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Visit below restaurant in North Dartmouth for healthy meals suggestion.

Visit below restaurant in North Dartmouth for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Jeremy G.

    The bagels were very good. Very large and soft. I got plain cream cheese and they smothered plenty of it on there. The service was decent, not very welcoming or pleasant but good enough for "i'm hungry and want a bagel." I think this place could improve it's atmosphere by either an interior update or the way the staff treats the customers for 4 or 5 stars. I may go back... if I really want a bagel. It's not on my list of "gotta try that again" though.

  • Nicole M.

    Come here for great bagels definitely not for great customer service. What a group of miserable employees who seem to really hate their jobs. I have yet to have an employee who was pleasant. I feel like everytime I go im bothering an employee to do their job.

  • John S.

    This place is no good anymore. The one in north dartmouth is the one I go to. For years I've dealt with their terrible drive through service. They don't write anything you say down, so about 70% of the time there is a mistake in the order. Just about every time I order more than one hot drink, they mix up what goes in them. I've gotten other peoples orders. Not to mention it takes about 10 minutes for them to toast 2 bagels, because they spend 8 minutes chatting it up with each other THEN they get to toasting. Inside, the place is run down. It's clearly in need of renovation. The floors and tables are dirty. This place probably barely passes the health inspection. Now on to the food. This is why I say the place is no good any more. Half the time their is something wrong with the bagel you get. They either pick out some tiny bagel half the size of normal bagels, they overcook them, or undercook them. Today I got a bagel that was so undercooked that it still had raw dough inside. It looked like someone hat sat down on it and flattened it. Total ineptitude. How hard is it to cook a bagel? Then they gave me a milk that had expired 4 days ago. It was warm, not cold, like refrigerated milk should be. I drank a little bit then threw it out because it had clearly gone bad. Then I ate the bagel. When I went to drink my tea, little white chunks of coagulated cream were floating around. This meal gave me food poisoning. Needless to say, I won't be going back there ever again. TL;DR: The service there is slow and terrible. The place is dirty. The food is mediocre at best, despite it being expensive, and the quality is very inconsistent. I ate a meal from there today that gave me food poisoning. And they sold me out of date spoiled milk, and used out of date spoiled cream in my tea.

  • J R.

    N. Dartmouth:One of the best places for bagels in the area HOWEVER probally the worst bagels and tea I've ever had at this chain! I've been twice and both times the bagels where dry, not enough butter or jelly. The tea was horrible!

  • Lindsay H.

    This place is amazing, although I've only gone through the Drive-Thru. Next time I'm going inside! Bagels are fresh and much better than a chain place such as Dunkin Donuts. They make bagel sandwiches, complete with fresh chicken salad smuthered between two bagels and cut into delicious pieces. The prices are a little high for what it is, bagel + chicken salad + drink + pickle = $7.50. Significantly smaller portion than getting a real sandwich at say..Subway or something. I will have to go back again and try more bagel-sandwich creations!

  • J C.

    Oh my god get the ham, egg, n cheese bagel if you go here you won't regret it. I don't think I've ever got anything else there.

  • K D.

    I LOVE THIS PLACE. Great, fresh bagels in a variety of flavors with an amazing array of possible toppings. I love their cinnamon sugar bagel with either strawberry or blueberry cream cheese. I like my bagel toasted with light cream cheese - I'd say I typically receive a bagel that is underdone with gobs of cream cheese. Flavor and service are there but minus one star for execution.

  • Jenni B.

    The food is delicious. I especially love their breakfast sandwiches. Their bagels are large and fresh and there is a huge variety. They also serve some sandwiches for lunch time. They offer a variety of coffee flavors. I tried the cinnamon bun coffee and it was pretty good. I wanted to try a blueberry muffin but they were all out. The inside of the building and the drive thru is in need of a serious makeover. If it was a little more cozy inside I'd be more apt to go in and sit down. Other than that it's great. Definitely a step up from the crap at Dunkin Donuts.


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    Parking : Private Lot
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New York Bagel

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