Hillsdale Bank B-B-Q

201 Frisco St
Hillsdale, 66036
Their t-shirts say "Destination BBQ". Yes, it is a drive out of the Metro but definitely worth it. Once you walk in you are immediately welcomed. The wait staff was super attentive but not in your face. I split the combination plate with beef, pork, 2 ribs, baked beans and slaw with a choice of bread. Get either the white or wheat roll which are homemade. We had the wheat. Shockingly, knowing my affection for all things hot and spicy, I really liked the regular sauce better. The hot was fine but lacked the extra sweetness punch the regular had. I really appreciate having meats served unsauced. I did add some of the sauce to my beef and pork. But it was the amount I wanted so I could still taste the meat. The ribs were tender and well smoked. The baked beans rivaled my father's and he makes damn good sweet baked beans. I could have had another helping. The slaw was good and tasted homemade rather than out of a carton. After 5pm, they serve pizza. It must be good because a table of people came in just for the pizza without knowing it isn't served until after 5pm. They ended up ordering something else but raved about the pizza. All in all, Hillsdale BBQ is good BBQ and maybe pizza too? A huge plus is they are open on Sundays and most Metro BBQ places aren't.
Nice BBQ place, the wife and I went there for lunch. The BBQ was good, nice place in a old bank. We enjoyed the food and friendly service. We would go there again. If your looking for something different this is the place.
We ate there early November after hearing it had good food. That was far from the case. Dirty! Dirty! Dirty! The table was sticky gross as were the sauce and ketchup bottles on the table. Look out for falling dust bunnies! I wonder if this place has ever been inspected by the health department. The beef and pork were dry, overcooked and way too much smoke flavoring. The beans tasted old and re-heated. The coleslaw was mushy and bland. The homemade fries were soggy and scorched. What a disappointment all around! Everything we ate tasted like poorly prepared leftovers. Another customer complained about the dry meat also and I overheard the server mention that they were still serving last weeks meat. Seriously? EWWW! Only open Fri., Sat., and Sun. so they save Sunday's leftovers and serve it next Friday? Nasty! The portions were small and the prices were steep! If you enjoy eating dry meat, you wouldn't have any leftovers. (not that you would want them) The don't have a liquor license or a soda fountain. So 3.2% beer and no soda refills on top of the high prices. Save yourself a trip and find an Oklahoma Joe's. You will save money and go home with leftovers you will WANT to eat! The building is cute and unique from the outside, but beware of what lurks inside. If you have to drive to this establishment you are wasting gas money!

(913) 783-4333

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