Danny’s Calverton

11623 Beltsville Dr
Calverton, 20705
Cheap, Greasy, Quick Food.........
I started ordering from Danny's after finding out that YoYo Cafe could no longer deliver to my area. I will never order from Danny's again. I used to like their General Tso's Shrimp & Chicken Cheesesteaks. Unfortunately, every time I call to place an order, the manager (older Asian woman) is so rude!! I kept on ignoring that fact, thinking maybe it's because their food is not half bad. A few weeks ago, I ordered their Orange Beef (w/steamed rice) for delivery. Apparently, they just fry the batter into little "puffs", without really using beef! I picked through them & the only piece of beef that I finally found, was no larger than a penny. $15 down the drain. When I went there to tell the young woman at the counter, the manager overheard, came over and said "she doesn't know anything, she's just a worker" :-O The manager didn't so much as apologize. She was actually pissed! Never again!
Stick to the cheesesteaks, wings, and other "traditional" Chinese takeout foods. The typical takeout dishes are ok, nothing to brag about. However I've ordered their "seafood" and it's the worse! I ordered the seafood platter and I ended up throwing it out, the food was cold like they took it out of the freezer and popped it in the microwave for a few minutes. That "homemade" crab cake is a joke. Remember stick to the "traditional" dishes or else you'll regret it.

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American (New), Szechuan

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