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Visit below restaurant in Clinton for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Deidre D.

    Best place I've found to eat in the area so far. Everything made fresh to order and fast. Prices reasonable. Tenders were a bit dry when we got them but the ribs and fish are delicious. Also love the macaroni and cheese. Super friendly staff. Bummed they aren't open on Sundays!

  • Monique J.

    All I could say was "yyyyumm" after my meal. The food was delicious and the employees at this establishment were extremely friendly. In regards to parking you just park in the back and they have a good size dinning area if you opt to not do carryout. Overall I had a wonderful experience.

  • Leellani C.

    It was ok, in a good way, I feel that the skin on the chicken was a bit tough. My ribs were good and we also had three piece tilapia and fried croaker, tater salad, greens and combo meal came with corn bread. Also had pulled pork and red velvet cake and three mystic type bottled drinks Fish- 10 dollars ; note we got two kinds, nice size pieces, fried well, corn meal crunchy coating, in my opinion could have used a little salt, but easily fixed by me at home with a sprinkling of old bay, I also liked the tarter sauce Rib and chicken combo- 12 dollars and some change-large size, I think I had 4 pieces of ribs these were soft, you could taste the smoke, yummy not over powering. Two pieces of chicken good flavor but skin was tough I don't know anything bout smoking meat.... But I watch the BBQ wars so points off for tough skin..... Pulled pork with fries and Mac and cheese- I didn't eat this, but judging from the teenager who scarfed it down I didn't hear any complaints good portion of meat, fries looked crunchy and hot ( could have used some seasoning on those) as for Mac and cheese.... I just don't like anyone's Mac and cheese..... But no complaints received Tater salad- good, nice flavor not too much mayo....taste like your aunt made it ( the aunt you like) a little salt was needed for me but I add rather add a pinch of salt than have severely over seasoned food any day Greens- I don't like vinegar in greens point blank period...... And I could taste vinegar in these. But it was subtle not overly done, so I was ok with these but they were real greens fresh not canned or frozen Corn bread comes with combo, soft texture slightly sweet, me likes and I appreciate it coming with meal and not being an up charge item. It's a decent meal not overly priced establishment was clean folks at counter nice. Note of caution super pothole at entrance/exit point of lot behind the restaurant so steer clear of that Has Sunday hours now...... I'm going back for some more fish as I'm not much on red meat....

  • Letta C.

    The food here is so good!!! So far I have had Ribs, Chicken, Lemon Pepper Wings, Fried Fish, Pulled pork, potato salad, and collard greens. I tried the mac and cheese once but it wasn't like mine so it was just okay. Other than that I am hooked and I love the spicy bbq sauce! The customer service is always awesome too!!

  • Grace D.

    The food was ok, nothing big to brag about.... The skin on the meats were really tough and hard. The side orders ( mac & cheese, greens and cornbread) were delicious.

  • Jen B.

    The pulled beef and pork were delicious. We chose dinners with multiple sides.. The kids loved the Mac & Cheese and the fries were cut and cooked to perfection...the baked beans while tasty needed to cook just a little longer. With all this amazing food I was a little disappointed they didn't offer peach cobbler as a dessert ...instead they had carrot cake ...hmmmm

  • KeiAnna B.

    I've been going to this location since I was a teenager. I am 30 now & it's still my favorite place to eat for dinner or lunch!! The owner is such a sweet woman. The food is sooooooo delicious I crave it at work & make the order via phone as I walk from the Metro!

  • Dana B.

    My family and I have frequented Hogs on the Hill for years. A good local business for barbeque. You can tell that it's smoked right there. Always tender. Not cooked in sauce because - it's smoked! Their fries are always crisp and the greens are ok. Great place to go for lunch.

  • Teresa P.

    I ordered the 3 piece fried whiting with collard greens and french fries. Weird combo but I enjoyed every bite. The fish was seasoned and fried well, and they have some really tasty hush puppies I would advise anyone considering ordering from here to try. Speaking of ordering, I advise anyone to call ahead. On a Friday evening business seemed to pick up.. The downside, they do not grill their trout/whiting(all fried) it would be great if they offered a grilled option..Dine-in is available

  • John Phat N.

    The Food is amazing. Ribs was amazing and chicken wings are even better. Cook with real wood so, you get the amazing smell. I would go there again. The place needs to be remodel. They will be remodeling soon, place will look better so, we can enjoy eating there. Also have amazing pumkin pie.

  • Raymond W.

    Decent spot for BBQ on the go. I had the minced pork sandwich. It was okay, nothing to write home about. The sauce, however, is something to contend with. I had the hot which was good, thick, and had a nice pepper kick to it without overwhelming the meat. I liked the coleslaw mainly because it wasn't sweet and topped off my sandwich lovely. Had rib tips also and they were great. Nice and meaty. Had regular sauce which was pretty good.

  • Yelp C.

    My mother and I picked up lunch from Hogs on the Hill on a Saturday afternoon. I had eaten their food years ago when I lived in the area. Hogs on the Hill is a carryout place. However, there are seats for dining inside. Walking in the door, the place smells like smoked barbecue. The menu has several selections. My mother and I ordered barbecue chicken breast with fries. The meat was not cooked in the barbecue sauce. I was given the sauce on the side. The meat was smoked and tender. It was so salty. I didn't enjoy it. If the owners would use a little less salt, the food would have been good. That was my main complaint.

  • Matthew P.

    Not many Yelp reviews for the Clinton/Temple Hills area, so thought I'd add more for local Air Force folks and guys taking their motorbikes to the nearby Triumph dealership. HotH was a chain that was split up to individual owners, so there are a half dozen more in the DC metro area. This one was a pretty decent informal BBQ joint. Good shredded pork sandwich and coleslaw. A little plain but not too dingy. Family-run business with friendly service. Nothing fancy, but a good place to grab some pork if you're in the area. Good variety of sodas, including Stewart's Key Lime.


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :11:00 am - 9:00pm


  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Noise Level : Quiet
    Alcohol : No
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : No
    Waiter Service : No

Hogs On the Hill

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