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Visit below restaurant in Clinton for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Kimberly H.

    Ok, so I'm from Houston, & besides growing up in a creole/cajun world, My husband & I went to school in New Orleans--my second home, & with that being said, Dugue's is OFFICIAL creole food. We have been here several times. The shrimp Po boy, fried shrimp platter, red & beans & rice, fries, & the jambalaya are all good. Be warned, they do run out of jambalaya & red beans. The gumbo is pretty good--I usually need to add more seasoning, & ask for the rice on the side. The cornbread, is the BEST I've ever had--for real. It's so good. I only wish they weren't closed on Mardi Gras. They also close super early--8pm & are not open on Mondays. If they did half a Po boy w/a cup of gumbo, that would be amazing!

  • Wang C.

    I'm beginning to think people in this area are clueless on evaluating food. The best part of this meal was the cornbread which actually a as some of the Best cornbread I've ever had. Everything else was bland with the exception of the jambalaya which was nice and spicy but very dry. The Mac and cheese, cabbage, and meatloaf were nothing special. The service was quick and the food was hot which are the only positives besides the cornbread but I have to say. The decor was OK however some spots were run down.

  • Tony W.

    The food is outstanding here. Native New Orleanian and so happy to see a place where they got it right. Will be back again and again and again. Thanks DSD! :)

  • Slick M.

    Just tried this place for the first time and it won't be the last. Mac and cheese, potato salad, collards...everything was delicious and tasted homemade.

  • Sharon O.

    My husband likes to hir this restaurant after he finishes golfing, so since he was harping on it so much I had to try it. I usually don't like restaurants that classify themselves as "soul/southern food"because they never live up to their name. However, I have to say the food did not disappoint these Mississippi taste buds. ;-) I will definitely try them again.

  • Nichelle K.

    Tired this place for the first time last week and everything I had was delicious. I had the catfish dinner which was seasoned well and the texture was perfect. The breading was nice and crispy and the fish itself was nice and juicy. I ordered the potato salad with it and it was pretty good as well. The only thing I wasn't crazy about was the peach cobbler. It was ok. I will return here and bring at least a few friends with me.

  • Paula M.

    I come here every so often & go for the fried fish (tilapia or whiting) and I love it. The potato salad is one of my favorites. The greens sometimes taste of vinegar which I am not always a fan of. The jambalaya is good as well often runs out. I am not a corn bread person but the corn bread here is AMAZING. The meatloaf was extremely salty to me however still pretty good. I will probably stick with my fish. Great place friendly workers!

  • Kristophe C.

    Great service even better Gumbo. I discovered this spot one day driving to my aunts house. The collard greens and cabbage combo is cool and baked chicken is very tender. The cornbread is a little sweet for my liking but overall decent grub.

  • Derrick D.

    The food and service are excellent. This is a must try for everyone.

  • Chris K.

    I usually reserve 5 stars for fine dining establishments but Dugue's deserves it. I've only been twice and gotten the same thing (smothered pork chops, mashed potatoes, greens and corn bread) and both times have been great.The portions are generous, service is quick, the cashier's/servers are very nice, and the food is delicious. One day I'll try something different and report back..

  • Cindy V.

    I agree with the other poster on the disappointment of the sides. I have lived in Louisiana so maybe my expectations are a little higher than others, but when I order green beans as a side at a soul food joint I EXPECT some type of pork as seasoning (usually bacon). Even Captain D's has meat in the canned green beans to season them up a bit. And that Mac and cheese is off, and like the other poster said the yams were swimming in so much grease my greens tasted just like yams so I can't even comment on how they tasted. Chicken was good tho, and even better cold the next day with breakfast.

  • D F C.

    Avoid Dugue's -- or go if you want to be grossly overcharged for non-authentic Nawlins cooking. It just ain't so. On Friday, Feb. 28 @ about 5 p.m., I ordered a carryout consisting of 3 gumbos, 3 shrimp po' boys and the chicken dinner. Total: $65.12. I have dined there twice before in the last 3 months, and the food is getting progressively worse. There was no seafood in gumbo (how can that be authentic New Orleans?). There was a mystery meat of some sort, but you should know that the food had no flavor and was seriously inedible. When I brought this food home to my family, no one ate more than two spoonfuls. And at more than $9 a cup, you should be able to know my outrage. The shrimp po'boys had little in the way of shrimp. Seems that every time I order one since that initial first visit, there are fewer and fewer shrimp.

