Josie’s Ristorante

400 N Main St
Scammon, 66773
Josie's is a local favorite Italian restaurant. Located in the small town of Scammon, the street will be lined with cars on a Friday and Saturday night. The food is excellent and the Italian marguaritas are delicious! Friendly wait staff many who have been there for years!
I've been here many times and always enjoy the adventure of trekking out to Scammon for some tasty italian in this unusual location. The lasagne is easily among the best I have ever had anywhere. So that is that. Beyond the fun/weird location and the AMAZING lasagne, there are definitely some negatives. The decor feels like what might have been considered "upscale" in rural kansas prior to the proliferation of chain restaurants. Wallpaper, metal framed chairs, dark green plastic-ey table cloths, wooden lattice and christmas lights. It's not a bad atmosphere, just feels very outdated...but I'll admit that is kind of a charm of the place too. The bread they serve is just sliced bread with tubs of butter. Pretty cheap and not all that great...again, outdated compared to what most italian places do these days. Service sometimes is OK but more recently it's been pretty bad...bad enough that it makes me start to notice the restaurants faults that I used to gloss over. We were there for about 40 minutes before even getting to place our order. We had to actually get up and go find our server at least 3 different times to ask for drinks, and even to please take our order. After that it was like pulling teeth to get things like extra napkins, etc... If someone asked for an extra fork, the server responded that he already put enough out there, so we should have enough. OK our mistake, I guess we'll just re-count or use the dirty one that fell on the floor under the table. The prices are also pretty high, and while some of the portions are large, they have a steep charge for sharing. Maybe that is why they are so reluctant to hand out extra silverware? With tax and tip, plan to spend $20 per person, or $25 if you are drinking anything besides water. Some people complain about the cash only policy but I say if Josies can bite their thumb at the credit card companies, good for them. I'd rather Josies get all my money than make them share it with Visa. The lasagne really is superb and this place has a loyal following that doesn't seem to mind it's quirks and high prices. We'll keep going because the lasagne is great and it is something fun and different to do! I recommend it as long as you won't mind the above mentioned quirks.
This is the best Italian I have ever had, including Italy. I went to the kitchen. It is spotless and you won't see any cans! Everything is fresh and made from scratch by the owner and her family. Given the plethora of mediocre chains in the area they are a hidden gem and deserving of recognition.

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