4690 Southport Crossing Dr
Southport, 46237
The closest thing to Italian that I've come to find since moving out here. Loooove their homemade bread and butter. And hey, the Italian food is even better. Great quality service, large portions and a huge selection of great things to eat. Run there as fast as you can! :)
Love Carrabba's and their great food. They are often crowded and seating is rather close to each other.
We had lunch at this place on Mother's Day this year - an Italian restaurant located in the southside of Indianapolis. The wait was not horrible (about 20 minutes without reservation), however we got seated in the most uncomfortable location - near the exit door - busy traffic :-(( The kids menu is typical - but the meal does not come with any kids dessert. Pasta dishes starting from $10 up to $17, and their specialty dishes starting from $14.5-$19. I think the price is relatively high compared to other chain Italian restaurants. Check their local restaurant menu on the web before you go for current prices and dishes. We tried regular size calamari for appetizer - the portion is big but it tastes too salty and very oily... We liked our meals - Spiedino di Mare ($18) and Linguini Pescatore ($16.5) and we have plenty to bring back home. For dessert, we tried "Tiramisu" for $6 - the size is big, but this is the worst Tiramisu from an Italian restaurant that I have had in my life. It had too much cream...Avoid. We ended up going home with some left over food and headache - from greasy calamari, too creamy tiramisu and an almost $100 bill. Oh boy... :-p

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Uno Pizzeria & Grill

4740 E. Southport Road
Southport, 46237
I was driving around the Southside of Indy on a sunny Sunday afternoon hoping to find someplace different for a lunch/Yelp review. While I tend to prefer local, a "new to me" chain is always acceptable and Uno Pizzeria & Grill fit the bill. I will note that it actually says "Uno Chicago Bar & Grill" on the exterior of the restaurant, a free-standing building in a large commercial center at the corner of Emerson & Southport Road. While pizza is considered Uno's specialty, they do offer an incredibly diverse menu that pretty much has something for everyone including those who need gluten free. They have a 2/$12 menu special along with small plate appetizers, salads, burgers, sandwiches, pasta, chicken specials, pizza (flatbread, artisan, thin crust, and deep dish), seafood, steak, a beer & wine menu, cocktails, and party platters. The exterior of the building has a definite bar & grill feeling to it and offers up a few accessible parking spots with appropriate curb cuts. The double-door entryway into the restaurant has slightly heavy double-doors that could be tricky for someone with minimal upper body strength or range of motion. While the host area was well populated and friendly, they weren't necessarily rushing to help. With four employees at the host area when I arrived, it would have been nice to have seen one go above and beyond (though one did eventually at least move toward the entrance). I was seated quickly and was pleased to be offered my choice of either a two-top or four-top table. Being of reasonable intelligence, I took the four-top located near the front entrance but separated by a 1/2 stone wall and featuring a window along with an adorable baby a couple tables over. I was happy! I'm in the early days of having given up sugar, red meat, dairy, alcohol, and all caffeine except my beloved unsweetened iced tea. I was in the mood to splurge, but also wanted to respect this newfound choice of mine. So, I settled on fish & chips and my usual unsweetened iced tea. The entire meal ran right about $17, a tad steep in my opinion and an opinion I had for most of the menu. Uno is definitely not in the "under $10" club, though you can fairly easily stay within the $15-20 range. While I understand the pizza is the specialty here, if you're going to have a diverse menu then I have no problem serving up reviews of those areas of the menu that are not considered restaurant specialties. If I had to rate Uno on food alone, I'd probably go with a 3-star rating. The food was good, but not great and I would consider it an average value. While they have several fish specials, it just didn't really have that "fresh" fish taste. It was decent enough, but I doubt I'd order it again. The french fries were more of a shoestring variety with light seasoning. They were good, but not great. The iced tea was quite good and I did get a refill. Uno moves up a notch because of the service of Jenifer, who was friendly, patient, attentive, and gave me the space I wanted to enjoy my meal. She knew the menu, understood that I was reading my Sunday paper and more than once told me to take my time, and was attentive without being overbearing. I can easily give the service a 4-star rating and I move the overall rating up a notch because she created exactly the type of meal and atmosphere I'd hoped for when I entered the building. While Uno isn't really a place for those on a tight budget, for those seeking something between fast casual and fine dining this would definitely hit the spot. The atmosphere is warm and casual. While the food may not be the best you've ever had, it's definitely of a good quality and I'd have no problem returning when I'm back on the Southside.
My friends really seem to like this place so I have been a few times despite the fact it is just OK. Yeah, the decor is cool. The lady bartender on weekday evenings is super friendly and gives great service. The price is high for pizza that is just OK. Twice they gave me the wrong crust, but after waiting - I was starving and just wanted to eat it at that point. I have tasted and enjoy about every kind of pizza you can eat across the country - but I could do better for cheaper. The best deals are the nightly after 9pm specials. I think Tuesday is personal pizza and one of the other days is hamburger. If you add a salad, it is an even better deal. Choices of drafts - nothing that excited me. When I have come with groups, the service is less than stellar. One waiter discouraged our group from getting the "try two" or something like that because it was "not very much food." My friends got it anyways, and we decided the waiter just wanted to assure a bigger tip by discouraging us from the less costly options. They do have wifi which is nice. There are just so many tastier pizza options in the immediate area, that it's hard to rate this one any higher.
I love pizza, it takes a lot for someone to mess up a pizza! I haven't to unos in years (there's none where I live). I ordered the personal pizza and a side walnut salad. It was delicious. Cooked perfectly and the crust was nice and flaky. The personal pizza was enough to fill be up and took some home as leftovers.

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