Tasty Carry Out

4810 Marlboro Pike
Capitol Hgts, 20743
This restaurant is within walking distance from my house, so it's very convenient. The prices are reasonable even though they charge an additional fee for the use of debit/credit cards. The quality of their food varies. For example, you could purchase a steak &cheese sandwich on a Monday afternoon and it could be outstanding, but if you come back later on that night or during rush hour, the sandwich could be below average. Problems I've encountered with this restaurant: * Overly toasted subs * Wrong Ingredients in egg rolls (steak and cheese instead of shrimps) * The mambo sauce gave me a headache and I know this because I tried it several times I do feel that this restaurant can improve their rating if they focus more on quality rather than making a quick buck.

(301) 967-0900


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