  • Tanisha C.

    The food here is excellent, made fresh and seasoned very well. The desserts are delicious too!!!

  • Terry W.

    I am I am extremely disappointed to give this review I ordered the short beef ribs if you just take a look at the picture it says it all a tremendous amount of fat barely any meat this meal cost me nearly $20 the macaroni is great the candied yams are good but to serve a customer this much fat from a meal that cost this much plain and simple very disappointed don't see myself going there anytime soon maybe for some fish

  • Ronda W.

    This was our first visit and it definitely won't be our last! The staff was nice and friendly and the food was very good. The shrimp po boy was delicious and had plenty of shrimp. The fried wings were made to order and was very flavorful. This place is the real deal!!

  • BearCat 1.

    Updating my review. Dugue's staff is top notch! I phoned in my order one day (another shrimp po' boy and fries). When I got there the po'boy was waiting for me BUT (and this is a BIG BUT!) I had to wait a few minutes because they fried my fries to order. And folks, I'm not even a regular customer!

  • Beatrice G.

    Once again, I'm happy that I have Yelp. I've traveled this area for years and never knew this place existed. After a long day last weekend, we decided to order take out. I searched Yelp for places in Clinton. This place came up and we decided to stop in. The place is clean, there are tables and chairs for patrons. The staff is friendly and youthful. The artwork on the wall is incredibly done and the menu is plentiful. My husband got salmon, mac and cheese and string beans (I believe). I got the crab cake, mac n cheese and cabbage. The food was OK. As a mac n cheese connoisseur, I think that there was too much of an ingredient that made the cheese a little too "thick." My husband (a cook by passion) says that there was too much flour in that batch. So I will give them the benefit of the doubt and possibly say that we got mac n cheese on an "off" day. It wouldn't hinder me from getting it again just to see if there is a difference. My crab cake was fried a little too hard and was also flat. I was expecting a "scoop" of crab meat that was maybe broiled or fried lightly. Instead, the crab cake was a "pattie" much like a hamburger or turkey patty, and it was coated in batter as if it were a crispy chicken patty. lol OK so with that being said, I give a 3-star for this place being "A-OK." It may not be the first place we stop the next time we are in the area, but it surely will not be at the bottom of my list.

  • V L.

    Fried chicken - AWESOME! Sides, not so great. To each its own. Some people don't know what great food is. The stuffing a.k.a dressing was a tadbit too sweet....the yams were OILY AS HELL. That confused me quite a bit and the macaroni and cheese is edible, but my and my partner both can taste 1 ingredient in it that shouldn't be there. Your guess is as good as mine what that actual ingredient is exactly lol. I would give it another try, but no sides this time. I think I want to try their pork chops, ribs, and fried fish. I like to cook my own sides. I do it best! My 3 stars is for the chicken ONLY!!!!!!

  • Charles P.

    Stopped at Dugue's for the first time today after seeing the reviews on Yelp. My family and I were pleasantly surprised at the amazing food and wonderful and smiling service from the staff. The restaurant was clean and filled with the smells that you can only get from a grandmother's kitchen. Everything was delicious as we sampled each other's meals, from the fried whiting, to the meatloaf. Can't wait to go again.

  • Kenji J.

    I had the BEST Shrimp Po' Boy of my life here! And I hear the jambalaya and gumbo are great too. It's out of the way for city folks but I'll gladly make the drive as often as I can.

  • nicole l.

    The catfish is the best . It's seasoned so good. The cornbread is good. I haven't had any like it. The sides were pretty good too. My bro had the ribs and he liked his meat as well. He liked his food so much he went back again the next day and he is really picky

  • Sweet M.

    Today I visited Dugue's Southern Diner and was pleasantly pleased. I ordered the beef short ribs with candied yams and the baked macaroni and cheese. All of the food was delicious and perfectly seasoned. The short ribs were tender and fell right off the bone.

  • Adam L.

    Had an impromptu reception here. These guys are great. Very accommodating on such short notice, and the food was great. Try a Po' boy. Or the short ribs. Or pretty much anything else. You won't be disappointed.

  • Patrick P.

    Love this place! The food is outstanding. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because it may take a minute and the prices are slightly steep, but they give you PLENTY of food for leftovers. One of the few places in the area with good authentic Cajun food.


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