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  • Faith E.

    Sunshine is great!! They have awesome "Sugar Toast" (french toast topped with powdered sugar); perfect for the picky toddler. They also have a thoroughly enjoyable hot ham and cheese! Everyone is always super friendly quick to serve. The only downfall to Sunshine is the smoking section! There are tables that sit right next to each other; one is smoking, one isn't. The two sections are right on top of each other. But I suppose that won't be an issue when the smoking ban goes into effect soon. Sunshine is a family friendly hole in the wall type of place that is perfect for the breakfast food lovers, as well as those who are looking for something a bit heartier.

  • Chris L.

    Super friendly and efficient staff is the best part followed by reasonable prices . Food is good but nothing super special. Great for a quick breakfast or pit stop from I 70.

  • Kimmy W.

    Went in for breakfast and that was a mistake I will not make again. The service was slow, but friendly enough, I suppose...and that is the best thing I can say about the experience. The food, all of it (eggs, Biscuits, hasbrowns, gravy, and bacon ) was tasteless. I'm not even sure how something described as TexMex could possibly be tasteless, but it was. The food was room temperature when it was put on the table. It was a sad breakfast to start Father's day, for sure. I will not go back.

  • Hope D.

    Stopped in to Sunshine Cafe while on a road trip to see family. The food was pretty good, comparable to Waffle House or Denny's, but not necessarily Cracker Barrel quality. The coffee is...get this...bottomless! I can only think of a few places that still do that. So that's pretty cool. To justify the 1-star rating I can only say one word. Service. It...was...awful. To be fair, our server was great. She was a nice, attentive, shy young girl who did a great job. The manager, however, was none of those things. During our visit we lost count of how many times she yelled and belittled her employees in front of customers. I was embarrassed for the entire human race. Badgering employees in front of customers is neither professional or necessary. We heard the manager send a young lady home because her "uniform wasn't appropriate for serving on the floor." Keep in mind, the manager was wearing a Stewie Griffin, oversized hooded sweatshirt...on the "floor." From what we could see, the young lady that was sent home was wearing a uniform very similar to the manager that sent her home. Also, they don't really have "uniforms", just kind of a jeans and t-shirt standard. We witnessed several other altercations between the manager and her employees, but I'll spare your time. If I were any of those waitresses, I'd find a new place to work where management isn't so abrasive. No one should have to put up with that.

  • Nicole R.

    We stopped here on our way to Dayton. I had the biscuits and gravy with scrambled eggs underneath. I love me some white pepper sausage gravy, and am pretty particular about it, and this was delicious! The hash browns that came with were perfect; pieces of very crispy mixed in the with normal slightly soggy. My husband had the sausage boat. He'll eat most anything and said "this is pretty good", which is actually saying a lot... for him! The "Texas toast" was normal ol sandwich bread, but that's no big deal. We were in and out in record time, but in no way felt rushed. If we ever make the trek from NW IL to Dayton again, we'll be stopping here!

  • Amanda S.

    Good tasting food. Seems like just a couple people working at a time but plate down to earth. Bathrooms always seem dirty and place feels greasy.

  • Joshua G.

    Sunshine Cafe is the greasy spoon for Richmond. Located just by Earlham College it's definitely the late night place to go as well. All the waitresses are older and call you sweetheart and hun. The food comes out quick and greasy just like you would expect. I've never had a great meal here but you don't really come for the great food. You come for the cheap breakfast specials at 1 a.m. and the great company

  • Alex P.

    My friends and I often come here late at night on the weekends, and while it isn't the classiest establishment, it offers a large amount of food at reasonable prices. It also doesn't hurt that the food isn't terrible. It's actually better than the IHOP on the other side of town.


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :6:00 am - 3:00pm
  • Mon : 6:00 am - 3:00pm


  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Bike Parking : No
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : No
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Has TV : No
    Waiter Service : Yes

Sunshine Cafe

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