Pepperoncini’s Pizza

5106 Mary Ingles Hwy
Silver Grove, 41085
The food is good. With that said, the rest needs some work. Looking for atmosphere? Nope. The walls are bare. Looking for good customer service? Nope. High school kids in tshirts. Get everything you need when they show up, because you may not see them again. Menu? It looks like a take out menu. Customer perception is everything. And although the food is really good, the atmosphere is not. Add some cool pictures, add some smiling servers, add some atmosphere, add some cool menus. And we will be back for the food!
This place hasn't been open long but it's very close to work so I wanted to test it out. The BBQ chicken pizza is very good! I picked dinner up last night. We got a medium cheese pizza and antipasto salad. The pizza was very good but my favorite thing was the salad. I think that everyone needs to try this place out for themselves. The restaurant looks pretty nice on the inside and the food is good.
I had a hoagie for supper, via delivery, and it was very good. So was the salad. Wanted to try something different. The price is reasonable too.

(859) 360-6801


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