Pizza 786

5209 East Dr
Baltimore County, 21227
The delivery has always been fast. I'm pretty sure I liked the pizza, but I usually order the Philly cheesesteak which is delicious! The large fry is a good size and they are good fries. I really like the variety they offer. The only thing I wouldn't suggest ordering is the cheesecake, it was frozen. But other than that, I say go for it!
Great halal food and wonderful old school setting to eat in. They have student and military discounts which can be useful. I love the food, the people and the setting but I think they should relocate to make themselves more known. They are hidden in the back which makes it a bit hard to find. Not a lot of people know of the place which is shame as many people would love it if they seen and been there.
I ordered a medium NY pizza, hot open turkey sandwich and a chicken filet sandwich from this place. Firstly, the food was pretty good, the NY style pizza while truly not NY styled was actually rather tasty. The filet and hot open turkey was actually really on par with any other take-out or carry-out place. For the food, I would give them 4 stars for sure. However, here is where things got tricky. I ordered from their website where they have in place, the ability to order. Now in the description for delivery, they do not have ANY mention of where they deliver to etc...I live around 13 miles away, while I thought this might be too far for them to deliver, I also have gotten food from other places that do deliver this far and most places make mention of the maximum distance they are willing to go to deliver. Since their site had no such info I decided to go ahead and order. So I ordered around 6:00pm for a 8:00pm delivery time. Mind you, when ordering they specifically mentioned what time would you like your food to arrive and I picked 8:00pm. I got the order confirmation etc..but for some reason, decided to call them around 7:40 to make sure they would deliver and I talked to someone there and asked whether they did indeed receive my order and whether they would be delivering it on time at which point they assured me they did receive the order and was going to deliver on time. At around 8:20 a good 20 minutes AFTER they were supposed to deliver they called me to inform me that they did NOT deliver in my area. I was pissed and asked them why they could not tell me this at 7:40 and I could have just come and pick up my order. They avoided the question and I asked to talk to the manager for a refund and the salesperson simply told me talking to the manager would do me no good because he would NOT give me a refund. It was $34.00 for all this and I am not hurting enough to really care at this point but I insisted to talk to the manager. The manager simply told me well we don't issue refunds, you need to call your credit card company and dispute the charge. I decided to just go and pick up the food. So, while the food is good, I would definitely NOT recommend anyone to order from them. I however would recommend to dine-in. First time i have been there and it was nicely done in diner style and looked clean.

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