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  • Gina C.

    Literally, the worst place we've ever ordered from. We ordered delivery and they said about 40 minutes. After an hour, we called to check the status and they said 5 more minutes. It took 90 minutes total. The fries were not cooked nor edible and we ended up throwing them out, because like I said, they were not cooked. The bacon in one of our sandwiches was not cooked very well and was rather rubbery instead of crispy. The other ingredients (lettuce and onions) were also not fresh. We do NOT recommend.

  • Jim L.

    The Steak tip subs are great.. I've been a few times now and have not yet been disappointed

  • lori d.

    Thanks yelpers! Was out in an unfamiliar part of the state and craved some pizza..called ahead, small extra cheese was ready on time and quite yummy! Staff very friendly as well...Will visit again!

  • Stephanie B.

    We don't live far, and its one of the places my kids love.. the pizza is good if you eat it.. and the salads are plentiful.. my only complaint it depends on who is working on how your food will be, when the owner is there everything is made to perfection. Over all, its really good, and the girls are always pleasant. The prices are really good to!

  • Shannon C.

    Growing up in the area, this traditional pizza place has always been a popular spot among locals for a quick bite to eat with your pals and fellow townies. I hadn't been here since it was Central Street Pizza way back in the day but on my way back from a hike at Mt. Wachusett last weekend I stopped in for a quick sandwich. I was tired and hungry from a long morning outside in the sun and went with a sure thing to satisfy my growling stomach--the Italian Wrap. It wasn't some crazy, jazzed up specialty sandwich but fresh ingredients and a friendly smile from the staff really hit the spot. I polished off every bite and couldn't have been happier sitting outside on their bench on a sunny day enjoying an old favorite.

  • Luke D.

    We got this for the first time tonight and it was great! Salad with grilled chicken was tasty. Steak bomb grinder was great. Prices were reasonable and staff were friendly. Will def. be back. They have a great menu with lots to choose from. Can't wait to try the pizza!

  • Eric R.

    The pizza place per capita ratio of West Boylston is an amusing piece of math to behold. Since I've been to every one about a billion times, I know the area, and this is, hands down, the best pizza shop in town. Pizza shops sell (in my world) pizza, grinders, calzones, and the occasional salad. Shannon's sells that, but with a greater variety, selection, and quality then any other shop in town. The selection of sandwiches, and pizza toppings is more vast then almost anywhere else, but even the regular old cheese is also good. It's a greek style pie with a red sauce and mozzarella/cheddar mix. Get enough of them and they reward you with complimentary 2-liters if you're nice. Personal favorites include the buffalo chicken calzone, the onion and bbq chicken pizza, and the greek salad. No delivery, and it doesn't matter.

  • Amanda D.

    Worst delivery in West Boylston. This was our second try at Shannon's Pizza since our usual go to place is on vacation. We ordered a steak and cheese supreme and a pizza with pepperoni and sausage. They said 40 minutes for a delivery. After waiting an hour and ten minutes our food finally arrived. Not only was the entire pizza squashed but so was the sub. The bread was so soggy that it was inedible. The steak was dry and overcooked. The first experience we had with Shannon's was better. They again took much longer than they stated to deliver but the salad was fresh and the pizza was decent. After today's experience we will not be ordering from here again.

  • David W.

    Ordered from here about three months ago without problems, and decided to again for lunch today. 45 minutes after I'd ordered I had to call to see why my pizza hadn't arrived yet (they said it'd be 15 minutes on the phone). About 20 minutes later (a little over an hour after originally ordering the delivery guy showed up. He did not have our drink but did have a credit card receipt for a few dollars more than our order that was already signed, and tried to explain that there was some kind of a mixup. I called to complain to the owner and straighten out the amount, and he ended up giving us the pizza for free. Pizza was quite good, but I am not in a rush to order from them again.

  • Kamikazekiddo G.

    I've been going to Shannon's since she opened it. She transformed it 180 degrees and made it into a very clean place, with a large number of offerings and creative items with super friendly service. I almost exclusively get pizzas and they are excellent! Shannon's sold the business almost 2 years ago but, thankfully, the new owners are a great bunch and they've kept the majority of items, added some new ones (baklava for example) and maintained a very clean place with very friendly service.

  • Chris M.

    Don't ever order the "Fish and Chips" here ever. When I ordered it last Friday, it smelled like rotten fish, worse than a can of old tuna. The "haddock" itself had dark spots all over it, which shows it had been frozen. It was dry, tasteless, and left a nasty after taste. T he fries were also terrible. They were just like mushy, tasteless frozen ore-ida fries out of the microwave. I haven't had any of their other stuff so I can't rate that. The so called "fish and chips" was so bad that I'd be afraid to eat anything else out of this place. Go to AJ's and other places around for better food.


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Pizza is a famous Italian dish savored around the world. The entire credit for the popularity of Pizza in the United States goes to the chain of pizzerias all over the country. While the base and the texture of Pizza remains same across the globe, it's the toppings that differs from country to country. In the United States, you will find the top pizzerias serving pizzas with the toppings of mainly beef, bacon, chicken, ham, and sausage for the non-vegetarians. Other than these famous meat options, Pizzas with veg toppings such as mushrooms, pepperonis, garlic, tomatoes, spinach, etc. are also famous in most restaurants in the United States.

Irrespective of your locality, you will find a variety of different restaurants in your cities offering pizzas of all different types. Pizza is hot favorite among people of all ages in the United States. A large size pizza is enough to feed a family of 3 or 4 at large. Pizza is also the most preferred food whenever a group of friends is hanging out together. Pizza gained popularity in the United States after the American soldiers stationed in Italy returned from World War II.

Over the years, different pizzerias in the United States have developed their own respective regional variations. Pizza gained popularity as the iconic dish in the United States in the second half of the 20th century. Whether you prefer thin or thick crust pizza, you can find a pizza of your preference at the best pizza restaurants in your city.

Shannons Pizza

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