Huddle the

119 S 1st St
Osborne, 67473
There weren't many options in Osborne and The Huddle seemed to be the most interesting. As I walked in there was a sign on the door that said "our burgers have home made buns," or something like that. So burgers were in my mind from the beginning. I was the only patron in the restaurant and received excellent service. I ordered the hamburger of course, which was served about two minutes later. The burger was pretty good- but the burger bun really stole the show. Chewy, crisp in all the right places, and buttery, it was really one of the best I've had. The bun outshines the 1 star coffee and the 3 star burger and the 5 star service to bring my rating to an even 4. Try it for yourself if you get a chance! No credit cards, but I miraculously had my checkbook with me and that worked.

(785) 346-5880


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