House of Milae

4932 St Elmo Ave
Bethesda, 20814
Spectacular place to get home style Korean food! The menu isn't very large, but you'll understand why when you get your food and see that it is prepared with great care. This is not your typical krnbbq joint--if that's what you're looking for, go somewhere with the word Kogi in the name. The stews here are on point-love the spicy one! Bbq chicken is also very tasty with lots of sesame seeds. And do yourself a favor and get the sesame pancake appetizer! The service is great here too, also rare for a Korean restaurant.
114 reviews and 4.5 stars is what I was looking at when I decided that I must try House Of Milae again, and I'm ending up giving them one more star. Service was attentive and friendly! Banchan are still very small portions. Come on peeps, the potato salad is pretty good, can I get more than 1/4 tablespoon full. When the kimchi came to the table, I immediately asked for another dish knowing that I would use more than what were provided. I decided on the spicy pork bibimbap which was pretty good. I would have liked a little bit more of a portion of pork on the dish. Veggies were a little bit bland. But the egg was perfectly cooked and really added nicely to the dish. I would get it again. What was really impressive was the spicy chili sauce that they served with it. It was a wonderful balance of spicy and sweet and really added a lot to the dish. My friend ordered the Spicy Calamari which came to the table bathed in so much red sauce that it looked to be aflame. I tasted it, and the nature-like bright cautionary warnings were not playing. This dish is on fireeeeeeee This dish is on fireeeeeeeeeee #AliciaKeys He was struggling to eat it, and I don't blame him. The waiter even dropped it off and made a comment about how freakin' hot it was. Overall a decent experience, I'm just looking for a little bit more... soul in the food... a little more Seoul... And with that terrible pun, I will end there.
First time in DC and decided to come here for dinner. The place was packed but we still had a table right away. We ordered the carrot, spinach and onion Korean pancake for our appetizer. It was quite good. Cooked to crispy perfection and the mix was a little sweet and salty which was great. Then I got a Rice and Mondu stew while my husband ordered the Bi Bim Bop with an egg cooked over easy. The stew had a great flavor and I liked all the vegetables that came in the stew. However, the rice cakes were undercooked because they were very tough to chew. The Bi Bim Bop was visually beautiful, but the flavor was not great. The meat was flavored okay, but there was too much rice, very little veggies and the mixture of all of the condiments did not blend well. We have tasted quite a few Bi Bim Bop and this was maybe one of the worst. As for the service, our water was always filled but our server forgot our friend's meal and our pancake. We had to tell him and other servers that we were missing our food. Then when we told him that the rice cakes were undercooked he just kind of walked away. After we almost finished our food, our appetizer arrived with the manager delivering it. We told him the problems we had. He gave us the pancakes for free and said that next time tell him sooner that the rice cakes were undercooked sooner. We told him that we told the server. He was very apologetic but the damage had been done. This place got lots of great reviews, but our experience here was far from great. Hopefully they will learn to write the orders down and fix the flavor of their Bi Bim Bop.

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7614 Old Georgetown Rd
Bethesda, 20814
BLAZE who??? I wasn't much of a fan of Blaze to begin with since I feel that even though they let you have as many toppings as you want, the way their crust or pizza is made, God forbid you put any more than 2 / 3 toppings MAX on your pizza, would it fall apart. That's what happened the two times I went and on top of that the crust was soggy. Then I tried &Pizza in rio and omg did I fall in love. The spicy sauce is amazing and no matter how many toppings I put on, it stays together! the crust is crispy and delicious. Now there's one CLOSER to me on old georgetown, I have to limit myself from coming here too often haha. I would definitely try this place out if you havn't already done so. The price is good and the portion size is great too! Customer service is good as well! Oh yeah, and the BOX hehe this may not matter but it's car ride friendly!
This place is the Chipotle of pizza in a good way. You pick your ingredients and they make you a pizza in just a few minutes. The pizzas are good and they have suggestions to get you started so you can avoid making a set of terrible choices to start off with. To cap it all off, they have "craft" sodas which are really just better and more interesting mixes of typical sodas you'd find. Still, they are really good. I got the Gnarlic and my wife got the Farmer's Daughter. The gnarlic was clearly the winner of those two with great garlic sauce and fresh basil on top. The farmer's daughter was also good, but just didn't stand out quite as much. I guess garlic is better on pizza than eggs. The black cherry cola was fantastic and actually justified getting a drink. This is likely to be one of the few places I actually pay for a non-alcoholic drink.
This place is amazing! I have gone to all other fast casual pizza places in the DMV and this one, at this location, is by far tops! The customer service is very well considering it's a bunch of young adults/teens who I genuinely know don't want to be there; they're very friendly and ready to answer any questions. And then we get to making the pizza and the endless selections just make it all worth it. I'm a vegan so having so many veggies and proteins to choose from is amazing for me. The array of sauces they have put all other places to shame; I try a new sauce every time I visit and have never been disappointed. When you finally get your pizza, it looks like a work of art and taste even better! It's a 30 minute drive from my house but for quality food like this, I don't mind one bit.

