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  • Katie W.

    I ordered photo cookies from here for a Graduation to be delivered to a hotel in North Carolina (I am in California).I was impressed with how easy and responsive they were to my requests and delivered exactly what I wanted and on time.Since I did everything via email it is great to know there are businesses that still take customer service seriously plus the cookies are delicious!!!

  • Bianca S.

    I have used Wicked Good Cookies twice. Once for my best friend's 30th birthday and recently for my mother's retirement party. The staff is professional, accomodating and work in a timely manner. They always answered my questions and did their best to make any modifications that I requested. They also gave me suggestions to make the final product turn out as wonderful as possible. The cookies were beautifully done, photgraphs clear and individually wrapped, perfect for party favors! I will go back again and again to this company. Thank you Greg and Lindsay!

  • Sonia J.

    Wicked good is right! There cookies are so yummy. My five year old son is always asking to go make some cookies. You can walk in a make your own cookies right there and they clean up the mess! You roll out some dough that they give you, cut them out with sone of the many cookie cutters they have, decorate them and they put them in the oven for you. A few minutes later you have some warm delicious cookies to eat there or take home. My eleven year old loves to do this too. The staff there is so nice to me and my kids. They really let the kids get into making the cookies. And the best part for me is that I don't have to clean up the mess!

  • r d.

    This is a company we have used several times. We love these cookies, their taste and their designs. We choose them when we want something special for our family and our friends. Wicked Good Cookies has great service and has helped us with ideas for gifts. We will use WGC again and again and refer them to all that want a great tasting gift or just a fun time. Thanks guys, see you soon.

  • Witness P.

    We had my daughter's birthday here and the kids a great time. The sugar cookie package included enough dough for each kid to make plenty of cookies and all the colored sugar you could need. While the cookies baked we enjoyed pizza that the staff ordered for us, charging only what they paid for it. Overall it was a great time, a very easy party, and a great value. Did I mention that they made up a PDF invitation for me to bring to Staples? It looked great and was just one more thing off my mind. Call Mark and he will get as involved in your party as you let him. Or if you are bit less eagar to give up control, he can do that too. Party here. The kids will love it!

  • Sonja H.

    The company has horrible customer service. Over the years we have used the company to send cookies to friends and family. But recently we placed an order and it was never delivered by DHL. Instead of handling the issue directly with their vendor DHL, they told us it was our responsibility to deal with DHL directly. In the end, the cookie was never received and we were not refunded. Do not use this company. They do not value their customers. I recommend finding another source to send cookies to your kids in college.

  • Jack M.

    What a great place to get some cookies. I use them for corporate basket and my recipients just love them. Thanks Wicked Good Cookies.

  • Vicky N.

    If there were a no star rating thats what I would give them. 2.75 for a tastless dry horrible excuse for a cookie!The slice and back atthe grocery store is way better. I was embarresed to give them out at our party. I ended up throwing them away. They tasted like carboard with hard icing. So dissapointed!!!

  • Lynn B.

    My cousin used this company to make cookie favors for her parents' 60th anniversary party. They were delicious sugar cookies with a photo screened on the fronts, individually wrapped. Very clever with a great taste considering the method of presentation. I was amazed at the likeness of the photo and really wished I had snagged a few more to munch on! :) I wouldn't be afraid to use them. Nice job.

  • Raquel H.

    Thanks for making this small detail for our Open House a BIG statement! Appreciate your company delivering on time and that the cookies were delish ! I'll be ordering again!

  • Ang M.

    So one day me and my family were driving and passed this place a few times. So we decided, "hey! Let's stop in to wicked good cookies and see what kind of cookies they got!" So we pulled in and there were cars in the parking lot, so we figured it may have been a little busy ( which we were thinking,"this place must be good then") So we walk on in only to see about a dozen kids and their parents staring at all of us. There was a birthday party going on! So to our embarrassment we walked out.. There were no signs anywhere saying there was a birthday party going on! So no cookies for us that day. My advice to your store is hmm maybe think about putting signs up when there's a party going on? Or maybe lock the doors? Or maybe put SOME kind of sign stating that this isn't just a walk in place. Just a thought. Won't be attempting to go here again.

  • Linda C.

    I wanted to thank you again. This was my first experience with Wicked Good Cookies I placed an order on very short notice with no expectations. We had a child's birthday party relocated to our house at the last minute. Not only did the cookies come on time, they were adorable and delicious. I would highly recommend you to anyone who will listen, and look forward to my next order.

  • courtney c.

    I called Wicked Good Cookies from Los Angeles today to get some cookies delivered to my best friend, who is in Massachsetts for the weekend under horribly sad circumstances. Even though it was close to the end of the day AND my delivery address was out of their zone, they went out of my way to help and made great suggestions. My cookies were delivered on time and made my best friend smile. As an owner of a small business, I know how important it is for people to know when service is personal and great. So I am letting Yelp know that Wicked Good Cookies is Wicked Awesome. Thank you. Mark and Peter!


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :9:00 am - 5:00pm


  • Delivery : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes

Wicked Good Cookies

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