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  • Yaqi Z.

    Really good environment. Nice service. Delicious food!!! Really good bakery and best fried chicken! Reasonable price. Don't know why there are not a lot of reviews

  • Andy C.

    I went in for carry out. The cashier there straight up lied to me, telling me first that there were plenty more of the pastries I was ordering if I needed more, then "no, we don't have any more" when I asked her if these were the freshest ones she had. Deliberately obstructionist and slow. She failed to tell me that they were out of regular tea before she took the order for tea. I'm really glad I was not eating in. I certainly will not be returning.

  • Brian J.

    I think Bob Evans may be my favorite breakfast spot in town. Plus, you can get breakfast here 24/7. The service is also definitely the best compared to other local breakfast spots in town. Kids eat free on Tuesdays!

  • Matt B.

    The food was relatively inexpensive and prepared well. I have nothing to complain about.

  • Marion R.

    A great experience. Met family there from out of town. Food great Service great

  • Russ W.

    Good Breakfasts. Try the Blueberry Crepes if you want something a little different. For later in the day you may want to try their cranberry chicken salad.

  • Richard P.

    I visited Bob Evans upon my arrival in Richmond, Indiana as part of my 2015 Tenderness Tour wheelchair ride on the Cardinal Greenway. I'd just wheeled in from Losantville. I was tired, hungry, incredibly sore and hoping for hospitality beyond what I'd find from other nearby fast food restaurants. Bob Evans is Bob Evans. The simple truth is that there's very little variation from location to location in terms of food or atmosphere. Oh sure, there are places where you get better service but that's about the only thing that varies. While they have the slogan "taste the farm," I'd consider it more an example of a corporate farm experience where you take schoolkids who've never actually seen a cow and let them practice milking it while they make udderly bad jokes. Bob Evans is located just off the highway in a commercial area of Richmond, a city in the Eastern part of Indiana that plays host to Earlham College. It's also where I attended seminary and it's an area I know fairly well. While I preferred a local business, I was traveling by wheelchair and not in the mood to wheel very far. So, Bob Evans gave me a nice option for a healthier meal. Of course, I chose chicken tenders - not stunningly healthy. But, it was definitely healthier than the McDonald's next door. I ordered the tenders with fries and cole slaw along with my usual unsweetened iced tea. I was really tired and not paying attention to details. If you're in a nearby hotel (this is hotel row in Richmond), wheeling to Bob Evans will be a major pain in the butt as most of the roads are somewhat hilly and not even. I'm an experienced wheeler of long distances, but I found it obnoxious. That said, it's doable and once you arrive at Bob Evans it's fairly workable. The door with the first ramp actually is marked "Carry Out," and diners are supposed to go around to the front. I'll admit I find this weird and silly, but I went with it as I didn't want the Bob Evans police to sentence me to cow milking or any other thing that happens on a farm. I was greeted by a host, I believe he was actually a supervisor, and taken to a two-top against a wall. It was semi-comfortable, but I was too tired to request anything else. It was within moments that I noticed Bob Evans was hosting a crying toddler convention. I couldn't help but wonder if they had experienced some udder trauma. Yeah, I'm obsessing on udders. Get over it. The food was "good enough." It was neither good nor bad. I was starved after a long day on the road, though it certainly lacked that certain sense of being comfort food. The cole slaw was of the less creamy variety. The fries are thinner and were the low point of the meal. The chicken tenders were decent, though certainly nothing I'd ever order again. My server was attentive and I did get an iced tea to go. I always think that's a plus, especially since I was staying in a hotel. Bob Evans is pretty much what you expect from a Bob Evans. I was more than a wee bit grimy during my visit as I'd just wheeled around 20 miles. I will admit I felt a little uncomfortable and a couple times I sensed discomfort on their part. I wasn't disgusting, not even close, and that sense of comfort I was hoping for never really arrived. Overall, this was an average experience that I'm willing to call a 3-star experience due to solid customer service and that iced tea to go. The food is "farm" primarily in the sense that much of it comes from ingredients you find on a farm. I would return, but given the chance I'd also prefer to go local.


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :6:00 am - 9:00pm
  • Mon : 6:00 am - 9:00pm


  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Bike Parking : No
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Alcohol : No
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : Free
    Has TV : No
    Waiter Service : Yes

Bob Evans

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