Matcha Time Cafe

3785 Hamilton St
Ellicott City, 21043
This place has some killer Chai tea! Probably the very best I have had in life! I am addicted now and may switch to tea verses coffee. I needed a change. Free parking spots for patrons. That's a big plus for Historic Ellicott City.
Perhaps one of the most if not THE MOST CHARMING cafe I've been to.... Although I've never set foot outside of an airport in Japan, stepping inside Matcha Time made me like I had been transported within a Miyazki film (I provided my own Miyazaki soundtrack via youtube). So serene.... The inside decor is clean to perfection. Wooden tables, elegant lighting, pastoral countryside feel but superimposed with newest, fanciest cafe machines, dispensers, ipad, etc. The best part was the service. From what I could tell, run and owned by a very nice japanese lady, her half japanese daughter, and Caucasian husband. As my friend and I sat down for our meal, we saw several local families and regulars come in and were greeted by the owner. One mother was proud to announce that her son had remembered to bring his own japanese chopsticks cause he knew he was coming to Matcha... As for the drinks: pretty solid. As soon as we walked up to the counter, we were given samples of their spiced apple cider and one of their specialty teas. Both were excellent and we decided to get a serving of each. 5 stars so far. As for the food, not as good as the decor, service, and drinks, but not bad and definitely good value. We didn't get any of the rolls this visit, but instead got the special which included rice balls (salmon) wrapped in seasweed, edemame, egg, sausage. Everything as pretty good and simple as Japanese cuisine should be. Flavors could have been stronger though. I would go back and try some of the rolls. OVERALL: so damn charming. Great to stop by for a snack/drink if you're in the area. DON'T forget to walk through the gift shop and look/buy the Japanese paraphernalia
Very cute cafe! First time here, had two different pots of tea which were both delicious and received free refills on the water for the tea. Tried the Philadelphia roll, ebi tempura roll, and California roll - all which were delicious! Very friendly and helpful staff, would recommend to friends.

(410) 418-4832

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C&B Italian Delly

8457 Baltimore National Pike,Ste 1
Ellicott City, 21043
Amazing shrimp salad sandwiches! Huge quality shrimp in a light seasoned mayonnaise. As another yelper already said, their bread is excellent. I want to try the italian sub, but I'm so stuck on the shrimp salad that I have not ventured to the italian yet. I live in Los Angeles so I don't get back East that often, but when I do, C&B is a must on my list of places to go. I have to get one to take with me for my wait at the airport on my way out of town.
Umm yeah...this location is NOT the best...basically its behind Dunkin Doughnuts...near a sex shop, and a bra store. So...after you sort through all have yourself a great...GREAT deli...not delly. I am not big on the name of this place, but they sure can make a good Italian sub. I would hold this sub as good as any you can get downtown Baltimore in Little Italy..and it also holds its own to Arlington, VA's Italian Store. Even half of the sub would probably fill you up. We usually get 2 subs and eat one the next day. I also pick up pastas and olives here. Also..if you live in Howard County, they circulate coupons for this place all the time in the mail. Look for them in those little mailers.
5 stars for the Italian Sub. Wow Not bad for a random stop for a sandwich I'll be back!

(410) 465-4499

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Café Au Lait

3290 N Ridge Rd,Ste 105
Ellicott City, 21043
Best Ba Minh's that I have had in the area. Staff are very friendly and prices are decent. Have been here three times and enjoyed the food every time. Sadly they are closed now Aug 2015
Needed a quick lunch... I had never eaten there before. Amazing pork sandwich...recommended Nice customer service... Clean and reasonable prices. Can't wait to eat there again
I am a frequent customer there. There hasn't been a time I wasn't happy with quality of the food and their service. It seems to be that it is a family business and they have small but nice selection. Nice location with plenty of parking available. Don't forget to check out their smoothies. My favorite is Kiwi Avocado.

(410) 313-8838

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One Dish Cuisine Cafe

8001 Hillsborough Rd,Taylor Village Center
Ellicott City, 21043
Found a new favorite at One Dish. They have an incredible variety of options catering to all sorts of food allergies and conditions, even the complex. There are entrees, snacks, and baked goods all cooked in dedicated kitchens free of nuts, gluten, dairy, or there allergens. Oh, and did I mention their GF pizza? Give them a try. You won't be disappointed!
Great place for people that have a gluten allergy. The entire menu is gluten free and their pizza is amazing.
Amazing. If you are gluten free dairy free or just plain anything free- this is the place to eat. It's about time someone opened a restaurant that caters to people who struggle to eat out every day. All of the bread and cookies are home made as well as the condiments. The Reuben is amazing!! Everything is amazing! I live in Seattle but grew up in baltimore- and will def be coming back next time I'm visiting family. Worth the drive!!

