12126 Central Ave
Bowie, 20721
We're always coming here! I love this subway the staff is friendly and it's a good "quick fix" sandwich shop. I've never had any issues here and I come here quite often. :)

(301) 218-4388

Sandwiches, Fast Food

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Smoothie king

15407 Excelsior Dr
Bowie, 20716
I go here way more than I should buy its SOOOO good! They have great customer service and and extremely patient with people like me who can be indecisive...
I love coming here when I leave the gym. Nice choice for a meal replacement and they have $5 Friday's. Young staff is always polite and courteous as is the owner/operator.
Been a Smoothie King fan for years. Good to know I can get to one near the crib and not have to drive all over the DMV. Spot was brightly lit and very clean. Employees were very pleasant and filled each smoothie order with no issues. I'll be a regular here.

(301) 262-3700

Juice Bars & Smoothies

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Old Town Deli

8700 Chestnut Ave
Bowie, 20720
Love their foods. My first son loves their steak & cheese and second son loves cheese burger so much. I love their Ruben! Good service, very friendly and amazing foods!!
Been here a couple of times. Pretty good food. They make their own sides, but not the pastries. Friendly, prompt service. Very informal. A handful of tables or take out. There is a cute park with a lot of benches right behind the deli. This morning, one of the customers had a gleaming Chevy Bel Air parked out front.
Looks like a hole in the wall, but inside you'll meet the two nicest ladies in the world. Nothing fancy on the inside, but they make amazing authentic Korean food, as well as a delicious breakfast and lunch. I highly recommend this spot to eat if you're in the area.

(301) 809-9300


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16501 Ballpark Rd
Bowie, 20716
Food is always fresh and hot. Service is fast and the workers are always pleasant. You can't go wrong with this location. Hopefully we can get on in Upper Marlboro so I don't have to drive so far.
Place is crazy busy but the staff is friendly and incredibly efficient. There is a play land for kids and surprisingly it looks clean? The food was fresh and flavorful as it usually is at other locations.
My favorite fast food restaurant! I love the food and concept of Chick-fil-A! From the yummy chicken salad sandwich (with tomato of course) to the consistently tasty waffle fries, this chain does fast food right. My favs are the chicken salad sandwich of course, chicken sandwich (fried) with lettuce and tomato on a wheat bun, chicken nuggets (not strips lol) with chick-fil-a sauce, cookies 'n cream shake (small of course), the cookies are to die for, the SWEET tea (although the lemonade is tasty too), and their salads and waffle fries! Ok, I love everything on the menu! As for service, this location usually has friendly and courteous staff. I've only had 1 or 2 not so friendly encounters with the staff.

(301) 860-1211

Fast Food

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Heaven Sent Cupcakery

Bowie Town Center Food Court,15606 Emerald Way
Bowie, 20716
It's like a cup cake for grown a good way. I like these cupcakes because they are not overly sweet like a lot of others I've tried. The focus is on natural flavors NOT straight up sugar. I've tried the apple pie cupcake, which was made with real apple flavoring in the middle and on top. And, as a carrot cake connoisseur, I also tried that one. Both were very moist and tasty. I subtracted one star because my husband, who is literally addicted to sugar, does not like these cupcakes so I'm assuming these are not for everyone. All I know I'm looking for an excuse to have a party and order a few dozen of these babies!
Dangerously good cupcakes! I've tried most of them and I haven't found one I didn't like yet, however, "oreo madness" is among my favorites. Rather than just getting a cake for a party I hosted, I ordered 3 dozen Heaven Sent cupcakes and they were a hit. I ordered a variety so everyone was able to get the flavor they wanted and I heard nothing but compliments from my guests. The cupcakes are larger and definitely much more delicious than a lot of others I've purchased in the past. I will absolutely buy from them again. Great cupcakes, great staff.
Great service and delicious cupcakes. The strawberry shortcake and death by chocolate are sensational.

