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  • SF U.

    I really want Fuji to survive!!! Service is slow considering staffing levels. Hibachi veg should be more diverse (less mushrooms and onions). Raw Mushrooms in miso soup... There is a mushroom trend happening which needs eliminated. Pretty weird. Hibachi fried rice WAY to oily. Inedible. Hibachi meat and seafood fantastic!!! Sushi quality good.... Too much spicy tuna or cream cheese added. Not very authentic. Hard to order any pure clean sushi. Eel roll yummy. Yellow tale fresh too. Will keep giving Fuji a chance. Hopefully chefs and owners read reviews and implement advice :)

  • Frank R.

    My wife and I were frequenting Fuji at least two or three times a month for a while. I wouldn't say that it's exceptional or memorable but I also wouldn't say that it's bad. My wife enjoys sushi and it's pretty much the only option around at this point. For the sake of this review, it is important to note that we only order from the sushi menu and that our view is not an accurate representation of their hibachi menu items. That being said, the service is spotty. Sometimes we have excellent service and at other times we find ourselves waiting for drink refills. If this review were based solely on service and taste I would have opted for 3.5 stars. The reason I'm giving it a single star is because my wife has gotten food poisoning from this place 2 times within the last 6 months. We've not been back since the 2nd time and probably won't. It's just not worth the risk. It looks as if we'll be driving to Indianapolis or Bloomington for our sushi needs in the future.

  • Steve R.

    I have eaten here 4 times. The food has been excellent every time. The presentation of the sushi has been excellent each time. The last time my daughters & I had a question about the sushi. The chef came to our table , answered our questions and took the sushi from our previous visit up a notch. I had hibachi last week with my friend & her 5 year old daughter, who was a little afraid of the fire. We informed our chef and he still put on a good show without scaring my young friend. We will be back!

  • Andrew S.

    I've been here 3 times since it opened, thinking that somehow they will get better. Obviously not. The place moves at a deliberate pace to say the least. The first visit for a workday lunch took about 40 minutes between ordering and actually seeing any food. The second visit I was seated with my party right away. Only again, to wait 15 minutes to see a waitress and another 20 for the hibatchi chef to make an appearance. For the third (and final) visit, we had a reservation for 6:00, showed up at 6:00 and were told it would be 5 minutes. At 6:30, still not seated, I asked about our table and somehow, miraculously, it was ready! The food has been really good (the chicken teriyaki), average (the hibachi steak), to bad (the barely cooked vegetables from the hibatchi entree). The worst part is the shrimp. Every hibatchi entree comes with two shrimp, no matter which protein you order. Seems like a good bonus. If only they cleaned them well first. Nothing more delicious than some shrimp veins. For all the still the chefs show on the hibatchi, the prep of cleaning the shrimp seems much less successful.

  • Sarah G.

    "Underwhelmed" is the word that first comes to mind when I think of Fuji. It's a typical hibachi and sushi restaurant. The decor is a bit bold and gaudy, but the bar is definitely a fun place to be. I avoid hibachi tables like the plague - I much prefer to sit in a regular dining area or at the bar. The two times I've been in have been okay, but not stellar. One really awesome thing they have going for them: gigantic serving sizes of Japanese beer on tap. Yum! Prices are high, and food presentation is .. odd. (My dining companion ordered a sushi combination special and there was some kind of glowing red cube on his plate? I dunno.) Some people love it, some people hate it. Me: I could take it or leave it. (But I'd just as soon leave it.)

  • Clay W.

    Wife and I were satisfied with the experience. Sushi was okay, fish quality was so-so, sushi rice was alright, and the rolls didn't have too much flavor either. I also had the oyakodon, which was prepared pretty well and would have been perfect actually... had they not smothered the dish with green and red peppers which normally are not in oyakodon, also using fried rice as the bed opposed to white was good tasting but wasn't what I expected when ordering the dish. Our server was attentive and may have been new as he forgot my salad and I ended up having it after eating everything else, and he asked me which oyakodon I wanted in reference to the meat; which if he knew the menu he'd know oyakodon is always chicken by their menu's description and as it is in the name which means 'mother and child' referring to the chicken as the mother and the egg which is cooked with it as the child. For Muncie: it was okay, anywhere on the coast or in a big city and it would have been a bad/poor experience.

