Floyd’s Crossroads Pub

4809 Ten Oaks Rd
Dayton, 21036
We have been here before and though the steamed crabs were good, for those who don't pick, the rest of the menu was mostly fried. So, we went again once new ownership arrived and the new outside tent was up. What an improved menu!!!!lots of choices now! My mom really enjoyed the crabs; 4 mediums for 20$. My hubby and I both got the single crabcakes platter and I got side of broccoli and hush puppies. Our teen got 1/2 pound of steamed shrimp. Everyone enjoyed their meals. The teen recommends the corn on cob but not Mac and cheese. The outdoor tent was nicer than the former umbrellas, for sun protection, but a few too many flies and bees out their for my liking. Service was attentive and very nice!! Good job Floyd's Crossroads Pub. We will be back. Plus it's walking distance!!
This is a crab place. And an excellent crab place. They are fresh, the are cooked to order and are seasoned well but not overly so. Hush puppies, local corn, great slaw, GREAT Maryland crab and GREAT fried cla,ms and oysters. It's a small local place but folks that know crab come from all over. Picnic tables, crabs and beer under a tent in the cool summer nights. This is what it's all about. Waitstaff is great, especially Sammie and Brit.
Went for crabs with some friends, crabs were awesome as always. Our waitress told us the prices were $60 for a dozen medium, $85 for a dozen large, or $44.95 for all you can eat. We opted for all you can eat. When our bill came out it was $40-50 more than expected because we were charged $55 per person (instead of the pointed out $44.95). We pointed this out to the waitress who discounted it to $50 each (but still was not the original told price), just wish she would has been consistent with a price originally.

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