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Visit below restaurant in Jeffersonville for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Michael M.

    I should first mention that I generally don't care for Sushi, in fact I avoid it, if I'm asked "hey want to go out for Sushi?" I'd decline almost every time. So use that to gauge my opinions. Fist of the place is surprisingly pleasant and has the vibe and decor you'd expect. Simple but effective. All the table settings were in line with what you would expect to find at a Sushi bar and yes the Sushi bar was typical to others I've been drug into. For a non-sushi person the menu was a little annoying, It seemed to assume you knew all about sushi and required no explanations. I was with a group of 8 people and I seemed to be the only one who did not get the menu although the other 7 had been here several times before. Some items were cooked but there were no indications as to which. Some items would read " crab and avocado with fried marinaded crab on top". Did that mean the crab inside is raw or not? It does not say. You had to write your order on another piece of paper separate from the menu which is typical for most sushi places I've been in. However many of the items on the menu were not printed on the form. You just have to know your supposed to write them down in the blank area. Then the waitress comes around and asks everyone what we want to order, okay why did I fill out this paper if your just going to ask me like in any other restaurant? So the food is served quickly enough and all of it was very pretty and well presented. Again since I'm not a sushi fan it's a tough sell to make it look appetizing to me, they did everything on everyone's order looked good and interestingly presented. My limited exposure to sushi places is that i generally leave hungry and feeling like I was ripped off for the cost. Further, part of my dislike of sushi is that I tend to find it bland with too much rice and not enough of whatever th theme is. In most places and my family and friends who love it seem obvious to this fact but as you watch others eat it the often drown it in sauces, ginger wasabi and other things, well to give it some flavor! If it can't stand on it's own then why bother. If I have to cover it in soy sauce and peppers or garlic then to me it was not prepared correctly to begin with. So I was surprised that at least what I ordered was plentiful, (in fact mor than I could eat which is rare) and had lots of subtle and distinct flavors. I felt no need to dunk it a sauce or add anything to it. It was not my favorite thing (I ordered the Jeff roll and the Tokyo Roll) and both were okay to me, which in someone else's book might mean really great sushi. Did it sell me over on sushi and make me salivate for the next time I have some, No. I'm still not a fan, I love sea food and I don't mind it raw at times but I find sushi mostly bland and pretty, I get the feeling I'm there because people think they are cool for eating it and for as much as I see friends who have it then want to go somewhere else to get something else to eat tells me it more about the presentation and hipster effect than actually really liking it for a lot of people, even if they won't admit it. And if you love it so much how come you have to soak in soy sauce and other dips to make it edible? Anyway if coworkers ask to go back I won't say no next time and I enjoyed going if not totally in love with the actual food. BTW a vegetarian in the group ordered tempura vegetables and they were wonderful!

  • Jason H.

    My first time here, and the employees are a little impersonal. The saba not very fresh, and while the nigiri pieces are large, I expect the food to be as fresh as others claim. The prices are about what one would expect, though I have never before had to pay for cucumber salad. Not sure I'll return.

  • Ashleigh S.

    Southern Indiana known for corn, the Colgate clock, being close to Louisville and one I bet you didn't know, amazing sushi. That is due to Star Sushi. This little nest egg tucked away in a strip mall off 10th Street in Jeffersonville is just about the best sushi you can find this side of the Atlantic. My family and I should have frequent flyer cards for Star, it is just about a once a week outing for us. They have you're regular sushi bar fare like tempura, soup, salad and California rolls but the specialty menu is where it's at. I prefer the SB roll myself. I love eel but you can't go wrong with any other roll on the menu. If sushi rolls are normally too small for you, don't worry about that here. Most of the rolls come with 8 pieces and each piece is a mouthful. Do yourself a favor and go get your sushi on. You won't regret it!

  • Jesse N.

    Southern Indiana isn't exactly where I would expect to find good sushi however that's exactly what you'll find at Star Sushi. The service is very friendly and the variety of sushi is pretty nice... And it's all delicious.

  • Kristie T.

    Been there several times and the service and rolls are great as well as the prices. I'm a total fan!

  • Lacy P.

    Definitely a hidden gem. The sushi is very fresh and the best quality in Southern Indiana by far. The miso soup, hot green tea, and house salad with ginger dressing are also noteworthy.

  • Matthew H.

    It's not really easy to find good sushi in southern Indiana, but this place is phenomenal. We live about an hour away, but we have no problem making the trip as often as possible to eat here.

  • Kyle S.

    Good rolls at a good price! From the lunch menu, I tried four different rolls and each was delicious with just the right amount of flavor and excellent texture. The fried rolls were a highlight if you like those, but the California roll and Avacado Roll also satisfied. Star Sushi serves a fairly mild brand of sushi; not mild in taste, but mild in spiciness. Even the wasabi was fairly tame as noted by everyone in my group of 5; even the guy who is afraid of heat. Service was quick, though not particularly attentive. The music was also a wierd mix of slow jams and Muzak. Overall, I really liked it!

  • Kristie W.

    This place was amazing. The atmosphere was great. The decor was nice. The sushi tasted incredible and had an even better price. While there, I had 2 rolls. A Yum Yum roll and Las Vegas roll. Both were delicious. Rolls weren't overfilled with rice. My Las Vegas roll was battered and fried to perfection. Also, you get a lot of bang for your buck here. I paid less than $15 for both rolls. I have nothing negative to say about this place. If you are in the area, and craving sushi, I encourage you to try this place. You won't be disappointed.

  • Amanda K.

    Haven't had a bad meal here yet! We usually go to Louisville to get sushi because we hadn't found anywhere in Southern Indiana that was the quality we expected. But with Star we now have a place to go to get excellent sushi close to home! Highly recommended for real sushi lovers.

  • Dustin W.

    Great sushi spot for so ind. leaps and bounds above Kansai in freshness wait time and quality of sushi and prez. Won't want another sushi spot after having. Great stop for dinner or take out. Def rec for local sushi lovers. Enjoy. dw

  • Ron G.

    My wife brought me some carry out rolls. Very good so far. Ill be goon back soon to get a better idea for the food. Had a return visit. Very good rolls at a good price.

  • Woody W.

    Decent sushi, I mean its in Jeffersonville, in a strip mall, so dont expect too much

  • Jake S.

    Hidden gem. This place has the best sushi by far. Been there several times, each time the sushi is fantastic. Big recommendation here!

  • Michelle S.

    I have tried several different specialty rolls here and they all have been delicious. This is my favorite sushi place! Fresh, delicious, and never disappointing. Very nice atmosphere and waitstaff is friendly. I just wish they had fried rice.


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :11:00 am - 2:00pm


  • Takes Reservations : Yes
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : No
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : Beer & Wine Only
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : Free
    Has TV : Yes
    Dogs Allowed : No
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : Yes

Star Sushi

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