  • Bryce R.

    This place was pretty good, the sushi comes in at a fair price, but the hibachi grill is a little overpriced, you get a performance with it, but the taste of the food didn't defend the price (I had the Sikuyaki steak) It was okay, a 6/10, you got a lot of food. The door greeters are kind of rude, but the waiters and cooks that we had were friendly Now onto the food! I ordered the Sukiyaki Steak, it was a stir-fry with vegetables. You get fried rice, a beef soup, and a small salad with it. The Beef soup tasted like beef stock with onions, underwhelming and bland, a 4/10. The salad was good, I dunno what kind of dressing it had on it but it was orange and creamy, a 7/10 The fried rice was really good, an 8/10. Now for the entree, the Sukiyaki steak, it's pretty much a sliced up steak, probably 10 ounces, stir fried with onions, broccoli, zuchini, carrots, mushrooms. Also 2 kinds of mustard sauces come with the Hibachi grill entrees, one was a savory mustard, the other was a honey mustard, it added good flavor to the steak, but the steak itself was a little tough and bland, tasted like soy sauce steak. It was a 6/10 as I said before All in all, it was a cool experience, decent food, but a tad overpriced in my opinion.

  • Jordan C.

    ***Edit*** Someone is flagging many of the legitimate reviews including mine, this is highly suspicious for a new restaurant. From a Japanese boy born and raised in Hawaii: Heard and saw the manager of the restaurant harass a man with a service dog. Manager clearly knew the man from other restaurant encounters as she mentioned they had met before at Red Lobster. Man had to resort to threatening to sue to cease the harassment of the manager. - 1 star Hot tea is genmaicha (roasted brown rice and green tea), above average. Green tea component was high quality, however there was way too much roasted brown rice (roasted brown rice is traditional used as agent to stretch tea for the poor) Sushi Rice was clear (considered low quality) and not white and had no vinegar or any seasoning for that matter - 1 star Yellow tail tasted fishy it remains to be seen whether I get sick from eating it. - 1 star Miso soup was nothing special, standard white miso lacked bonito flavor. Onion soup was good, but it isn't Japanese or really Asian inspired. Salad was ok, salad dressing doubles as one of there hibachi dipping sauces which isn't authentic or even fusion for that matter. Hibachi shrimp was way overcooked and rubbery. - 1 star Hibachi steak was sirloin and was ok, it lacked seasoning Hibachi scallops was the best thing there, good seer and cooked fairly rare. Vegetables were good although it was Chinese style with the use of black bean sauce. Fried rice was above average for Muncie, it wasn't yellow like a lot of other fried rice in town. But in the grand scheme of things it was just ok.

  • Steve S.

    New to this town, this is one big Japanese Hibachi Grill and More. Wonderful sushi and a fun atmosphere at the big grills. Personally, I'm a fan of the bar and it's nice staff. WED is a drink special night I think. It's expensive, but it's very nice.

  • Lucy H.

    Discovered by accident that this is what replaced Cheeseburger in Paradise; decided to stop in and try it. Got the super crunch roll, Halloween roll, and the shrimp tempura roll and enjoyed them all very much. Our server was friendly and helpful, though overall the service was fairly slow. I definitely want to come back to try some of the noodle dishes.

  • Lorri M.

