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Visit below restaurant in Roxbury for healthy meals suggestion.

Visit below restaurant in Roxbury for healthy meals suggestion.

  • whenever i'm in the mood for homestyle cooking, or if i have a bunch of hungry fellas roaming for lunch i try and get to this place. i dont agree with the last 1star rating, the food portions are great, loads of rice, loads of meat, chicken, goat, or fish.and you can't even neglect the lemonade/kool aid drink that comes by the jug. a few years back the kool aid seemed like it was mixed in a big plastic tub and the waiter would always fill our pitcher up from it. since its located next to masjid alhamdulilah and down the street from the new ISBCC its a great place to go to right after jumah prayers. hope to see some of yall there!

  • I am not afraid of muslims and I love "ethnic" food. This was not good. This was not food at all. There was maybe two tiny pieces of meat in my "meat" dish and my tea was ...yacky. The service was mediocre. The is no reason to go here. Avoid.

  • It's easy to miss this place because it's small and located in a residential neighborhood away from the main drag. A friend brought me there a few years ago and I really liked it, but I hadn't returned until last Sunday. If you are looking for a fancy place with a lot of "atmosphere", this is not the place for you. But if you like fresh, tasty home cooked food and an intimate but friendly environment, then you should check out Dayib. When I went there recently, I saw the menu posted over the counter, but I was smart enough to just ask the guy in charge, "What do you have?". Of course they didn't have a lot of stuff listed on the menu, but both my daughter and I ordered the chicken kebab with rice and the man who took our order asked us, "Spicy?" and I said, "Yes for me, but not for her". Our dishes arrived quickly and we both thoroughly enjoyed our meal. Mine was plenty spicy and hers wasn't, but both were tasty--even the rice was really good! So if you're looking for simple, but delicious and plentiful Somali food served with a smile and at a reasonable price, check out Dayib Café.

  • The food here is awesome and they give you plenty of food to eat when you have a sit down dinner. Their tea is awesome

  • For those who have yet to try African food, I would recommend you start off with Somali food. I don't consider myself an extremely picky eater (i'll try anything once as long as it ain't got no pork, alcohol, alligator, snake or anything that really should not be eaten by human beings) but out of all the african foods i've tried so far Somali is the best. Its a small little resto and at night is usually filled with somalis or other muslim men from the mosque next door. So for anyone who is not afraid of muslims or trying something different, this is a place to hit. They have this chicken dish that is delish. It comes with somali rice, salad and a banana (apparently they eat all their dishes with a banana). Also gotta try the tea. Its similar to indian chai with herbs in it. You can get it with or w/out milk but unless your lactose intolerant I suggest you get it with milk. Again, just as a word of advice, it is next door to a mosque, it is frequented by some fairly religious peeps so don't show up half naked, drunk or in any way that would offend modest and conservative folks.

  • I had heard about this place from someone on the subway right when I moved here. But never got around to try it, last night I did. It's not readily accessible by T, gotta hop on the bus. "Be careful out there man!", someone said to me as I get off the bus. This is the last thing I wanted to hear as I had heard before Roxbury is really not the best of Boston. So, I say Inshallah it'll be ok and walked my way to the place. It was teeming with Somali men enjoying the delicacies from their homeland while watching satellite television. They have steak, chicken and fish served with either rice or pasta with a side of two different salads. Also, the sweet drink they serve is free and helps cause you'd wanna put out the fire caused by the hot sauce, if you choose to try it out... I had the chicken with rice. They serve it with a ripe banana, apparently that's the way they eat back home. Also, I had the Chai at the end which would've been great and refreshing if there weren't ten teaspoons of sugar in the cup. I'm sure you'd be diabetic if you drink that tea for a full month. The great part is that there's a mosque upstairs, so I ended up praying Isha over there. Bottom line, the place is pretty decent, and I'd go again if the area wasn't that shady :)


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  • Takes Reservations : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : No
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Alcohol : No
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Waiter Service : Yes

Dayib Cafe

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