Cloud 9 Cafe

Big Sandy Regional Airport,Hwa 3 S
Debord, 41214
Flew into K22 Earlier tonight with some friends and had dinner at the Cloud 9. The menu is your traditional American / Southern fare, with your options from BBQ sandwich to Ribs. Most of the names on the menu reflect Aviation terms. My friends both got the 172 Monte Cristo. It's basically a turkey sandwich wrapped in lightly fried pastry and dipped in a strawberry sauce. Reminded me of an awesome toaster strudel, yet fit for dinner. The came with the choice of steak fries or curly fries. I opted for the Pork Chop stuffed with Canadian Ham. The pork chop was breaded and fried, and was pretty tasty. A tad too fatty and thin for my likings, but overall, a good deal for just under $10. The table next to us got the Baby Back Ribs and I was jealous, definitely my choice for the next time. Service a tad slow, but overall a wonderful experience! You can drive or fly into this restaurant, but if you fly in, the FBO is extremely friendly and they service your plane while you eat. Plus, you get 10% off your fuel bill if you eat at Cloud 9!

(606) 298-5930

American (Traditional)

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