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  • Nicole B.

    This was our first time to try this place, so I was going on the raving reviews and large menu. They didn't disappoint. I ordered from home since I had a big order for our large family. Then I went to pick it up in the drive-thru. It was slow, but it was a busy Saturday night. The service was always friendly whether on the phone of in person. I took home a ton of food for a really good price. We ordered Italian beef, chili dog, hamburgers, a few orders of fries, fried zucchini, fried mushrooms, mozzarella sticks, & pitas. They certainly didn't hip us on quantity. The Italian beef was huge and everyone was full when finished. The food was awesome and the price was fair!!! Service with a smile....Yep! We'll be back!

  • Cyn L.

    Got a gyros meal that was big enough for 2 people. We actually ended up with gyros meat leftover! It was overall tasty. The Pitas were big and they tasted really good. Kinda disappointed in the sauce that came with it though. It wasn't flavorful and the fries were generic nothing special. Everything was separated to be put together which is common so the pita doesn't get soggy makes sense.

  • Stu H.

    Great place for fast food. The staff is always friendly. We come here once in a while and have never had a bad experience.

  • Leanne H.

    King Gryos catered a local event and I was truly surprised by the spareribs. They were meaty, tender and not over laden with BBQ sauce. What was an additional surprise was the coleslaw. This too was simple and very tasty. Having lived in Valparaiso for 30 years, I had never patronized this small establishment. Now, they are on my list of places to go for carry-out.

  • Dan H.

    Best Gyro in town. I often go to Gyro joints for other fast food fare, and this isn't necessarily the best place for that. I'm not saying it's bad, you'll enjoy the cheeseburger or hot dog you get here if you order that, I'm just saying there are better Gyro places in town for that stuff. However, if you just want a Gyro; this is the best. Hands down. They get element of what makes a Gyro great right. So go eat it!

  • Reed H.

    Gyros plate or Chicken Gyros plate. Can't go wrong with either. Also, they have the best fries in all of Valpo.

  • Beth M.

    Cheap food, HUGE portions, extended hours, and decent food overall. I am a fan of the two hotdogs, fries, and a drink for $5.

  • Tucker J.

    Even though I don't eat meat- I love this place. Their root beer somehow tastes better than any fountain root beer I have ever had in my life. Their large fries are huge. They also have really good fried mushrooms and mozzarella sticks. They have a drive thru, or you can sit down and eat. The lady who takes the orders is also very, very, friendly.

  • S D.

    This review is based exclusively on the gyros and service. Service gets 4 stars; everyone was very friendly and quick to serve. The gyro... Way to much meat! A person cannot possibly eat that much meat in one sitting; they should reduce the amount of meat or give you a second pita. It's a complete waste. Tzatziki was overly cucumbery. I tasted it before I dug in and found it to be quite pleasant. However, the further I was into the meal, it just became overpowering. On the bright side, it tasted as though it had been handmade. My final complaint is the lack of ingredients in the gyro. It consisted of meat and two 1/4 tomatoes smothered in tzatziki (I told them to hold the onion). No feta??? What is a gyro without feta? So, I complain and I am quite particular about gyros...but someday I'll be back if i can't find anything better in the area. Plus there is a whole other side to the menu....

  • Roland S.

    Very good chili dogs and italian beef sandwiches. Friendly, fast drive thru is very convenient.

  • A A.

    I love this place. There is a plethora of delicious food choices. This type of variety is essential for my family of 5 very picky eaters, and it has saved me from driving to 5 different restaurants on many occasions. We all love the gyros and fries. The new Greek chicken pita is also good when I am trying to eat a little lighter. The hot dogs, fried mushrooms and Maxwell polishes are also good eats.

  • Shannon D.

    There's nothing like Midwest meat! This place is a little dingy inside and the staff are kinda creepy, but their food is absolutely awesome. The gyro meat (which is lamb) tastest sooooo good, and their tzatziki sauce is on point. Awesome food, pretty good prices, but I think the restaurant could have a makeover.

  • Aaron P.

    Good. Very tasty gyros! I eat here probably every other week.

  • Andrew P.

    This is an honest assessment, I'm here now with the food. I ordered a Gyro with everything, a Chicago dog, and a order of cheese sticks. The gyros was completely flavorless, lacking any hint of seasoning, they offered no feta cheese and the tomatoes were cut in the weirdest manner I've ever seen leaving only the skin on the gyros,the Chicago dog is pitiful, probably the smallest hot dog I've ever seen, buried in a bun much too large for it. The cheese stix were OK not the good ones with the good breading but that were OK, that is provided you don't use the marinara they give you which is not any good at all. My daughter asked for a water, which they display in the case in bottles, while they display name brand bottle water they gave her an off brand bottle at the same price, not good business. I would not recommend this to anyone at all.

  • Sharon S.

    I love this divey place for good prices and memories, been going here since i was a kid. Everything is good here. Staff can seem rushed sometimes, but they do stay busy. Good baklava too.

  • Tom B.

    Having lived in Philadelphia for a few years, I became a die hard fan of gyros at Olympia Gyros in Reading Terminal Market. So delicious. So, when I ended up moving back to Valpo, I knew I'd miss it. I tried a few gyro joints in the area, and was not at all impressed. I saw the reviews of this place and gave it a try. I had a gyro, no tomato, with feta, and a side salad. The gyro was very good. The meat was tender and flavorful. The pita was nicely steamed and not at all dry. The tzatziki was good too - but, I wish it had more garlic to it. I had forgotten how little garlic it takes for a Midwesterner to think there's too much. Overall, a good place to go. If you like gyros, give it a try.

