Kinsey’s Italian Cafe

6383 W Broadway
McCordsville, 46055
Excellent service, excellent food. The whole entire place was completely packed and we went I left with a full belly and I'm pretty happy man! A little hidden gem on the side of town as I don't think there's really many good locally owned places in this area at all. So if you're on that side of town you should definitely check it out.
I'd pondered stopping in to Kinsey's Italian Cafe on many occasions while serving a church in Hagerstown, Indiana. Every weekend for several months, I'd drive by Kinsey's and find myself intrigued by its sign decorated in the colors of the Italian flag. I'd think to myself "This seems like a unique restaurant for tiny McCordsville, Indiana" and then I'd continue on my merry way. Today, a holiday for state employees, I took the time to drive out to McCordsville, a small town on the border of the Marion/Hancock County line, and I decided to finally visit Kinsey's Italian Cafe. Kinsey's is located in a small strip building right on W. Broadway in McCordsville. For Indy residents and the directionally challenged, Pendleton Pike in Indy turns into Broadway in McCordsville. There's only one accessible parking spot, not truly ADA compliant, but workable. There's several other parking spots and it is not really that difficult to find a spot that will work for a chair. The front entrance has one fairly light door going in, though it's a pull-out door rather than a "push." The spring on the door isn't the greatest, so I had to stretch a bit to get it to close. Once you go in, you're smack dab in the middle of a modestly sized, simply decorated dining room with light Italian touches, white walls, and a smalltown Indiana feel. I instantly found it comfortable. There was a "please seat yourself" sign out, but the only server working, Mickie, was at a table nearby and instantly started serving up hospitality. She allowed me my pick of tables and moved an appropriate chair to accommodate the wheelchair. In what had to be a weird occurrence for Kinsey's, about five minutes after my arrival another couple arrived and one of the two adults also was in a wheelchair. Mickie took my drink order, the usual unsweetened iced tea, while I browsed the menu. It was clear, and later affirmed, that they are consciously expanding their menu beyond the already comprehensive Italian fare they offer. While the menu had dinner prices, Kinsey's also offers smaller luncheon fare that are lower price. The luncheon specials include a side salad and garlic knots. I will admit I sort of compromised my crave - I was actually in the mood for Italian, but when I spied a tenderloin on the menu I instantly wanted to try it. A friend of mine is The Tenderloin Connoisseur and I'm always trying to steer him to a new place. Mickie also informed me that they'd only recently started hand-breading their tenderloin and already made their own breads. To summarize their menu, they serve up appetizers, salads, pizzas, calzones, Italian specialty dinners, subs, a variety of sandwiches, desserts, and more. They have daily lunch specials in the $6-8 range, though dinner prices are in the more moderate range (think in the teens). They offer dine-in, carry-out and catering. While there was no question that the tenderloin was truly hand-breaded and served as ordered, I must admit that I was quickly disappointed with this selection. It wasn't bad. It wasn't good. It was simply a hand-breaded tenderloin. I appreciated that the thickness was consistent and the texture was consistent, but I found the meat itself to be too chewy and the overall flavor to be somewhat bland. I was glad I'd ordered mayo, which I don't usually do, because that eased the the texture issue quite a bit. Still, it's not something I would order again. It came with chips, though you could upgrade to fries or onion rings - I upgraded to fries for $1.75. They were good - lightly browned and slightly crispy. The serving size for both items was quite abundant and with a meal just over $11, you got a good amount of food for the price. The iced tea was good and I received a "topping off," a refill, and one for the road. So, that was definitely awesome. While I've seen several reviews mention teen servers, on this visit only Mickie was around and she was top notch throughout my visit. She was friendly, hospitable, and genuinely interested when I critiqued the tenderloin in a less than positive manner. I didn't ask for nor expect a refund/discount - again, it wasn't bad. It simply wasn't something I'd try again. Next time, I plan to hit their Italian menu. So, if you're keeping score (and you should be), that's good access, average tenderloin, terrific service, and a pretty darn good value. I even listened to Mickie deal with a customer's order issue and resolve it without ever getting a "tone," not always easy when you're representing a smaller, local business. I also found Mickie's service of diversity worth mentioning - with only a few customers, this particular smalltown Indiana business had black, white, disabled, and a child all amongst their clientele. Mickie treated each person well and managed the dining room quite nicely the entire time.
I ordered carry out last night and my egg drop soup was green and tasted gross! How in then world can a restaurant serve green egg drop soup? This was disgusting. I will not go back. Think of what could be lurking in their Sushi.

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Cafes, Italian

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The Grill 2

6621 W Broadway,Ste 100
McCordsville, 46055
I went on a father's day family "brunch." I had biscuits and gravy; portion was big but there were more biscuits (6) than gravy. Breakfast menu had 10 items (all meals) but nothing that can be ordered as sides; I would have liked some bacon or sausage with the biscuits and gravy, so I didn't think meal was fulfulling. I had tenderloin at the other Grill and that was very good, but as we arrived at 11 am today, that was too early for me. No smoking (a big plus) and service was good and prompt. There are also pictures of some Indy 500 cars on the walls, including the first winner at our table.
Great service. Nice menu. Kids loved it. Wanted to go back there the next day. So we did.
I have eaten here 5 or 6 times this summer. The best American food I have found in the area. Prices give a good value for the $$. Try the fried chicken on the lunch. Excellent portion size and flavor. Other things good as well.