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Pizza, Vegetarian, Vegan

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Woodmont Deli

8225 Woodmont Ave
Bethesda, 20814
Solid place to get a great sandwich. They deliver around Bethesda, but give them 30+ minutes. Among the best delis in town.
The other reviewers are right. This place is small, hidden and totally worth looking for. When I see so few reviews with a good rating, I assume that the restaurant is a local secret an only a few yelpers have stumbled across. Besides the obvious reason that you are likely to get a seat, you are also likely to get a great meal. That is the case with Woodmont Deli. Up front: this place is small, I estimate at the wrong time it could be hard to wrestle a table from a local. But trust me (and the other reviews) this place is worth finding for breakfast or lunch. I enjoyed eating here here on a few occasions before I had an epiphany. "Koreans owners mean they know thin sliced Korean BBQ... try their Philly Cheesesteak" Bam! It was like a Philly backed up by a thousand years of Korean culture. (If this starts to get out, it means the American automakers are not the only ones that better start looking over their shoulder. I'm talking to you Pat and Geno.) In my opinion their cheesesteaks are sublime married to pure perfection.
We stopped in for a quick bite and were so pleased! We got a western omelette platter and a Philly cheesesteak sub. Devoured in minutes. Tasty, fresh, fast and a nice, calm ambience to this small shop. We will definitely come again!

(301) 657-2711

Delis, Caterers

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Ridgewells Caterer

5525 Dorsey Ln
Bethesda, 20816
My company used Ridgewells for a recent event and it went so amazingly well! I have never organized any kind of large corporate function before so I really needed a caterer that would be able to help me pull this thing together. We required food, drinks, tables, chairs, tents, A/V and a bathroom trailer, among other things. Maggie Angle worked with me to figure out everything that we would need to make the event perfect. I am grateful for her and her team's expertise, professionalism and patience; they were a real pleasure to work with. I received so many rave reviews from the guests at the event and I couldn't have done it with Ridgewells. As another reviewer has mentioned, when I first started looking into caterers for the event, I had heard that Ridgewells was amazing, but you would pay for them. Well, after getting quotes from 4 separate caterers, we realized that they were one of the only ones that could source everything that we needed and could do it at a cheaper price than the other options. I will definitely be calling Ridgewells again for our next company event!
Geniunely so, so awful.....Food is very overpriced and awful quality. Got a salad (7$) that honestly tasted like dirt and pesticides. It tasted like they cut up the grass from outside and stuck it in a box. Served was unfamiliar with the fare and they listed items that they did not have. Would NOT recommend!!
I am a professional wedding, event, and catering coordinator and have worked with many caterers over the years, but Ridgewells is among the very best. We found ourselves in a last minute bind and needed a caterer who could move quickly to accommodate an upscale dinner for 25 guests. I was referred to Rachel Gittins, who was prompt, friendly, and accommodating despite the limited timeline. She dealt with our many, many changes quickly and efficiently and put together a menu of four hors d'oeuvres, a plated first course, entree, and plated dessert at a reasonable cost that met our budget. She was so upbeat and enthusiastic that it made the planning process a breeze, and she is amazing at what she does. You can certainly put your trust in her, and she will deliver - with a smile!! Our staff during the event was fantastic. One server arrived 30 minutes early and immediately set to work, helping me move and dress tables. The bartender was friendly and efficient, making our guests feel at ease. Adam was our captain, and he was so on top of things that I didn't have to worry for a minute during the event. Darryl was the Chef, and he provided delicious food with exquisite presentation - even the bread was amazing, and the passion fruit cheesecake with raspberry coulis was to die for! Our guests had an amazing time and could not stop raving about the food, service, and presentation which are all key elements when pulling off an event. Thanks to Ridgewells, this is an event everyone will be talking about for a long time, and I am so thankful to their amazing team for their hard work and diligence. Highly, highly recommend!!!

