Chicken Place

4970 W State Rd 56
Ireland, 47545
I've been to the Chicken Place before but I didn't have nearly the experience as the previous reviewers, however my experience was probably harshly skewed by the fact that we had to wait nearly an hour for our food!! Pretty sure they had to go slaughter and dress the chicken out back prior to frying it! Not only that, but the waitress didn't come to us to address the lengthy wait in any way, shape or form. She just ignored us for an hour until the food came out and then said "sorry for the wait" like it was no big deal. By the time we got our food we were so annoyed that I don't even remember how it tasted. I'm sure the chicken is fantastic but I really have no recollection!! I will make it a point to bookmark the place so that I'll remember to try it again the next time I'm craving fried chicken, which isn't too often since it's on every wedding/wake/fair menu in the area. I'll be back Chicken Place, I'll be back!
I have been eating here for two decades and my husband has for over three decades. I am sad to say tonight was the worst experience. The food was the same quality yet cold. The service was beyond horrible. We arrived at 5pm with open tables, but we're told there were reservations. An hour and half later we were seated. We sat for another 20 minutes before drink orders were taken. Our table was told reservations are taken care of first. The waitress couldn't seem to handle multiple task at one time. We watched as plates were brought to other tables one at a time. Not a single table (and we were there over 3 hours) received an entire meal all at once. One of the diners in our party of 5 was given ice cold potatoes. When she asked for warm ones she was told those just came off the stove. Drinks never refilled. Waitress was down right rude. I am sad to see this gem of a place tarnished by poor ownership and incompetent service staff. Someone rescue this beloved place.
As so many say, I reckon it's the best fried chicken I've ever had. Great German potato salad to complement it. Friendly and efficient service. A special place that is worth a trip.

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