Nellys Cafe

9917 Rhode Island Ave
College Park, 20740
Great homemade Salvadoran cuisine! It was amazing to see your tortillas being made right in front of you as you wait! The meats were cooked perfectly as were the beans and rice. The only potential downside are the loud next door neighbors but the TouchTunes jukebox made up for it with a wide selection of Latin and non-Latin records. Definitely come for the food or do take-out, either way, stop by!
Just moved to the area and really wanted pupusas. Checked on Yelp and read other reviews about the place. People seemed to love it so I decided to check it out during my break. I ordered 3 pupusas and an Horchata. My co-worker ordered wings and fries. Both orders were gross. At first bite, the pupusas were very bland, I even used extra sauce to give it more flavor. When I got to the 3rd pupusa, I saw something stick out of the side. Looked closer and it was a pork nerve. Double gross. I feel sick to my stomach. As far as the horchata goes, I wish I never tried it. It has a really bad after taste. co-workers fries were cold and the wings had no flavor. I definitely don't recommend this place. Usually, places that look beat up have bomb ass food. Not the case with this place.
If there is one bad thing about Nelly's is that if you're not El Salvadorian, you may feel out of place. The locals know exactly what Nelly's is. I just picked up a Pupusa and a order of chicken tamales while I waiting for my laundry next door. The food was pretty darn awesome and only took minutes to prepare. The price was affordable, so if I am in the area, I will definitely go back.

(301) 220-1433

Mexican, Salvadoran

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Taco Bell

8428 Baltimore Ave.
College Park, 20740
One of the best fast food experiences I have had in terms of food quality/service Pros - Friendly staff, even late at night - Generous portions - Efficient for a Taco Bell (they do take a bit more time than places like Burger King or McDnald's) - Have not gotten my orders wrong yet Con - Sketchy/homeless folks stay inside/loiter the store and the staff (perhaps too friendly) do not kick them out even though these folks do not make a purchase of any kind
God I love Taco Bell. This franchise is good. Hardly ever a line in the drive thru, and I'm not even going to tell you how many times I've gone. All times of the day, the same. (Actually, I am over the age of going out to bars in College Park, so I cannot verify the lines after midnight.) All the staff I've encountered have been super friendly. Just really nice at all times of the day. I won't say a lot of thought goes into wrapping up my taco (I mean, your food from any fast food joint is going to come out a little sloppy), but these guys have yet to get my order wrong. Have I mentioned how many times I've been here? Probably not. It's embarrassing.
I always go to this Taco Bell when I'm working or even when I'm home and want it , instead of the one in PG mall , they're always nice and efficient , they're not rude and my orders never wrong!

(301) 982-7198

Mexican, Tex-Mex, Fast Food

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Rita’s Italian Ice

8900 Baltimore Avenue
College Park, 20740
I'm not a big fan of Italian Ice, but every gelati I've had from Rita's has been awesome! The staff are always friendly. Highly recommend.
The ices are the best. They have a variety of flavors that change throughout the summer. Plus, the flavors usually have pieces of the flavor in it. For example, watermelon has watermelon pieces. Swedish Fish has Swedish fish prices. The custard are delicious as well. Plenty of toppings to choose from. Plus, samples of everything to help you make your choice.
This is my go-to location. They're fast, clean, have good customer service and usually aren't too backed up. They'll also take flavor requests if you give them 24-hour notice. The location can be a little tricky, though. It's most accessible when driving south on Rte. 1, but if you don't mind holding up traffic you can turn in heading north. I really appreciate that the managers are easy to work with. I've ordered massive quantities from them for programs at my job - they're flexible, reasonably priced and will actually come out to serve for you!

(301) 345-5445

Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt, Desserts, Shaved Ice

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University of MD,Unit 0214
College Park, 20742
So this place is pretty pricey and the line (and the whole food court in general) is a giant mess. But the salad is fresh and there are many varieties, and the staff, despite having a never-ending line of hungry students, is very friendly and happy to help you. And you get a great big bowl of salad you could easily share or make your whole meal. Bread roll too if you want it. Best of all the dressing lady actually mixes the salad with your dressing so you don't get half of the salad without dressing like you usually do with a store bought salad. I got the Bently, sub pepperoncini for tomatoes, very tasty!
Great food, great service and friendly staff. The salads are fresh and tasty. Will visit again.
While working at UMD over the summer, I would go to the STAMP for lunch almost everyday. After the first week I was so tired of the unhealthy fast food options and was craving some greens so I decided to give Saladworks a try. There were a lot of choices for predesigned salads as well as an option to make your own. Every time I went I ordered a predesigned salad including the buffalo bleu, Greek, Cobb, and the Bentley with the buffalo bleu being my favorite by far. While many of the salads can be healthy, you must watch what dressings, breads, and sides you add on otherwise it can quickly become just as unhealthy as the McDonald's fries you were eying. As far as the service goes it is a mixed bag. Many do not speak very good english so there may be some miscommunications that result in a flawed order. I developed a nice quasi-friendship with the first guy on the line who would ask me about my day and knew my order but when he was not there I would sometimes get gipped on the amount of lettuce I got. Naturally I was kind of upset because I'm paying about $9 for a salad so I expect to get a good sized portion but it doesn't stop me from coming back in the food abyss called the STAMP.

