Joe’s Older Than Dirt

8131 New Lagrange Rd
Lyndon, 40222
Nice bar! I was here in 1995' when it just started! They've grown 300% since then! Nice place! What can I say? It's a bar!
On a weekend afternoon we went in and ordered a sausage mushroom pizza. Around 15 minutes after we ordered our server informed us "we're out of mushrooms". So the order went in as just a sausage pizza. After a very long time our pizza came out *(we and one other table were all that were there so there was no reason or explanation for the time delay) and the server then told us "we found some mushrooms". I probably should have known then and there what was to happen. We both remarked to each other that the pizza had no flavor. And then it hit me, we had nothing but ground hamburger, unseasoned, no sausage. We told our server and her reply was "it was supposed to be sausage" and nothing more came of that. Within an hour I was sick to my stomach, shortly thereafter my husband got nauseously sick. Our evening plans were ruined as we both had burning pains in our stomach. I made a comment on their FB page regarding our issue, it was deleted. I made another comment on their FB page, it again was deleted. This time however, they decided the appropriate action was to delete me from their FB page. I hadn't made a production, no foul language, no bad mouthing. I commented that our pizza didn't come out right and that we were both sick after eating. You would think a professional organization would take some kind of action and would actually like to know that there is a problem in the kitchen. No, not so much. I then messaged them privately about how unprofessional their actions were. And the response I received back was that their FB page was for promotional comments and upcoming events. I don't guess they realize that FB isn't for just what they want it to be and that a company has to take the good with the bad. Very unprofessional, poorly run. I've gone there for many many years, without complaint or issue. You have one problem and say something and they delete you and the history you have with them as a customer. A company I'd ever trust again? I think not.
Me and a Bud went over to Joe's for a change of pace and watch the Yankees begin their trek to another World Series title.The beer was reasonable so we thought we would try the food.I got the grilled cheese and bacon sandwich.It was good enough that I had to share it with my friend in exchange for one,or two, of his potato skins which were fine but no where near the quality of my B&C sandwich. An older gentlean,but not near the age of dirt, recommended we try the prime rib sandwich next time.Maybe we will. The bartender came around to serve us as many times as the Phillies rounded the bases.Gotta take the good with the bad.

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American (Traditional), Diners, Sandwiches

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