Sams Hot Dog Stand

25120 US Hwy 119 N
Belfry, 41514
Sams Hot Dog Stand is the new restaurant that has just opened recently which is already bringing in several customers and that is very understandable. Why understandable you ask? Their hotdogs are amazing, delicious, wonderful, pleasure, irresistible and gets you drooling all over! If you ask anyone that knows me they would tell you that I am very picky with the brands and what hotdogs as I am known for very picky with foods especially the meats. As picky as I can be, I will tell you that their hotdogs are very delicious and ever since they opened the door their hotdogs has quickly became my favorite restaurant to get some hotdogs from. Although of course the hotdogs aren't the only thing that is on their menu as they have a few of other delicious foods that they offer such as chilli, french fries and few more of others which you can find the menu at their drive-thru or inside for you to take a look so that you can choose whichever it is that they offer for you to order but out of all on the menus they serve I very highly recommends to order their hotdogs with whatsoever the toppings that always melts your heart... Or your mouth.

(606) 519-4904

Hot Dogs

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