(301) 314-0945

Sandwiches, Salad, Soup

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College Park Diner

9206 Baltimore Ave
College Park, 20740
I love this place my favorite is the French toast yum! I love coming alone to have a great start to my day with lovely ladies to help make it great!
A great old fashioned diner. I had a chef salad and it was fresh, huge, and delicious! The waitress was very attentive, but didn't hover. The check was less than ten dollars. I'll be back!!
Watching the short order cook work the grill I'm not seeing any magic. Undercooked hash browns and overcooked eggs. It's not very busy and everyone here is at the counter but my coffee cup is empty. Probably because there's only one waitress. This is not the best breakfast I've ever had. It is however edible but I'm hitting a Waffle House tomorrow.

(301) 441-8888


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Potbelly Sandwich Shop

7422 Baltimore Ave
College Park, 20740
warning: Summer staff change. Make sure your sandwich actually gets into the oven before you move down the line. Or you might be standing arounf for a long while while College Park's finest tickets your car
Meh. I got avocado on my sub for an extra dollar and I got maybe one slice on it. I got mayo & oil but the sandwich was still dry...and loaded with hot peppers. Toooo spicy. The dude at the cash register was also very out of it.
Ever since I've gone to Potbelly I've never looked back sandwich shop wise. I love their underground menu and their regular menu. The breads are delicious and the service is super fast. Also their soups and milkshakes are some of the best I've ever had.

(301) 209-0635

Sandwiches, Fast Food, Delis

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Smoothie King

7403 Baltimore Ave
College Park, 20740
This used to be my go-to Smoothie Place (Angel Food). It seems to be a hard chain to find around. It's great to have seen in a few spots - so it always feels like a treat! It can be quite pricey, but considering I've been here well over 100 times, it has always tasted consistent!
Let me just start off by saying i'm a fan of Smoothie King, period. Its been one of my addictions for a long time. I couldn't get it as often as i wanted because there wasn't one in my area. Since moving to Greenbelt I've been visiting the College Park location pretty frequently. My all time fave has to be the Angel Food smoothie. Strawberries, Bananas, and protein. YUM! I've dabbled with the variations too. The Muscle Punch is just as tasty, and the Immune Builder is alright. My boyfriend has an affinity for the Chocolate Peanut Butter smoothie. (ick) Usually there seems to be two young men working whenever I visit the CP location and their service is just subpar. They make great smoothies but lack that "service with a smile" attitude. It may be just a job to them, I get that, but being in the hospitality industry I take notice of these things. Making the most of customer experience is a sure fire way to ensure the customer comes back. The smoothies are great though, so I'll probably come back regardless.
I LOVE Smoothie King. This place was a staple afternoon snack for me while I was in college, and now that I've left the area, I have been jonsing for it. What makes Smoothie King so great is the fact that it does not rely on bananas or milk for the majority of their smoothies, as most places do. I'm not a fan of either in my smoothies and until finding this place, I would always have to special order to get what I wanted. My favorites are the Blackberry Dream, Strawberry Lemonade, or Raspberry Sunrise. There are so many flavor combinations, never mind the extras you can add in - protein, vitamins, energy, etc. You can choose based on calories, purpose, or just flavors. A small is definitely large enough and while it fills you up, you also feel so healthy because it's basically fruit. So if someone from Smoothie King is reading this, I would be in heaven if you opened a store in the Providence area.

(301) 277-2771

Juice Bars & Smoothies, American (New)

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Jimmy John’s

7410 Baltimore Ave
College Park, 20740
Nice place to grab dinner in CP!
Jimmy John's is a quick and affordable way to get a great bite to eat. I got a #9 with dijon and it was delicious and filling. Their cookies are addictive as well. The staff was super friendly, very helpful and much faster than Subway.
The problem with writing reviews that are three stars or lower is that generally, the food or experience wasn't very memorable. Okay, if something gets one star it was probably god damn awful, but even three star food gets lost in the sea of similar snacks. Jimmy John's is pretty decent, I guess. I got the #3 tuna sandwich. It was tasty, and it had a lot of alfalfa which had a nice flavor. Other than that, there wasn't much to remember. It was pretty cheap too.

