Sweet Herb’s

1502 Roseport Rd
Elwood, 66090
Best fries I've had in a very long time, and our burgers were really good too - and were extra well done, just as we requested. Add to that great, friendly service & you have a trifecta that says we will be back!
Three of us had lunch there. We all 3 had tenderloins with fries. It took about 15 minutes to get our food, which seems about right. Unless you are a very big eater, you want to do a split, which is $1.50 more than the $9.99 charge, but when we got our tenderloins and fries, 2 of us each ate less than half of each tenderloin and the fries. We each brought home more than what you receive at most restaurants. The flavor was nice, the breading was well-seasoned, and crispy with white meat inside, and the fries were crispy and a very large portion. My husband had sweet tea and it was a very large glass and very sweet. All the staff was very friendly. I would definitely return.
This little, hole-in-the-wall cafe is brand new to the area. After hearing, several coworkers talk about it, I decided to try it out. I'm not one for Midwestern country-style food but this place surprised me. The cafe is in a little metal building on the main road in Elwood, Kansas. As soon as you get about 4 feet from the door you are welcomed by a wonderful aroma of deep fried goodness. The inside is simple, you seat yourself, and the restaurant is filled with weathered locals taking a break from a hard day's work. The waitresses were very friendly and made you feel welcome as soon as you walked through the door. Almost like you were visiting their home. She took our drink order and brought back pitchers for each one of us. Yes, a pitcher for every single person. At first I was kind of like "this is a completely unnecessary amount of beverage," until I tried my sweet tea. At that point, I didn't think my pitcher was big enough. This is my new favorite sweet tea. Expecting to see a generic "small-town" cafe menu, I was pleasantly astounded by the uniqueness and variety of their burger selection. I just had to try one. I ended up settling for The Saint which was a blackened burger with bell peppers and bleu cheese. Mmmm... it was tasty. My coworkers all ordered salads, lame. They however were HUGE. They all took half of them to go. This cafe definitely surprised me and is a great new addition to the area!

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