The Brick

309 Walnut St
Jonesville, 47247
Talk to Columbus people, and they'll tell you that The Brick has the best burger anywhere hands-down. After my first visit, I'll agree that they do make a pretty damn good burger. It is however quite different than other good burgers I've had: it has a very light texture, like it was just freshly ground up and made - nothing in there to make it harder. But the result is good, just different. As for extras, chili is decent, but nothing too special, and you have a wide selection of chips and sodas. And as the reviewers mentioned, you have that hasn't-changed-in-30-years vibe inside. And the prices can't have changed that much either: a 1/3 lb. deluxe cheeseburger and 1 large bag of Kruchers potato chips and one can of coke total $5.50.
If you want the best burger I've ever had, try the cheeseburger deluxe at The Brick. Don' t order french fries because they don't have them. Get your two burgers, some bbq chips and a cold beer. After you are done eating your burger, drink another beer and play the bowling machine. The place hasn't changed much in the last 17 years, even having the same pictures on the walls. It's in the middle of BFE. Always packed with farmers eating their lunch and having a cold one; it feels good to be home.
Deluxe burger. High life. Repeat. And repeat again, all night. This is the technicolor life that's available at The Brick. In The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy has to get whisked away by a tornado to live a technicolor life. Sucker! Open the door to The Brick and, behold!, a full-tilt technicolor life. This is "the best burger in America." I've been seeking it out for 7 years. I've traveled from LA to St. Louis to Manhattan. I've spent 2 bucks, 6 bucks and 20 bucks on burgers. I've eaten them for breakfast. I've waited in lines for 30 minutes for them. Many-many chefs and bar owners try to perfect the burger -- with dry aged beef, with waygu blends, arugula -- and they will never achieve what this brick beholds -- the age of a daily / hourly used bar burger griddle. And I've been to the origin of the "steak" burger -- Carl's in St. Louis -- I've been to Workingman's Friend... The Brick takes it. I look back on the $16 "best burger in America" and I'm thankful for that it's now forever opposed to the $3 perfect burger at The Brick. The deluxe -- a double stack steak burger with american cheese, grilled onioons, lettuce and tomato between two wonderbread buns. No plate -- served on a greasy wax paper. The beef is crisped from the griddle on the outside and juicy on the inside. The grilled onions are chock full of the flavor of the multiple decades of character. Hold burger with one hand, keep second hand underneath to catch drippings, or lick the wax paper. Order two. High life and chips. Travis Tritt on the juke. The service is prompt, kind and fun. Every one has their favorite places to eat. Some love pubs. Some love table clothed prix fixe "bistros." Me... I love bars that seat 7 and serve burgers and cheap beer that are open from 6am to 2am. Screw Oz, this is Jonesville.

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