  • Stephannie M.

    Love, love, LOVEEEE their food. The prices aren't that bad for the amount of food you're getting either. :) I'd recommend the gyros plate. You'll be stuffed and have leftovers for the next day!

  • Gregory S.

    I've ordered from Kings a number of times, and yet to be disappointed. From the Kronos Gyro meat to the Viena hotdogs, each item being some of the best heat and serve in the area. The only thing I don't like is that the menu on Yelp! is off, and needs to be changed to reflect what they have in their location.. (I've tried to order a few items that weren't there and was told that the menu was wrong on here). Definitely 2 thumbs up from me! I'll be back :)

  • Darren S.

    5 stars. Wow. That is a pretty bold statement for a fast food place. The thing is, is that it is a great place for food. You don't go there for the ambiance. You don't go there for the prestige. You don't go there on a first date. You go there for the food. King Gyros is a glorified hot dog stand. Well, it's actually a building with a seating area and and a drive-thru. However, the food is good. It is probably very bad for you though. Everything I have had there is ample and awesome. It is owned by Greek immigrants. While they do have some Greek fare: Gyros (pronounced yee-rows), and tzatziki sauce, and baklava, they have everything from hot dogs to steak. I recommend: Gyros Chicken Gyros Ribs Rib Tip Dinner Greek salad Chicken Greek Salad Big Baby (cheeseburger) BBQ Chicken dinner Italian beef Chicago (Maxwell St) Style Hot Dogs Shrimp dinner French Fries I have had every one of the above and they are outstanding. Just outstanding. I love this place. When I moved to Colorado Springs, I craved this place more than any other in the Chicagoland area.

  • John H.

    Best gyros of ANY place in the u.s i have EVER had. HUGE sandwiches. The gyro plate feeds 2 easily with some leftovers. They switched meat brands from kronos (in my opinion the best gyros brand out there) to olympia which is just a notch below in flavor terms. But the meat is always sliced fresh to order and never pre-cut, i have never had a dry sandwich here. EVER. and ive been eating here 26+ years. and surprise....their BBQ ribs are some of the best i have had, and i have traveled all over the u.s and sampled ribs from every major bbq region. texas, kansas, st. louis, memphis, nashville, north carolina. sure they use some bbq sauce from a gallon jug purveyed from their food distributor, but the ribs are ALWAYS fall of the bone tender, smoked well and finished on the grill. the food is always consistent. served fresh and fast. skip the chain stores. eat local. my gripe....pepsi products.

  • Don D.

    I live out of state and try to eat here whenever I am in town. It never disappoints. Gyros w/feta. Yum

  • Keith S.

    Visiting , love GYRO's, good size and worth the price. I strongly recommend.

  • J S.

    I have had a better gyro, but not in years and definitely not at a fast food joint in Indiana. Tons of food for a good price - you won't be hungry for a day after eating here. Must order: the gyro, obviously.

  • Dustin P.

    I used to come here all the time for gyros. Their gyro plater includes feta, peperoncinis, kalamata olives, onions, tomatoes, tzatziki sauce, 2 petas and a ton of gyro meat and fries. All this for about $8 and is enough to feed two people, however I've been known to eat it myself and be pretty miserable afterwards. This is because it's excellent. I've been to Greece and had authentic gyros and these are pretty on par with those honestly, probably a little more greasy and a little more garlic but I love them. Like others have said, it's a glorified hot dog stand style place. Hard wood formed booths and a counter where you order. They serve Vena Beef hot dogs which are the best hot dogs you'll ever have. And of course many other fried fair and things like italian beef and hamburgers. Also their fries aren't anything too special. They usually need more salt and if you bring them home and they go cold, probably best to just throw out. If you're looking for some good hot dogs or gryo or anything greasy for that matter. This would be a great place to try, i've never been disappointed.

  • Steven M.

    I was looking for some local flavor and I found it. I check-out the spit to make sure the Gyros meat is nice and dark. I was puzzled at the fact that they didn't need to cut any from the hunk of meat spinning around. Was that just for display purposes? Or was I served a cancelled order? It was pretty good. It had a lot of sauce, which I like. The fries were ok. You can tell that they were blanched, because the grease was over powering what little flavor they had. It wasn't a bad place, but I think next time I'll just hit up the Pizza Hut.

  • Chris N.

    The best Gyros anywhere. Spend a good portion of my collage years eating here.

  • Ryan D.

    Seriously, the food at King Gyros is pretty greasy BUT delicious. Also, you really can't beat the prices since the portions are large. The burgers are awesome and the ribs are surprisingly good. I've gotten away spending around $10 for a ton of food. Watch the arteries though!

  • Kyle T.

    Yeah yeah, it seems a bit pricey at first, but the gyros are worth it. A meal which costs close to $7 will get you a huge platter with two gyros and enough meat to fill up both of them to the brim (and have extra on the side). Their Tsatziki (Spelling...?) sauce is great and they give plenty to smother both of your tasty gyros. Hot dogs are great as well, very juicy, and they have that snap to them that makes a hot dog great.


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    Drive-Thru : Yes
    Caters : No


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King Gyros

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