Guy & Mae’s Tavern

119 W William St
Williamsburg, 66095
Small town Tavern. Nothing fancy but great service from friendly people. The food is great, the ribs outstanding, if your expecting linens and fine dining go somewhere else. If you like drinking from a canning jar and using paper towels to wipe the wonderful sauce from your face after gorging yourself on the ribs then come to Guy and Mae's. If nothing else have a hot pickle and a beer. This place is an experience that everyone should have.
We've been traveling to Williamsburg KS for ribs at Guy & Mae's Tavern for about 20 years. We live in the Kansas City area and I've eaten ribs from every major bbq place, and some not-so-major places, and the ribs at Guy & Mae's are my favorite. The ribs are not fatty, they are fall-off-the-bone tender, a perfect mild smoke flavor and I add the sauce, which is awesome-- I do like that control when it comes to bbq. The sides are good, and inexpensive. The atmosphere is casual and relaxing, the beer is cold and the service is always friendly.
Great local color, tasty ribs, excellent potato salad. The dollars hanging from the ceiling tradition started a few years ago when some guy put up the first one. Being named after Thomas Jefferson, I put up a $2 bill.

(785) 746-8830


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