Bruegger’s Bagels

119 Breckenridge Ln
St. Matthews, 40207
Delicious, fresh bagels baked more than once a day. Love going up here. The staff is outstanding and the food never disappoints.
Typically very good service. . Can work on the communication A little... They need to guide their customers through the process smoother.. more of a training issue IMO. . Other than that I like it.
I recently moved back to Louisville from Cincinnati, where I first had Bruegger's and was ecstatic to find out there was one in Louisville. Let me say, it did not disappoint. As soon as you walk in your mood will automatically improve as the smell of fresh bagels encompasses you. They always have fresh bagels with what seems like an endless variety of flavors. I would like to personally recommend the everything bagel. Bruegger's is the breakfast bagel version of Subway. Starting at the beginning you choose your bagel then whatever topping you could imagine. I would like to highly recommend the Western (Comes with It comes with egg and bacon) on an everything bagel with the veggies of your choice. I love coming here for breakfast, might not be the most healthy but it is oh so good.

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Namnam Cafe

318 Wallace Ave
St. Matthews, 40207
Delicious food, bottom line. Their Shaking Beef is absolutely delicious (tender beef with rice and a bed of lettuce with house-made ginger dressing and citrus dressing). Chicken fried rice is also very good, with huge chunks of quality chicken. Imperial rolls and the accompanying dipping sauce are delicious. Their building is not good - I don't care about the decor so much as the temperature control - when it's cold outside, NamNam is only about 10 degrees warmer. We wore our winter coats during the entire meal recently. They do double their seating capacity whenever temperatures allow outdoor seating. Service is generally fine, but out of the 8 times we've dined there, 1 time we had terrible service. We love it; I crave it; you should go!
Nam Nam is num-num! Classically exceptional Vietnamese fair. Almond milk bubble tea - great way to begin! Buddha rolls - YES! Pho with brisket - YES! the essential spices that go into the broth are all present and accounted for. Vermacelli bowl with Lemongrass Chicken - YES! (I feel like an Herbal Essences commercial) Wash it all down with a Bell's holiday ale? You're killing me... YES! Will be back again and again.
My girlfriend and I stopped by to see what the local hype was about Namnam Cafe. This was our first time eating here but we're veteran Vietnamese food eaters from Southern California. We liked the restaurant setup, reminded us somewhat of Vietnamese places back home- only a few tables, very limited decor, grungy interior. That was a good start. We liked the limited menu, it signals to us that the place doesn't try to cover too much territory. For an appetizer, we were craving egg rolls so we ordered the imperial rolls. They arrived fresh and piping hot. The roll texture was great, but the filling of the egg rolls were weak. They reminded us of egg roll filling from Panda Express or other American-Asian food restaurants chains. I would suggest making the filling with more texture such as sliced carrots and perhaps some clear noodles. We ordered one of each banh mi, pork lemongrass and the Vietnamese special. I was very excited for these because these are some of my favorite items back home. They arrived looking great and well-made, but the problem began with the first bite. The bread buns were over-toasted, almost to the point where it was difficult to take bites of the sandwich. Furthermore, the inside of the buns tasted stale. This was hugely disappointing because the pork lemongrass itself was especially flavorful and delicious. We finished our meal thinking about how much better the sandwiches could have been.

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Saints Pizza Pub & Sky Bar

131 Breckenridge Ln
St. Matthews, 40207
I came with a small group around 7:30pm and we had our own room. However, the service was very poor. It took over 10 minutes just to get a menu. And it took another 10 minutes to get our orders placed. We got a large pepperoni pizza. It took at least 20 minutes for our thin crust pizza to come out. The pizza was ok, it was very greasy, but it was also loaded with alcohol. It tasted like the sauce was loaded up with red wine, which was reallly unusual, and not very appealing. The pizza was not that big, and for $16.50, it was way overpriced. I would rather have a $5 Caesars. I will come back to Saints when fat rabbits fly.
Great pizza. Good beer and drinks. Excellent service. Reasonable prices. Not too crowded. Fun atmosphere. There's no reason not to like Saints.
Went here for a Green Bay Packer game. I am from WI and the Packers are my team, so being able to be surrounded by fellow cheeseheads, felt like home. There were plenty of tvs to watch the game on. While there is a lot of space, there is limited seating so if you want to sit instead of stand at the bar, you'll have to get there early. As it was game day, the staff was super busy but very friendly. The cheeseburger and fries were pretty standard as far as cheeseburgers and fries go.

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Tom - Chee - St. Matthews

111 St Matthews Ave
St. Matthews, 40207
In town on business. The donut intrigued me. Had the tom and Chee, which was ok. The creamy Tom basil soup was excellent! Service was quick and friendly. Had 2 donuts. The king, with carmalized bananas and pb. The bananas were amazing! Also had the Smore, which I would go back for. Exactly what it sounds like... on a donut!!
Get the turkey, pesto grilled cheese - OMG - YUM!
I stopped in here on my way to the sports bar to watch a soccer match and the guy behind the counter was super helpful in choosing a sandwich. He even had them make it the custom way he likes it. Also, (and here's the kicker) one of the guys changed the channel on the TV so i could watch the first 45 of the soccer match and then headed off to the bar for the second half. Thanks guys. (Oddly, the floor is painted to look like a murder scene... red and yellow splashes and smears everywhere, especially creepy in the bathroom.)

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