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American (Traditional)

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Happy Cuisine

9657 Olio Rd
McCordsville, 46055
I like this place. Food is always good, and I especially like the Sushi rolls. Good price for good value. I normally get the Shrimp Mei Fun and the Spicy Tuna roll. The family who runs this place is top notch. Excellent people who work hard to deliver a quality product. Clean environment.
Every neighborhood has got to have a Chinese takeout around the corner and I'm glad Happy Cuisine is conveniently located there. Although, it seems like nobody eats in, the dining area is pristine almost to the point of immaculate. No grimy, sticky tables and chairs! I don't normally order Chinese to-go unless I'm pressed for time (aka lazy), emergency food, and need a cheap eat. I always order a cashew chicken or a chicken with broccoli since those dishes can never go wrong. Food quality is pretty good - no MSG and minimal grease. Unfortunately, the brown sauce is a little too sweet for my liking. Perhaps I'll get the white sauce next time since I don't like sugary entrees. Destroys the purpose for a savory meal.
Pretty good carry out for Chinese and for some sushi. The sushi is not great but it's good and for the price it's right. Good quick service and friendly staff it's our go to carry out place for Chinese

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Asian Fusion, Sushi Bars, Fast Food

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Chicago’s Pizza McCordsville

5917 W Broadway
Mccordsville, 46055
Will never recommend ! The most unprofessional, uncourteous staff. Highly disappointed. Plus they close before the posted hours. Ridiculous !!
I was in the mood for something different on a lazy Saturday afternoon. With the Final Four in town, heading downtown simply wasn't an option. So, I decided to cruise the Northern part of the city a bit and found myself in McCordsville. I'd driven by this Chicago's Pizza many times and, to be honest, I thought it was closed up until a few weeks ago when I happened to drive by and see the "Open" sign on. It's located in what feels like a fairly desolate strip center, though it does also house a Subway, a lawyer's office, the McCordsville BMV office, and a couple other businesses. I've just never seen too many customers in this strip center. However, as I drove by the "Open" sign was on and I stopped in. Being a fairly new strip center, there's a curb cut about mid-building. The restaurant itself has a single glass door going into it and an aisle that takes you up to a host area where it states "Please wait to be seated." To your right is the dining room and straight ahead is the kitchen and an ordering/pick-up counter. I know they have evening buffets and that area is also to the right toward the kitchen area. Chicago's Pizza has 15 Indiana locations including one in Indianapolis on the Southside. For those familiar with Godfather's Pizza, I believe it's either an off-chute of that or simply very similar. They offer their specialty - deep dish pizza along with a more traditional thin-crust plus some sandwiches. As I was alone, opted for a 7" personal pizza with sausage. It should be noted that the deep dish does not come in a personal size. As I hadn't eaten all day, I also ordered a side of garlic bread (4 pieces). Of course, I also ordered my usual unsweetened iced tea. The pizza was $4.99, the garlic bread was, I believe, $1.49 (and they had 1/2 order for $.99), and the iced tea was somewhere in the usual ballpark. The entire meal came in just under $10. If you're used to the usual pizza hut value meals, this may seem a bit much but it was a decently sized, nicely topped pizza along with a pleasing but not too heavy side of garlic bread. I also got my usual iced tea refill. So, all in all, it was a decent value for the money. It should be noted that the dining room was not particularly wheelchair friendly. As near as I could tell, there were no tables. It was all high-top booths. While this affords privacy and is great for dining, it may be difficult if the place gets packed and you're in a wheelchair. As I dined at an off-time, I was the only person in the restaurant and only saw one other person come in while I was there. There were two younger male employees. The restaurant also had 3-4 televisions all showing sports. The food was a nice change of pace, though certainly not a 5-star experience. The same was true of the service. It was certainly proficient and helpful, but not quite possessing that spark that pushes it into the five-star range. That said, I can't say there was anything wrong at all so dipping down to 3-stars feels uncalled for overall. In the end, I left satisfied with the meal and grateful for a nice, quiet atmosphere that allowed me to do some reading and enjoy a late lunch. Without question, I would return when I'm in the area. As I noted, there are 15 Indiana locations and you can find out more at there website listed above. They do also offer catering and some fundraising options.
4 stars against my better judgement. The pizza is good, but I've had better. The rule is self serve, self order, so not much contact with staff. I'm sure some people like country music - they must for the stars to make money. But I can't stand it, and dh just gets the twitches in a bad way when he hears it. The dining area is nice, with nice high booths. Would be a great place for a business lunch with the buffet and semi private booths. Place is fairly clean, and looks like it's good for kids. It's nice enough, but I'll probably go somewhere else next because of the music.

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