(301) 262-8670

Desserts, Bakeries, Cupcakes, Food Court

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Panera Bread

3931 Town Center Blvd
Bowie, 20716
Every neighborhood needs panera
Not perfect but they're great at what they do. Whether it's a quick bagel and coffee on my morning commute or mac and cheese for the kids for lunch like today, Panera Bread stays consistent with the quality of the food, the friendly service and overall convenience. Their wifi is a plus and their prices are fair for what you get. Great Job Panera!!
Sooo, it's a Panera everybody knows what it's about so why am I reviewing it, might you ask? Well because they have a new menu item, that's why. The broth bowls! I'm on their lovely mailing list and received an email to watch a video in order to save some duckets on the new broth bowls, I do this, and POW! a half off coupon is loaded onto my myPanera card. Pretty exciting, huh? So I tried the soba noodle and chicken bowl. What I got was a hearty bowl of yummy broth, and semi seasoned I think it is better than what comes in the salad, I mean way better. The flavors in the broth were on point and the added veggies (think cabbage, carrots and the like) were so very fresh. The noodles tasted good and weren't soggy either. The bowl was a total treat (low fat too), and a surprise from what I'm used to. Like most meals, you get your choice of a side, and there is a slight upcharge for a salad or sandwich. In my opinion though, it is totally filling by itself. I totally dug it, and I'd probably get it again.

(301) 352-5165

Sandwiches, Salad, Soup

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Outback Steakhouse

6800 Race Track Road
Bowie, 20715
I've patronized this Outback since college in the late 90's. And even to this day, I go out of my way to come to the particular restaurant. Customer service is always top notch and the food is always tasty. Solid consistent meal. They've even updated the menu. More options with the same great taste. I appreciate it.

(301) 464-5800


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Five Guys Burgers & Fries

3851 Town Center Blvd
Bowie, 20716
Evidently the Largo location near my Maryland home isn't available for review so I thought I'd comment on the closest one. Five Guys is by far the best hamburger I've ever had and I've had many. Although it's a chain they are pretty consistent throughout and I understand they will be opening one in the West Village NYC.
Why go to McDonald's, Burger King, or Wendy's when you need to have your burger fix? It might take a few more minutes of waiting, but it is well worth it. I can honestly say that 5 Guys makes the best burger I have ever had. Sure, they cook their fries in greasy peanut oil and the entire meal is likely more calories than I should be eating for the day, but if you're going to blow your diet, at least do it right. Although I think McDonald's makes the best fries (when they're fresh out out of the oil), 5 Guys makes some great fries. They put a small cup in a brown paper bag and then fill the cup to overflowing. They are so generous with the amount they give you that I can often split one order of fries with my wife. The burgers are amazing. Made to order, the cost is the same no matter what toppings you ask them to put on. Fresh ingredients at least make me feel like I'm eating somewhat healthy. It's a good thing more and more 5 Guys are popping up, but if you ever make it out to the Bowie Town Center, be sure to satisfy your desire for one of the best burgers you'll ever have at a reasonable price.
I can not express in words just how good this place was!!! You get a lot of food and it is heavy but if you want to let it go one day - this is where you should go!