(301) 927-7827


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Aroy Thai Restaurant

4511 College Ave
College Park, 20740
A great Thai Restaurant in downtown College Park?! Heck yes! I've been walking by this place every day on my way to campus and finally dropped by to get carryout today (actually, I tried once before, but it was on a Sunday and they are closed on Sundays). It's on College Ave, three storefronts down from The Bagel Place and next door to Wasabi Sushi. They have the usual noodles and curries and a number of other Thai entrees that I am unfamiliar with. I got red curry with beef, pad thai with chicken, crispy spring rolls and mango sticky rice. It was all great. The spring rolls were crisp-fried but not greasy, perfect. The red curry was listed as very spicy but I was able to handle it - if you really love spice you might want to add some chili sauce or request it made extra spicy. The beef was very tender, the sauce savory and filling. The Pad Thai was mild but delicious, and the portion was large. All of their curries and noodles can be ordered with tofu or vegetarian if you don't eat meat. The mango sticky rice was something new to me - the rice was sweet and so sticky it was almost chewy (by design) and the mango (they give you an entire half mango!) was fresh and delicious. The prices are good. I got 2 entrees appetizer and dessert for $26 - it was plenty to feed two very hungry people. I even forgot my coupon and they still gave me the discount - thanks guys! I promise I won't forget next time... :) tl;dr - the food is solid - fresh, tasty, and not greasy, the space is clean, the staff are friendly, and the prices are good!
The food is excellent! The portions are just right, and for the price the food is quality and the flavors are so so yummy! I love spicy food and their food has a perfect balance of heat while still maintaining the flavor! I had the drunken noodles and I would definitely recommend it. So happy a Thai place opened up here in CP. I used to go to Tara Thai in Hyattsville to get my Thai food fix but this place has surpassed them in tastiness! (and the portions are just too small at Tara Thai) I will definitely be going back to try the entire menu!
This place is legitimately awful. Grabbed dinner here while we were in town for a conference - the service was slow, the portions were tiny, and the food was mediocre at best. I have no idea why this place has four stars.

(301) 864-5550


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Pizza Roma

9805 Rhode Island Ave
College Park, 20740
This place is usually always busy....don't let that fool you into thinking that they somehow make incredible pizza. I sincerely believe they stay busy due to a lack of nearby competition from another pizza place, the closest being Mama Lucia's over on Baltimore Ave almost a mile away. This place does have outstanding service and a polite professional owner and staff. You'd be hard pressed to find a place that would treat you better, at any price point or location. They work quickly and get orders out fast, even when packed. They do have a well rounded menu that includes deli sandwiches and chicken shawarma. Yes, they do sell slices of pizza, which is a huge, huge plus in my book. It's just that their hand-tossed pizza leaves much to be desired. I'm not sure if it's the dough they have trucked in from a vendor, or the way they throw a pie in the back. I've always found it to be a bit thick, doughy, and undercooked for my tastes. If you must order pizza there, do yourself a favor and order the thin crust. For a few bucks more than a couple of slices, you can have a medium two-topping thin crust baked to your personal specifications. I will keep visiting this place for that occasional bite to eat when I'm shopping at the REI next door, but I just wish they'd improve their pizza, and/or maybe offer thin crust by the slice. David, Washington, DC
This is a hole-in-the-wall dump...or so it seems. Pizza Roma actually shocked me with the flavor vs. form ratio. I was thrilled to start eating a slice of pizza, which was really cheap, and really tasty. That's all I desire from most places I dine, and it was really easy to make a cash transaction and satisfy my hunger. Pizza Roma will get the job done, if the job is hunger satisfaction. I wouldn't come here on a date, a business meeting, or a drug transaction (as you may be encroaching on territory). Its aesthetic really brings down the appeal of the shopping center (which has REI, Mom's and State Farm), but it has pretty decent food. Check it out if you like pizza. Might be worth your while.
You could really miss this place as you're driving on either side of Rhode Island avenue, but if you happen to spot the REI, it's right next to it. As the picture shows here, the sign just says "Pizza", maybe someone stole the Roma part. That was the first peculiar thing; second, it looks like this place is middle eastern owned, yet they brand their pizza as Italian...unless this place is a partnership and there is a Italian co-owner. This place is a true hole in the wall. The ambiance and decor is nothing to talk about. It looks old, and not very appealing, but I expected this. I tried the deluxe pizza here which includes almost everything on there. I can't say I loved the pizza, but I didn't hate it either. It was just okay. My preference for pizza is definitely more cheese, and this just wasn't doing it for me. I suppose this place is alright for Greenbelt. Seeing how I work in the area, I might stop by again and try their sub or gyro.

(301) 982-2551


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