Carrabba’s Italian Grill

49 US Hwy 41
Schereville, 46375
I would rate this place lower if I could. I took my wife here last night so that we could enjoy a night out and what an awful decision it was. This was not the first time that we went here and had issues. The service we had was took them almost 20 minutes to bring out a glass of red wine. I would understand the long turnaround time if it was busy but it wasn' was a Monday. We saw the majority of the servers standing around in groups talking. My wife ordered the minestrone soup and it made her so sick she couldn't finish her meal. When we returned the soup and told the waitress that she didn't like the soup she asked if we would like something different to go...I said yes and asked for a different soup to go thinking this would be comped...when I got the bill I saw they charged me for an extra soup. The bathrooms were dirtier than a Speedway gas station...the urinal in the men's room was broken and paper was thrown all over the floor. I would like to also thank the person that peed all over the floor in there...I was so grossed out that I flushed with my foot and wouldn't touch anything with my bare hands. While we were waiting for our food we saw something so gross...we watch a server with pink hair standing at the service window scratching the dandruff off here head for almost a minute straight while expediting food. $90 later for a dinner for four...we left and will not be returning ever again.
My husband and I went there last night for our anniversary. They were not busy at all but it seemed to take quite a while to receive our bread and our drinks. I ordered pasta in a tomato cream sauce and it was more like pasta in a tomato water sauce. It did not have much flavor. We also ordered the lobster mac and cheese to take home for our son. He said that the lobster was either artificial or so overcooked that it was rubbery. Very disappointing anniversary dinner. Not sure if we will go back. Very expensive for so so food.
It's a chain. The staff can learn how to be more attentive. Waiting on refills of water and asking if we needed anything would have been nice. Food is okay nothing really sticks out for me. Went here twice for lunch and both times the check was over 50 for 2 not including a tip. Thinking that they didn't have a different menu I asked for a dinner menu on the way out to see... No they do have a dinner menu and food cost more there. There's a few other choices in The Region for Italian that aren't a chain and a lot better. Good thing because this isn't a place I'll pick but if I'm with someone who wants to go that's fine.

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Jalapenos’ The Hottest Mexican Restaurant

200 US Hwy 41
Schereville, 46375
My brother and I stopped in for lunch at the bar. The bartender's service was questionable. The burritos are huge and well worth the price. If you do not order a drink at the bar, the complimentary chips and salsa are $1, that is what the bartender charged us for one refill. The only reason why we asked for a refill, was because we waited over 20 minutes for our food to arrive.
It had and I stress had good food maybe 10 years ago not any more I went for the Sunday buffet and got sick from the nasty food they dished up and have not been back since
My boyfriend nor I will be visiting again any time soon. We've been here twice maybe the past 3 months. The first time we walked in & were greeted very rude by a server & hostess, they made us stand there for maybe a few minutes looking at us before we were sat. By the time we we're say there was no reason it should have taken so long because it was dead. & coming from someone who is a server I know of somebody is off shift they can transfer their table to the closer. It took a great while before we were finally greeted by our server. His service was horrible. Once we got our food & were eating we were never once asked by our server how our food was or anything. My boyfriend was sitting with an empty soda while our server walks past us & can clearly see cause we see him glance at us. It took us to stop him on one of his passings to ask for a refill. Our service there was basically drink order, food order, bill then he collected the money. Our second time which was just the other day it was even worse! Our server sees us as we got sat but he's sitting in the booth behind us talking to another co worker or his table. Then as about 10 minutes goes by he says I didn't see you guys in sorry. Okay, understandable I guess. You get carried away in conversation. Cool. Understandable. We never got his name nor told us specials. But every table after us that came in he tells the specials to. What made us any different?! As well as our previous experience we were not checked on to see if everything was tasting okay or anything. But once again my boyfriend is sitting with an empty cup 1/2 into our meal, & once again we had to stop our server to ask for a refill. Then he returns ten minutes later with his drink. When we go to pay for our bill he charger is correctly. But later on as I check my bank account I was charged not only my bill but as well as another charge for $68! I call & the manager tells me that it was comped off. Once again I'm a server, I understand that happens. But I at least have the decency to tell my tables my mistake. I was never aware what he did or received a voided receipt for it off my card. He just gave us our bill & that was it. & as soon as we stood up he took the checkbook. Now I'm again going from my reference as a server but you don't do that. You wait until your table is gone before grabbing the check book or take it if they hand it to you. Then he never said thank you. Or anything. Maybe that's just me. I don't expect perfect service but I don't expect bad service either. I ask to be checked on at least once twice tops. Just from these two experiences I will no longer be going to this place if it's my choice.

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