'll love it...just skip the cheesy garlic bread. I threw in a pack of cigs to show scale of the lasagna.....
I love their pizza!!! Spaghetti and meatballs are also one of my favorites. Great place to get a good meal.
Dined on 10/13/2012 We have driven past this place for years without realizing what a decent pizza place this is. I love it when you can order pizza by the slice, and better yet, they let you custom order the slice. My wife and I enjoyed their pizza very much. We had a side of sauce as well, and it is not too sweet. They have a pretty substantial Italian menu, while it is counter service ordered, it is not fast food, and the food is served at the table. We will be back!!!

(410) 877-8377

Pizza, Italian

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Basta Pasta

2745 Fallston Rd
Fallston, 21047
Basta Pasta is our favorite Italian restaurant. Unfortunately the Monday night prime rib special is nothing special. The cheescake, soup and salad were very good but the prime rib is anything but succulent as mentioned on the menu. It was cooked medium to order but was not tender and void of flavor. Oh well, it's an Italian restaurant and I guess I should have ordered Italian.
Food was actually pretty good. The food came out fast and was hot. The waitress was extremely rude. And handed us lemons after it was delivered to the wrong table and had sat there for a few moments. I would come back and hope for a better waitress
My wife and I frequent this place often, as we are right down the street. I usually have no complaints about anything, and I love the location and atmosphere. However, I am getting sick and tired of getting carry out, which is always two dinners, only to get home and find out I only have one salad instead of two, and one order of bread sticks instead of two (salad and bread sticks come with a dinner). I could take 3-5 minutes to go back and get them, but why should I have to? Get your carry out operation in order, Basta Pasta, or I will take my business to the new Baldwin Meals. One star for carry out; 4 stars for dine far.

(410) 692-5200

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Fallston Seafood Restaurant

2108 Fallston Rd
Fallston, 21047
Fallston Seafood Restaurant is great! Overall, Fallston Seafood is a cozy restaurant with great, affordable food. My hunny and I have visited numerous times since we discovered it about a year ago and we never leave disappointed. Fallston Seafood is split into two sections. The door on the left leads you into the bar and the door on the right leads you into the dining room. I have never gone into the bar, so I can only give my opinion on the dining room experience. The dining room itself is small, with some booths and table with chairs in the middle. Despite this, I have never had to wait and am always immediately seated at the table or booth of my choice. There is also a few flat screen televisions and a fireplace which is so cozy during the winter!! I pretty much order the same thing every time I visit, which is the crab cake sandwich. (See photos) The crab cake is amazing AND huge!! It is full of jumbo lump crab meat with little filler. Mmm, I wish I had another one right now even though I just stuffed myself last night. Anyways, you can choose to have the sandwich on a few different types of bread or a kaiser roll. I get the kaiser roll and only add lettuce. I feel like extra toppings would take away from the crab cake goodness. It comes with chips and a pickle but I usually substitute the chips for fries and they are fresh, crispy and hot. I have also had the Crab Dip from here as well. It is served in a bread bowl with chunks of fresh bread on the side for dipping. It is the best crab dip I have ever had. No complaints!! The last time I decided to try the cream of crab soup to switch things up a bit and the soup was filled with lumps of meat and had just enough spice. (See photos) Yum!! :) I would have licked the bowl if there weren't other diners around... My hunny usually splits the crab dip with me and he loves it too. His favorite is the cheesesteak sub. The 8inch doesn't seem like an 8inch, it seems much bigger. (See photos) The menu is quite extensive and there is plenty to choose from, but I definitely recommend trying the crab cakes. I could only give 4 out of 5 stars because the service is so slow sometimes.. Even though the place has been fairly empty every time I have gone. I can look past this to enjoy a good, solid meal though ;)
All I can say is WOW.....I arrived here for the ALL YOU CAN EAT CRABS for $23.99 and I can say they were worth more then you can imagine!!!!! Also our server served us rolls that were made from pizza dough FANTASTIC!!
The 5 stars are for only the cream of crab soup. It's my all time favorite. Everything else is just okay.

(410) 893-9900

Seafood Markets, Seafood, Italian

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Great Wall

2735 Fallston Rd
Fallston, 21047
The best Chinese food in the area, im here atleast once a week! There are 2 other Chinese take-outs that are closer to my house, but I always make the few extra minute drive to Great Wall. The sesame chicken is one of my favorites. They use all white meat chicken and the perportions are huge. Service is fast (especially if you call ahead) and the service is always very friendly!
Food used to be better...we used to go 6-8 times a month. Now we go to Asian Cafe on Bel Air Road in Fallston. Much better food and service. What prompted this review was my wife just came back from this place with chicken with cashew nuts. This place has gotten to the point where the stuff everything with the cheapest ingredients they can to save $$$! It was 50% celery! Look at the picture I posted! Go to Asian Cafe instead. You will thank me.
I never wrote a review of anything ever but this was so awful that I thoughts others need to know. I was getting home late, salt trucks out & jumped in to take Chinese food home. I haven't been here in over 10 years & can't believe how awful they have become. First off, they forgot the gravy to go with the Egg Foo Young. The hot & spicy soup tasted & looked bright orange exactly like Franks hot wing sauce! Which is a totally different kind of heat & flavor. Not kidding it tasted like hot wing soup. The Egg Drop soup was also bright orange. It looked like some kind of commercial fats/oils.The spoon coated like this was an oil receptical. The egg rolls were dark. The lo mien was the only thing edible.If this was the 1st time I ever had chinese food than I would never have it again, but I definitely know there are better places & I took a chance on convenience. Don't break your diet, wallet or appetite over this place. Plus they forgot my cookies!

(410) 557-8822

Szechuan, Cantonese

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Asian Café

2316 Bel Air Rd,Ste D
Fallston, 21047
Asian Café is a nice little Chinese joint in Fallston that also serves sushi and Thai style dishes. Their menu is pretty expansive, offering both dine-in and takeout options. When I went I got an Alaskan Roll and Red Snapper sushi. Though nothing extraordinary, the rolls were tasty and a fairly good size. Monday-Thursday all their basic rolls, sushi, and sashimi are 50% off, making Asian Café a very affordable place for lunch if you're craving sushi in the Fallston area. Overall, Asian Café is a great new restaurant to have in the bustling metropolis that is Fallston, Maryland. EDIT: Asian Cafe no longer serves sushi, unfortunately.
Meh. That's about as good as it get folks. Food is average. I was very disappointed when I walked in with my daughter expecting our father daughter sushi night only to find out that the sushi chef had moved back to China. We settled for some chicken and cashews. It was ok but nothing to write yelp about. It was a little pricey for average Chinese takeout-style food.
We still order from them.... however, their pad tai has been very inconsistent. Sometimes it is very bland. I also wish they used real chilies. I hope they fix it....

(410) 877-2500

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