(301) 464-9633


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Chesapeake Grille & Deli

6786 Race Track Rd
Bowie, 20715
I have overlooked Chesapeake Grille for awhile now. The name didn't seem very descriptive and it is tucked in a little corner of a strip mall, so it really wasn't on my list of must-gos. When my hubby suggested that we try it out the other night, I didn't really understand why it was on his mind (apparently one of his clients mentioned it to him before), but decided it was worth trying out. Why not? Well - I have to say I was pleased that we went. It's honestly just a glorified cafe. You order your food at the counter and either wait if you are getting it to go or have a seat and wait for them to bring it out to you. I ordered the shrimp skewers and a garden salad and my hubby ordered wings and a salmon salad. Both of us were quite pleased with our meals and found them to be fresh and cooked well. My husband did have to send his salad back since we requested no feta cheese and no onions and there really wasn't a way to get all the feta off, but the waiter didn't mind at all, bring it back in a jiffy. Can't knock them there, since they didn't complain and handled it quickly. All in all, my only wish is that I had more shrimp with the skewers, but I think that is probably more of a reflection of me being starving when I walked in than them not giving enough. Dinner was cheap and good and definitely a good move. Wouldn't mind going back for lunch as well. All in all, a nice new spot to add to my casual dining dinner options.
My parents live in Bowie, so we've been to the Chesapeake Grill more than six times when visiting them. This is my parents favorite place to eat in Bowie, and my kids ask to go there by name. We don't have places like this in Northern Virginia, and I really wonder why? As a PG County boy, this is the kind of great food I grew up eating, with very reasonable prices. The broiled crab cakes and fried rockfish are what I usually go for. When I've been here for lunch I go for the deli sandwiches - roast beef with horseradish sauce is great. I prefer the Maryland crab soup over the Cream of Crab, but I have a choice every day - with lots of crab. The food is completely worth the stop. A shout out for the generously cut lemons, and plenty of them, for the fresh and clean tasting sweet tea and iced tea The service is great. My parents are elderly and they get a bit of extra help. The staff is friendly and briskly competent. The tables are cleared and cleaned, floors clean, windows clean and bathrooms are clean and stocked. The kitchen is visibile from the order window and it's shiny. This last visit, I was too busy chatting to notice that their Rick's hot sauce had no pourer cap - splash across my fries like a catsup drench. They replaced my fries with fresh ones and I was a happy, if embarrassed, camper. They acted like it was no problem. Keep up the great work.
I visited on 9/14. I've been walking past this place for a year and decided to venture in. The atmosphere is family oriented. It is a great place to take the kids and get a decent quick meal. I believe, for the most part, all things are made fresh. It took a while for my order. Not terribly long. It was worth the wait. The staff is friendly and were eager to please. I ordered Old Bay wings, a garden salad, and sweet potato fries. I love. The only thing I'd suggest is getting a little fancy with sweet potato fries. Simply adding sea salt makes a difference. Sometimes I turn mine into chilli fries or add a kick to mine with extra spicy spices. I also make them a little sweet with cinnamon and a little brown sugar and a homemade sauce. As you can see I'm big on sweet potato fries. My Old Bay wings were great...just a little salty though. I blame Old Bay seasoning. It's just salty. I have purchased them from the Amish Market in Upper Marlboro before and these are waaaay better. My salad was fresh as well. I love fresh veggies. The menu was extensive. There is a little something for everyone. I want to go for breakfast one day. Then I'm sure I swill update this and give it a 5 star. ***update*** I returned for dinner. I purchased the cheesie chicken. It is a well flavored chicken breast, fresh steamed vegetables, and a side salad. The chicken was moisT and the food tastes fresh. OMG! The chicken was seasoned so well, the bbq sauce was not necessary.

(301) 262-4441

American (Traditional)

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Domino’s Pizza

15710 Mount Oak Rd
Bowie, 20716
So I have my niece's over tonight....They want dominos pizza...I'm like WTF....long story short I order wings pan pizza at 9:25 pm it was delivered at 9:46 pm....note the pizza hot very hot (just made)..not over or undercooked. The wings where fully cooked and hot as was like they made the pizza and then brought it right to my house..I don't eat dominos but I was impressed...
Highly disappointing pizza. Uncooked dough & cold toppings of chicken & beef was what I met as I opened the pizza box. When I called the manager, Chin, to request a remake or refund, he asked "was this my first time ordering from Domino's"? You've got to be kidding is that relevant to my complaint? He swiftly responded with I've refunded your funds back to the card used. That's what I get for looking for a cheaper alternative to Papa John's.
For the first time in a l o n g time I not only got the delivery quickly my food wasstill hot! Amen!

(301) 390-7711

Pizza, Chicken Wings, Sandwiches

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