Rosie’s Restaurant

8869 E US Hwy 60
Rush, 41168
I would like to give this place a better rating but I simply can't eat there. If you like to smoke after your meal this place is ideal. The food is good. Its 24 hours. A quaint home restaurant. Nice food BUT.... since Ashland KY (Boyd Co) went smoke free in all restaurants and all the smokers in Boyd Co apparently go to Rosies to get their eat/smoke groove on.
Rosie's is the type of place you drive by and think "who in their right mind would eat there?"...well now I am one of those people. It's about the only restaurant within 10 sq miles, and has a lovely hole-in-the-wall quality to it (probably because that's what it is...) A good place to go for some serious greasy down home cooking.
Map is wrong first of all. Second I have never experienced great food or service here. The other day I went with my dad after church and we waited an hour for the daily special. There were about five or six people that came and then left after no one acknowledged them or served them after like 20 mins. The waitress comped both our meals because of the service. She shouldn't have had to though. If she had given our order to the cooks when she took it instead of over a half hour later or served her customers instead of sitting down talking to her friends. They should hire a different waitress cause that one sucks. Also the food was like what I would make at home and nothing special.

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