Sister’s Tea Parlor and Boutique

4765 Fox Run Rd
Buckner, 40010
This place is soooo cute. The blue walls with dainty, pretty black, white, and pink decorations. A chandalier in the center of the room. Dangling crystals from the ceiling. Prissy teapots with cutesy teapot coozies. Polka dots, and photos of heels. And the best part? A room of ridiculous fun! Crazy hats adorning walls of shelves. Derby hats, wedding like hats, pink, purple, green, yellow. Fake fur shawls and pearls, pink wraps and did I mention prissiness yet? It is like the fun shop in that Christina Applegate movie where they try on silly, fun outfits and pose in the mirrors. And then it is time for tea and finger foods. An entire page of teas to choose from. Strawberry, butterscotch, raspberry chocolate truffle, cinnamon. Whoa. The spread is super cute too. The sandwiches are very tasty and the scone was savory. The BBQ and chicken salad were probably my favorite. The princess one was good, but very different with some strawberry spread type thing. The desserts were also excellent. Not a huge ginger fan, but the shortbread and truffle were incredible. My only complaint is they were literally finger foods. Which is fine, but it wasn't quite sufficient for lunch and yet cost 16.50 each. A bit steep. But you are paying for the ambiance and this cute little spot has lots of it to offer!!
This liitle gem hidden away in Buckner, Kentucky is the perfect place for lunch!! The atmosphere is fantastic. The staff makes you feel at home as soon as you walk in the door.. of course, you have to tour the amazing boutique items that they have for you to purchase. On my recent visit I had the American Chai as my tea of choice ( I also recommend Paris in a Teapot!). For lunch I had the BBLT (Benedictine, Bacon, Lettuce and Tomatoe on white. SUPERB!! Felt like I was back home in Tennessee!! Will be back again and this time I will take my daughter.. They offer Princess Teas!
Nice place with good, unique teas and decent to excellent food (especially the scones). Service was VERY slow when we were there though. They had a special event that day and clearly did not have enough wait staff to handle the crowd.

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