(443) 759-6344

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Pizza Boli’s

9065 Frederick Rd.
Ellicott City, 21042
I got my pizza New York style even though that's not the kind they really make and they did it for me and it was absolutely delicious.
The only place to get a decent pizza at a reasonable price. Try the crab pizza or any of their specialty pizzas! All good!
This pizza place is across the street from my office and I never noticed it. I came here and the worker gave me coupons, there was a deal on a large one topping pizza for 8.99 so I ordered a plain white pizza... It was surprisingly good, I think I'm going to come here more often when I am craving pizza :)

(410) 750-3377

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China Taste

10030 Baltimore National Pike,Ste D100
Ellicott City, 21042
Point blank period...Great food! Went there for the first time last night. I gave them 4 stars because they messed up my order and there was a long wait for them to correct it, but they gave me a free soup in exchange for the wait. I ordered the shrimp egg foo young for my mother and drunken noodle for myself and egg rolls. I thought it was a bit pricey for takeout but when I lifted my bags to leave they were HEAVY! Got home and opened the bags...enormous portions! Will have enough until Monday. And delicious, flavorful and on point! Will definitely be going back. Just hope the wait isnt long. *when I called to place my order, they told me it would be 30 to 40 minutes. It took about 40 mins and then with the error, it took a total of about an hour. Was a bit frustrated but the lady who works there and seems to manage the place was so nice, I couldn't really be too upset! Still I hope thats not the norm because I plan to become a regular customer!
China Taste has a GREAT lunch special. It costs about $7 per meal. My favorite is the general tso's chicken (they also add broccoli), white rice, with hot and spicy soup (free with the lunch special). What a deal!! The owners of the restaurant do all of the cooking, and it never disappoints! The only downside of China Taste is that the interior of the store is not designed for eating in the store. There are tables and chairs inside, but it is designed for "to go" orders.
Good selection, friendly staff, decently quick, not crowded, food was hot and tasty. The lunch specials before 3 pm are a good deal. Sushi, Chinese, Japanese.

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Pure Wine Cafe

8210 Main St
Ellicott City, 21043
Parking- street parking or there's a parking lot not too far away (I think on Hamilton St?) Very cute place but it is so small and tight. Mediterranean Plate: hummus, feta stuffed peppadews, sun dried tomato pesto, pickled vegetables, toast points very simple but very good. My friend loved the sun dried tomato pesto. The hummus seemed homemade. Truffle Fries: roasted potatoes, sea salt, fines herbs, truffled black pepper aioli the fries are NOT crispy but are more on the chewy side. It was different but good. Local Rockfish tacos: ancho aioli, savoy cabbage slaw, lime marinated onions, cilantro I think this might be my cousin's fav fish taco so far. It was good. I personally wish there was more of a tang to it but it was good and I honestly had low expectations Chicken Satays: free range organic chicken, peanut sauce, chilled thai noodle salad, cucumber sambal, cilantro oil, sriracha my least fav dish. I would stay away from this. The noodles were over cooked and I did like the peanut sauce but it was not memorable. Rack of Lamb: lamp lollipops, mint- arugula pesto, cucumber quinoa salad, raita, greek feta I think this was a good dish except the lamb did not seem too good. It came with three lamp lollipops. 2 were a bit thicker cut so the lamb was cooked well but one was a lot thinner and was overcooked and the quality of the meat did not seem the best. It wasn't gamey but something was off. I really liked the mint and the quinoa salad Cute art all around the store. Cool wine cellar near the bathroom... I'm assuming the building was built on top of those rocks and it's really cool how they kept the rock and used it for part of the building. I don't know if you can get rid of the rocks but I thought it was a cute touch and the details inside that area was cute because there was a Pure Wine Cafe sign inside :) would give it a 3.5 stars
Cutest little shop with LOADS of personality. HUGE selection of wonderful wines. Their fare was average, nothing particular to write home about but the presentation and professionalism was out of this world. Definitely a great energy good atmosphere type of setting!
Love this place. The staff is great, and I love the unique cocktails. I almost wish they had more cocktail options, and the food menu was a bit less expensive, but this is one of my favorite Ellicott City spots!

(410) 480-5037

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Ernesto’s Fine Mexican

10040 Baltimore National Pike
Ellicott City, 21042
This may be the best Mexican restaurant in the area. Great variety, good margaritas and salsa and chips. I got the Mole which was fine but, it seemed to almost have an overcooked taste to it. All of the meats were cooked tender and flavored well. My favorite selection of the evening though was the pinto beans on the side. They were perfectly cooked and seasoned. There were tomatoes and onions in the broth and I believe I detected a splash of lime.
Great, fresh salsa with free refills on chips. Yummy shrimp enchiladas. Hot sizzling fajitas. Charro beans have perfect flavor. Moist rice. Superb customer service. Will visit again.
Seriously my favorite new Mexican spot. And I'm PICKY about Mexican food. We live in Carroll county but this is definitely worth the trip. Staff is curious, accommodating, and fast! Also good with our wild 3 year old. Food is top notch, hot and fresh. I've tried several things on the menu, all good. Gold guac, salsa, rice, all sides. These are things you would expect to be good at every Mexican spot but sadly tend not to be. Try some of the fish dishes, very tasty. Also, 20oz negro modello for like $4. DEAL