    Fuji Sushi & Hibachi Steak House is fantastic! Had lunch here and everything from being greeted by the hostess, to our final departure and a visit from the General Manager was top notch! We opted for the Hibachi seating. Our chef was talented, entertaining, interactive, and exceptional. I had the Noodle Lovers Hibachi. The veggies were very fresh and seasoned perfectly. The fried rice he served to all was SO good! Small salad was somewhat non-descript, but the dressing on it was excellent, had a citrus zest flavor paired with a bit of fresh ginger, I could have eaten it with a spoon. My main meal of veggies and grilled noodles was excellent and for a lunch portion was more than enough. My co-worker had a sushi combo plate and it was presented as if it was art, it was beautiful and he raved about the flavors and taste til the last bite. The other three in our group ordered the Filet Hibachi, each prepared from med, rare to med. well and all said it was perfect. Miso soup was a major thumbs up! Our server was a little tardy in turning our bills around, but nothing major, lunch tends to be a little more demanding on this sort of thing, but no real complaints about that. The interior decor of this place is stunning. From the very large waterfall pond which likely will eventually have Koi in it .. to the beautiful wood carved furniture and sculptures, you feel as if you've been whisked away to Japan, if not for the country music that was at high volume through the speakers, it would have made me feel I was in a big city restaurant somewhere. Karen, the General Manager greeted us midway through our meal with genuine appreciation for our patronage and was very friendly and receptive. She told us Fuji is privately owned and is not a chain, though there are 5 others throughout the USA. This is the only one in Indiana. ALL the sauces used at Fuji are homemade on-site. She said, "nothing comes in this restaurate pre-made, or pre-prepared, we make it all here." It shows in the flavor. Overall, I dig this place and hope to visit as often as my budget allows. It was a great experience ... and considering they have only been open for a day or so ... they are a VERY well oiled operation. So impressed. Give them a try, I guarantee you'll go back again. :)

  • Aes X.

    If you want good Japanese food or good sushi, I DO NOT RECOMMEND this restaurant. I've eaten Japanese food from a number of different restaurants including hibachi restaurants in different cities, some more authentic than others, and Fuji is the most Americanized and least authentic of them all. They also have the worst sushi that I've ever had, and sushi is one of my favorite foods of all time. When I was there, I ordered the Ocean Combo sushi entree, which is supposed to be one roll each of spicy tuna, spicy salmon, and spicy yellowtail served with miso soup and a salad. While the miso soup and the salad were delicious, the sushi was very much not. As soon as I saw it as it was being brought to me, I was disgusted and rather shocked at its low-quality appearance. I couldn't even tell what was in the sushi or which roll was what, for that matter. All three rolls looked exactly the same and were filled with this brown-looking mush instead of the nicely rolled pieces of fish and cucumber that I expected and have received at every other sushi restaurant I've been. When I tasted a few pieces of each roll, I found that the rolls not only all looked the same, but that they all tasted the same, too! Their taste can be described as some crunchy tempura bits (which shouldn't be in these types of rolls anyway) and a mouthful of mayonnaise. These spicy rolls weren't even spicy, either! I couldn't even bring myself to finish them, so I waited for my companion to finish his food, paid the bill, and left, never to return again. I expected better from this restaurant advertising "sushi and hibachi" as their primary offers. If you want good authentic Japanese food and good sushi, Fuji is not the place to go. In Muncie, go to Domo across McGalliard from the mall or to OH! Fusion (whenever it finishes its move and reopens). OH! Fusion is some of the best sushi you can get in the area. I highly recommend OH! Fusion over any other place in Muncie, especially Fuji!

  • Aaron A.

    Very clean restaurant With good food that was well priced. My only complaint was that the service was a bit unfriendly (accommodating but unfriendly).

  • Roy M.

    We ordered 3 sushi rolls to go. Our bill was about $30, which seemed high, but we ate there before and were decently pleased. This time, though, one of the rolls was full of bones, making about half of it inedible. We called and calmly explained the situation. The manager was unavailable but we were promised he'd give us a call, presumably to offer us an apology and some kind of credit. He never did. Bottom line: we ended up paying too high a price for three rolls and had to throw a lot away. Absurd. We wanted to like this place because we love sushi and supporting local businesses but the attitude at this place leaves much to be desired.

  • Joel S.