(301) 652-1515


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Hampden Cafe

4800 Hampden Ln,Ste 103
Bethesda, 20814
Nice deli. Food was fresh and place seemed clean. Priced well for Bethesda. Whole Real turkey for turkey subs. Got the Italian sub, it was good, fresh baked bread, nothing exceptional. In and out quickly. Only problem... Ate lunch there walked out smelling like a grilled sub myself. Not a good thing wearing a suit going back to work. Overall good, clean, fast service. Just don't eat it there unless you wanna smell like a grill.
Great place close to the Bethesda Metro. It seems like a hole in the wall type location, I walked into it by mistake. Great for lunch time food, they have a lot sandwiches, panini's, salads and depending on the day of the week they will serve special Korean meals. The owner was very friendly, even let me sample a portion of the Korean Spicy Pork dish. Overall I highly recommend it for everyone.
I had to attend a training and I wanted to grab a quick breakfast sandwich so I wouldn't be hungry while trying to concentrate. So, I yelp a few places and this place grabs my interest. I ordered a turkey bacon, egg & cheese on a bagel with no high expectations. But, it was pretty good, hot and generously prepared! The staff prepare your food right in front of you. By the time lunch rolled around, I was still not hungry because the sandwich was stacked. If in the mood for breakfast, I will definitely stop by this place.

(301) 986-4622


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Woodmont Grill

7715 Woodmont Ave
Bethesda, 20814
The Woodmont Grill (used to be called Houston's) is a great place to go to enjoy good food and great service. I do not get to Bethesda very often, but last week I had an appointment near by so a friend and I decided to stop by. It was a really nice evening so we sat on the outdoor patio. To drink we ordered waters and Riesling. The water came right out but the wine didn't come out until after the salads were being taken away - a little late but the waitress was apologetic. We ended up asking them to take them back and got soft drinks instead. To eat we started with their fried oysters. They were topped with a relish which was just the right amount of acidity for these perfectly fried oyster. We then had side salads. She got the house dressing which is slightly sweet. Really good. I got a blue cheese like no other. It had oil on top which looked a little strange but it really worked on the salad mix that included corn and homemade croutons. My friend got a burger for her meal with fries. Is was cooked to perfection and was huge! I ordered the bone-in rib eye with a loaded baked potato. Unlike most places, I ordered the steak medium rare and guess what? It came out medium rare! It had great char on it and was juicy and delicious. And since all that wasn't enough for us (just kidding, we had plenty left over), we got a sundae for dessert. It came out in a huge bowl with a gravey bowl of hot fudge on the side. The entire experience was very good. I rate the place 4 stars only because of the delay in bar drinks but the service and food was finominal. I will be back soon.
I found my Sunbelt Salad!!! I was heart broken when the Houston's in Rockville closed. The Woodmont Grill is Houston's with a name change! Nice place and friendly staff.
Houston Restaurant has always been my family favorite, but the Georgetown location was actually better in my opinion. The Bethesda location is cool, but it was something a little different about the Georgetown location; a little shopping then lets hit Houston's bar until a table was available. By the time you got your table you have met over 15 friends that have randomly stopped by to see who was in the place that day - in return you basically never had to pay for your meal.

(301) 656-9755

Steakhouses, American (Traditional), Jazz & Blues

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Cava Mezze Grill

4832 Bethesda Ave
Bethesda, 20814
I think Cava Mezze Grill took a cue from Chipotle because boy are their portions inconsistent. I mean, even The Onion has cracked jokes about Chipotle being inconsistent:… Either way, everytime I go to Cava, no matter the day of the week or the time, I always get more rice than toppings and vice versa. Since I generally come here for dinner (and for some reason, am starving every time), it'd be great to get just a wee bit more meat and rice. Is that too much to ask for a dang rice bowl?! Can we get some standards in here or something?! Other than that, Cava is still tasty as usual with lovely, friendly faces that work there.
I simply can't think of a better quality fast casual concept in the metro DC area. The quality of each ingredient is high, and the meats are exceptional - just terrific. Well seasoned and not kept on the line too long before they are replaced. There is an upcharge for lamb but the quality is terrific - you get the flavor and quality of lamb at full service restaurants, but at a much lower price. Yes the prices are higher than other fast casual restaurants, but not egregiously so and I always leave thinking about how good the food was and not the expense. Finally - kudos for their recycling section. Others (Boloco, for example) try to do a similar job but these guys nailed it. I'm not sure why I appreciate this so much on each visit but I do. Highly recommended.
As everyone else says, it's just like Chipotle. The food is decent, but that may just be my personal tastes. My wife loves this place and was asking for more the very next day, it's too bad it's so far from home! She had the Pita, I had the bowl. Definitely less food than Chipotle and it was about $20 for the two of us. I was still hungry after but the wife was fine. Staff was awesome. I told them I had never been there before and they explained everything on the menu for me. Really awesome staff here. Definitely will go back if we're ever in the area.