(410) 750-1005


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Tutti Frutti

9191 Baltimore National Pike
Ellicott City, 21042
Last week after dinner, we passed Tutti Frutti and our friends asked if we wanted to grab some dessert. My boyfriend and I have never heard of this place, but we also live about 45 minutes away from Ellicott City. It was after 11 pm, but the place stays open until midnite, so we were in luck! We went inside and the place was decorated with white lanterns that came down from the ceiling, white chairs, and white tables. It looks very modern and is very clean. First, you pick the size you want from a table that has all the frozen yogurt dishes on it. Then you choose your flavor of frozen yogurt. There are four machines, each with three levers to choose your flavor of frozen yogurt. There are two flavors in each machine and the middle lever is a combination of the two. You can fill your cup with as many flavors that you want and then get some toppings. There were at least 20 different toppings: different nuts, sprinkles, all kinds of fresh fruit, mochi, and lots of candy. After you have made your creation, you place your cup on the scale and the cashier weighs it and charges you by the ounce. It's only 39 cents an ounce (the sign said 42 cents, but was crossed out and SALE! was written on top of it) and is such a steal! Other places in Baltimore charge you outrageous prices for a tiny cup of frozen yogurt and this is such a great deal. Not to mention that you get to put exactly how much of each flavor and topping you want into your own cup. You can take your frozen yogurt to go or you can enjoy it at one of the many tables. We chose to eat inside and sat at one of the cool little tables. The frozen yogurt was delicious. I got three different flavors in my cup (Death by Chocolate is excellent!) and topped it with blackberries and chocolate chips. My only wish is that there was one closer to my house!
Since my last trip to Tutti Frutti in July, I think this place is at the bottom of my list - there are lots of other fro-yo options in the area that are better. The fro-yo was just bad. It was overly icy and wasn't flavorful or tasty at all. Both the vanilla and chocolate tasted like they had been made with more water than any kind of yogurt - it reminded me of ice milk. Both flavors were missing that familiar fro-yo tang as well - it was just so bland I ended up tossing it out. On top of it - the guy behind the counter seemed more involved in socializing with his friends about their new 'water pipe' than ringing up our order. It's a shame because I liked this spot but I won't be going back again.
I tried Death by Chocolate and Raspberry. And Strawberry Banana. Too many annoying trendy hs teens but what did I expect? A yogurt place in the 'burbs on a Sunday afternoon. Yogurt was great though. And hs teens weren't really annoying, in fact they were rather sweet and definitely from the "well-behaved" variety. Just better-dressed than me and with more leisure time too.

(410) 480-1830

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Grille 620

11099 Resort Rd,Ste 304
Ellicott City, 21042
I had the pleasure of dining at Grille 620 during their soft opening. The beet goat cheese salad was delicious. We also got the ahi tuna appetizer, which was amazing served with seaweed salad. My favorite dish of the night was the honey miso salmon, which was the perfect combination of salty and a little sweet. The waitstaff was very friendly, and immensely helpful when choosing menu items. I will definitely be returning!
First I will say that I love this place. Great beer on tap, great cocktail selection and a nice bottle selection as well. I'm always on the lookout for a nice bar to have a few good drinks after work. The bartenders are knowledgeable and fun. For the food, I ate there last night and had the gnocchi and lobster. The sauce is rich and creamy and the lobster was fresh and delicious. I highly recommend this dish. I tried the crab Napoleon and was equally impressed. The creme brûlée was exquisite as well. I will definitely be back. The food is great, the service is first class, and the bartender is great. Love this place.
Birthday dinner for husband so we ventured all the way out to Ellicott City and after searching a bit in the strip mall finally found the place, pleased with its urbane atmosphere. Nice selection of beers (about a dozen on tap and dozens more in bottles), wines and cocktails. They pitch themselves as a grill and raw bar but we weren't feeling oysters. What we had: Complementary bread - great fresh bread Tuna tartar - well done with a larger-than-usual helping of tuna Farmer's table meat and cheese plate - good, more cheese than meat Shrimp cocktail - standard and good, huge shrimp Lobster roll - nice crisp bread and tasty lobster although lighter than usual, might have benefited from the bun being grilled and buttered Bison burger - perfectly cooked to order, chipotle complementing the sweet flavor of the bun Yum-yum burger -decadent, highlight of the meal, cooked to order rare, did not skimp on the Bearnaise, this burger will fill you up Parmesan garlic fries - came with all sandwiches, thin, crispy, enjoyed by all Cauliflower - big head of roasted cauliflower lightly seasoned Brussel Sprouts - also lightly seasoned and good Bread pudding - hot slice of chocolate chip bread covered in limoncello sauce, weren't sure about it but the limoncello sauce was creamy, not too lemony, made for an interesting and enjoyable pairing. Service was a real highlight. Our server Mario really added to the experience, striking a perfect balance of being enthusiastic, quick, and knowledgeable while also being never-pushy, considerate and attentive. Also dessert was comped in honor of the birthday boy. This place is a strong 4 stars. Would have given 5 stars but, while all the food was high quality and satisfying, there was nothing on the menu that was truly innovative or exceptional.

(443) 574-7471

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