    I took my employees here for our Christmas party. We arrived at 7:30 on a Sunday evening and the restaurant was about half full giving our large group plenty of room to enjoy ourselves and not feel like we were crowding other dinners. We were quickly seated around a hibachi table and placed our drink orders mainly involving various types of imported Japanese bottled beer, cocktails, tea, and warm saki all tasty and properly served/presented. We ordered and shared a few appetizers such as sushi, sashimi, and tempura all highly praised. We were also served some kind of asian soup that was good and a salad that was a generic iceberg blend with a creamy ginger dressing that was mediocre in my opinion. To ease service we all ordered from the hibachi grill menu, which for me was convenient since I was a bit overwhelmed by their large menu. I would be curious to try something not served hibachi style. The chef put on a great show that entertained us very much. I'm told his performance was typical to these places but I had never seen a hibachi show so I was amused and everybody who caught (with their mouth) broccoli bits flipped at them was treated to a large shot of sake squirted directly in their mouth by the cook. I had lobster, shrimp, and scallops that was very tasty. The lobster and shrimp were good but the scallops stood out as the best. Complimenting the meal was perfectly prepared fried rice and sautéed veggies. The manager personally thanked us for coming and was very accommodating. The bill was quite expensive but that's too be expected for a group of 12 people feasting and drinking at a holiday party. I would definitely go back and recommend this place to other people, although I would not be interested in the hibachi style service upon visiting again because I think that after one time the novelty would wear off. The atmosphere was okay consisting of typical Asian themes and decor. I would imagine remodeling what was once a cheeseburger in paradise to become a Japanese restaurant would be a challenge. I would still recommend fusion in the village over this place for sushi but the steak and seafood were the best I've had in Muncie.

  • Mike K.

    Had dinner there for the 1st time tonight (8/25), and my wife and I both thought it was really good. We both ordered the filet mignon, and it was perfectly prepared and fork-tender. Our meals came with a standard salad, which had a citrus, creamy dressing on it that I liked, my wife was a little sketchy on it. Our dinners also included 2 large grilled shrimp, which were also very good. We liked it, and we will be back.

  • Inju C.

    I have been to so many sushi places all the way from DC to Savannah ga and I was very impressed. This place had very fresh fish, their Black Dragon roll was amazing and the sushi chef was very welcoming. Next time I visit Muncie I will come back for sure. This place is a gem in a unexpected area

  • Kyla A.

    LOVE the food! It is a great place to go for birthdays and date nights. We go almost every Wednesday for Sushi & Martini night. Definitely the best sushi in town.

  • Michael J.

    Sushi is really good but very poor service. Maybe it's because it's Monday night... But that's no excuse!

  • Ena B.

    I've been to Fuji tons of times, great sushi and vegetarian/vegan options! The service is always amazing, I have never had a problem.

  • Angelus K.

    My review will be a bit different from the others here. I actually think that the service at Fuji is awesome. The waitresses are all Chinese, and if you can speak a bit of Mandarin, they will treat you royally. The decor is maybe a bit over the top, but in a way that suggests an old-school high class Chinese restaurant (even though this is of course a "Japanese" restaurant." The sushi here is typical midwest sushi. Once you've had fresh sushi in California, it is hard to go back to pre-frozen fish. There are pretty good drink specials here. I wish they had better katsudon and katsu curry. Especially since they are in the pork tenderloin capital of the USA. I've never tried the hibachi, but I'd like to with a group of friends sometime.

  • Ryan M.

    Good food!

  • Seth R.

    I really like the decor for this place, nice on the inside and outside. The appearance of the front house staff and waiters leaves much to be desired. I realize there is an issue with getting classy people to work the front of the house, but at least cover the trashy tattoos and make it look like you showered. Food wise was ok. Sushi, wasn't great, compared to what I've had it was fairly bland and the fish wasn't as high of quality. The hibachi grill was decent and gave a lot of food but was fairly expensive. I might go back if I had to, but even in Muncie, there are places (even bigger chains) that are a better bang for the buck. I love that it is something different though.

  • Kory A.

    I am extremely put out with this restaurant. Great big sign out front stating kids eat free on Sundays. I have never been to this establishment before but have heard great things. Upon entering I ask what menu is free for the kids. The hostess goes back and asks the manager. She comes back and tells me the manager said kids can't eat free today because it's fathers day....with the building completely empty. I won't go back to this establishment.

  • CK A.

    One star may be a little harsh, but I don't see myself going back there. Service was slow. Food was okay but nothing to write home and tell mom about. It certainly was not inexpensive. Two of us for lunch was about 30 dollars and it would have been even more if we had went for dinner. I did get a chance to sample their carry out Sushi. They had a wide selection and it was presented nicely. I'll be surprised if it makes it long term in this meat and taters town, especially being away from the university. Who knows though. It looks like they spent a bundle remodeling it from the former Cheeseburgers in Paradise that it used to be.