(301) 656-1772

Greek, Mediterranean

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7101 Democracy Blvd Spc 2122
Bethesda, 20817
Easily five stars. I love Chick-fil-a. It's home of the original chicken sandwich and it does not disappoint. I go for the classic chicken sandwich - it's simple and delicious. The sandwich is kept hot and the bread is nice and soft. The chicken is moist and tender with the right amount of breading to be crisp, and all paired with a pickle to give a bite of freshness and to add texture. This delightful sandwich paired with the sweet and tangy Polynesian sauce is PERFECTION. The golden brown waffle fries are the cherry on top of a delicious meal. There were no issues with service; everything was done quickly, efficiently, and accurately.
These mofuckers have the best all American milkshake for the buck. Now the manager at this location is very rude and needs to be humbled down a lil bit. She yelled at her employee cuz I asked for extra whip cream and she gave it to me without charging me since I didn't ask for extra whip cream till after the transaction. I come back 2 days later during opening to get one of those crack milkshakes and the manager has an attitude towards me. Very rude... The 2 extra stars is because the milkshakes are crack and the one employee who got a verbal ass whoopin from the evil manager kept the customer happy and syced me up on whip cream...she did her job, which is to keep me happy. Her manager could learn a thing or 2 from her employee on correct customer service.
Even though this location is inside a mall, I felt the same good quality service and food. My chicken sandwich on multigrain was perfectly prepared and hot. The side salad was freshly prepared because I requested it without cheese and it was really fresh. My unsweet ice tea was actually unsweet. No complains at all.

(301) 365-6764

Fast Food

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Bacchus of Lebanon

7945 Norfolk Ave
Bethesda, 20814
Never found out about the food, walked in and expected to be seated immediately as a table was opening up and no one was ahead of us. As they were clearing the table, another couple walks in and promptly sits down and the hostess doesn't bat an eye! Go to ask her what just happened and she disappears for 15 min, find out the couple supposedly has a reservation, yeah right. Talk with another group, one of them had to go track down the manager to pay. They said they waited waited 45 min before giving up and went to look for her.
The ambiance at Bacchus is fantastic. Really cozy atmosphere, our group of 6 immediately felt comfortable and had excellent service throughout the whole dinner. Due to restaurant week, we were able to order quite a few dishes for the standard RWeek fare which was great. The food was good... but not swoon-worthy. There are some definite contenders in the Bethesda area, and for the double $ indicator, I was expecting a phenomenal review. Still, Bacchus is well-known in the area, and the appetizers and lunch menu might have me give it another go.
** 200th review ** The outdoor seating is great. It includes a nice waterfall that drowns out the cars, which is important because this restaurant is on the corner of two streets. The decor inside is also very authentic, as well. The shwarma was tasty but not at all a "shwarma" - more like a shwarma fajita. The baba ghanoush was in good quantity but too lemon-y, oily, and stringy. Lemonade was tasty with a spicy kick at the end of each sip. $12 lunch deal until 3pm: one appetizer and one main entree. Lots of food! Good deal.

(301) 657-1722

Middle Eastern

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4917 Cordell Ave
Bethesda, 20814
Incredibly small portions of vegetarian dishes for $15.95. Never again.
Amazing food. We were in Bethesda visiting family and we wanted to try something new. I ordered the Eggplant Stew and it was delicious. The lamb kabob was also very good, but slightly overcooked. The food arrived fast and our waitress was kind and knew the menu well. Overall, the only major con was that there was no AC and it was a really hot day. I would definitely return.
Went to this restaurant for the first time last night. The waiters were very nice and attentive to any needs. This restaurant by far had the best Afghan food that I've tasted in the area. The only issue I had with the place is that it is a bit expensive for the amount of food served. I ordered the Mantu entrée which was $18.95 (the current yelp menu lists it as $14.95). Overall, the yelp menu currently shown is a bit outdated and it appears as if prices were raised across the board. But the Mantu was excellent. For dessert my guest and I ordered, Baklava -- Excellent Goush - E - Feel -- Okay, not great. Overall, great food, great service, but it is a bit pricey. So it is one of those places I'd likely visit once a year instead of on a regular bases.

(301) 951-3484


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