Rusty Tractor

410 N Main St
Kensington, 66951
The first reaction you have to this place is... Why is the here? I mean it's a restaurant large enough that it could probably fit almost the entire town's residents in it at once. That said, it's very clean, looks great, has friendly staff, and decent food. Had a burger for lunch. The bun was a bit wimpy but the rest of the burger was good. The fries were downright perfect. I would eat here again.
Hmmmmmmmm ...... The reviews are quite conflicting. Pros: large, new facility, open-concept, clean, well-lit, menu selection is concise, bottle/tap beers, mixed drinks, wine, patio, large parking lot, noise level seems to be manageable. My reuben tasted great - bread was toasted/warm, good combo and balance of meat/kraut/sauce. Cons: overall lack of front/back of house restaurant training/knowledge development, slow ticket times for apps/main/dessert, portions (sides, salads) are VERY small, inconsistent food temps, no sense of urgency from staff, some items appear/taste to be pre-packaged vs. homemade. My salad was wimpy - barely filled the bowl, 2 croutons, 2 pieces of chopped tomato!? The cole slaw was served in the same silver container that others' condiments (ketchup, steak sauce, etc) were served in. Overall: Great concept, design, building, HOWEVER I don't go out for dinner to enjoy the structure -- I want to pay for and receive quality, homemade food -- within a reasonable amount of time (25 minutes for a salad and 40 minutes for an entree is ridiculous) with great customer service from knowledgeable front/back of house staff.
Great menu and food quality for most part. Atmosphere is great. Have alot of issues to get worked out with it being a new restaurant. Complaints: They forgot my side of corn, forgot the bacon on the loaded chicken meal of another guest I was with. Mash potatoes are instant and gravy is prepackaged, would prefer homemade. But all in all great atmosphere with spacious room and alot of TVs. Noise level is a little loud and sound echo's because of how big & open it is. This is the Go-To Restaurant in a 30 mile radius of Smith County.

(785) 476-2500

Steakhouses, Burgers, American (Traditional)

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