  • Karhma D.

    I've not had the hibachi, just the sushi, which is great and artfully presented. The green river is tasty, but so far my fave is the black dragon roll. My pregnant self is craving it as I type. The waitresses are very friendly & accommodating , especially if you're a regular/good tipper. Went w/ my mom,who is both, and received excellent service. They have gluten free soy sauce(tamari) if you ask-big plus for me!

  • Thomas C.

    The restaurant looks great and the food is good. I didn't have a standout experience here that would make me go back to this Japanese steakhouse over another one. I did like how they make Sake Bombs a competition between the yourself the chef and others wanting to try one at the table (I'm undefeated by the way). Fuji is just good I would go back if I happen to be in the area. But I wouldn't make a special trip.

  • Cory K.

    Great. For hibachi, prices are very reasonable. I expected 25+ a person and it was from 14-22 a person for the hibachi grill. Food was really good, best I've had from many hibachi grills, and the least expensive of any one I've been to either.. Service was quick and nice, and I will definitely come back.

  • Allie W.

    I went for my birthday, with a large group of people, and it was great! The service was well-paced, the food was delicious (and nice-sized portions), and the hibachi show is a must! Make sure you reserve a spot so you can see the chef in action. When you walk in, the decor is very elegant and the rooms are very Japanese inspired. There is a room with the hibachi grills in it, and a larger dining room. I would assume that if they are busy, the hibachi room fills up first. The food was decently priced for what you get. We all got fried rice, a meat of some kind (they have chicken, shrimp, and steak), and soup and salad. The price is in $14-$20 range for adults, and $8-10 or so for children. For adults, I would say split an entree with someone else, unless you specifically want leftovers. I ordered the hibachi chicken, which they make in front of you, along with the rice and the vegetables. It was really good, and everything was very fresh-tasting, and cooked perfectly. Even though I split my entree with my husband, I still took home a box of food. I also ordered the rainbow roll from the sushi list, and it was very nice-looking and delicious! I was happy with that, and the price was comparable with other sushi restaurants I've been to (about $9). The soup is delicious. It was some kind of onion soup with mushrooms in it and beef broth, and the salad is small and just a regular salad with croutons and a creamy, sweet dressing, but it was good, too. The best part about the experience is the hibachi chef. He does some cool tricks with his knife and spatula, and tosses an egg around, and things like that. Also there are a couple of instances where he makes flames shoot up from the grill, which is exciting. He didn't do it at our table, but at some of the other tables, the chefs were tossing food into people's mouths, which was cool. I would recommend going and checking out out for yourself!

  • Tanya F.

    My son wanted to check this out because he loves sushi and I've never had hibachi before. Well it's safe to say we loved it , even my husband was okay with it but he was still a bit hungry when we left. We went for lunch and even though he ordered steak and shrimp he didn't really get much steak and wasn't crazy about the shrimp because they were a bit over cooked. The atmosphere is fun though and entertaining. My son loved the sushi! The wait staff is a bit slow and we had to tell them a few times we wanted more tea. But all in all it was fun.

  • Rod G.

    Service-was uneven trending toward slow. I ordered a Kirin that never came. WTH was my reaction. When I asked the server to cancel the beer her reaction was that she had obviously forgotten. Food-Meh, we've had better in multiple places. Our entrees were just average in quality , with large portions. Prices-Too freakin' high. More expensive than similar (and better) restaurants in Chicago. If you find yourself in Muncie craving Asian food, skip it until you're in a larger town.

  • Daniel C.

    Fuji is a wonderful sushi experience in Muncie. As one may discern, Muncie has a lack of diversity in our restaurant selection, however Fuji is a breath of fresh, sea-salty air. The service was standard, however the sushi was delicious. We purchased the Fuji Sushi Boat; the sushi, sashimi, and maki were all delicious and well prepared. Great place for friends and family as well.


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Fuji Sushi & Hibachi Steak House

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