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  • Rick G.

    If I could think of one word for this restaurant, it's "decent". It's not stellar, but it's not bad, either. The wings are VERY tasty, but they seem rather small compared to other wing joints around town. On the other hand, it's significantly cheaper than some of the other wing joints, so there's that. The original hot was just "OK"....but the Louisiana Rub was simply fantastic! And, those french fries are some of the best in town. I've got to give a should out to the employees. They're friendly and professional and seem to really enjoy serving you. Many other restaurants could take a hit from them. It's good, it's cheap, the service is good. We'll be back.

  • Laura O.

    Props to the crew today - I realized I had put the wrong date in for a future order and they made it yesterday. When I came in to pick ut up and we figured it out, they were quick to remake the order for me. While it would've been nice for them to call yesterday to see if I was going to pick it up, I appreciate their flexibility!

  • Ronnie W.

    try the App on your phone. My son loves this place. I can order from my phone and pick it up 10 minutes later. We've tried almost all the sauces. Good hot wings and the fries are fresh cut too.

  • Joseph O.

    I enjoy the wings here more than most wing places, and the sides are good (good quality French Fries and yummy baked beans), but the wait to get your food is stupid. 8:30pm on a Thursday they tell me it will be 20 minutes? It just is not worth the wait and the hassle of the people you have to deal with.

  • Alex G.

    We ordered our food with an estimated 15 minute wait. 35 minutes later, we were told "5 minutes". 15 minutes after that, we finally got a refund after seeing 5-10 takeout orders come out before us. Nothing other than an apology for an hour wasted. I frequented the Greenwood location and it was fantastic every time, but this one is consistently terrible.

  • Alana M.

    Ok let me start off by saying Wingstop is my FAVORITE wings place! Like I love wings and anytime I am close to a Wingstop that's where were going, since I don't have one locally where I live. I have been to this location twice. It is not my favorite location at all! Let me emphasize that the employees are not my main reason for not liking this place. The people at the register are good, friendly and I have no issue with that. But my expectations of Wings are extremely high, so why did I give this one three stars? Because I know how all other Wingstops work, I have been to at least five other stores and this one isn't the best. Typically it takes 14 minutes to cook their wings, and when they come out of the hot oil they drench them in your favorite sauce and serve them. Well when I got mine, the last two runs, at this location,it seems as though they held my wings for a minute. I don't like soggy wings nor do I like my wings sitting in sauce for too long before I eat them. This is why I don't ever take wings to go... I like a good crisp wing, but this is only a preference. They weren't as hot as I'm used to getting. I believe they had been sitting for a second before they were served to us. I understand they may have been busy, but they should still have a better execution plan. For me even five minutes sitting in sauce can make or break it for me which is why I ALWAYS eat in. Anyway, I will say in general, their hand cut fries are awesome, but you may want to ask for easy on the salt. I felt like they had way too much salt on them! Their blue cheese dipping sauce is NICE!!! I am also a huge critic of blue cheese. Since my recipe is the best! :) I would give th sauce 4.5 stars alone!

  • Ro T.

    Let me preface this review by saying that the night we visited, the restaurant was having some structural and plumbing difficulties, so it was kind of rushed and anxious. I'll have to visit again to see how they operate under normal circumstances. My three stars is based solely on the food because I can't really review the staff/service fairly. I try not to set expectations on places because of the hype that they get, so I went in with an open mind. On top of that, it was my hubs' birthday, so it was his pick, but neither of us had been before. We ordered the meal for two, which was a really good buy, and we added an order of rolls. The rolls could have stood to be heated up. I'm not sure if they normally heat the bread and just didn't this evening because of the plumbing mishap, but it was a little weird to have cold rolls with a melted butter-like substance squirted on top. The wings were very tasty, though. We had the garlic parmesan and mango habanero boneless wings and they came with some addictive fries. No complaints at all on the chicken and fries. I will definitely give them another try when they have normal, everyday food stress without the added stress of drainage issues.

  • Sergio B.

    I'd love to be able to have something good to say about this place. But I was really let down. I ordered a carry-out meal. I showed up on time. The place was packed. A few bags were sitting behind the counter. They looked and said none were mine. The place started to clear out. Someone asked me my name again. I told them. They checked what was now just a single bag. "Nope. Sorry. It should be ready soon!" Fast forward 15 minutes and the place is empty. The workers are just casually bantering and the mystery bag is still sitting there. I went up and asked for now the 3rd time and they grab the bag and hand it to me. It was mine and the name couldn't have been more clear on the receipt. No apologies were made and I was sent home with cold food, wilted fries and the wrong sauces.

  • Diego O.

    Thank god this place finally opened up! One of my favorite places to get wings when I lived in Texas. So I went in to place an order which I suggest you call in or download the app to avoid wait times(wait times worth it though). Trust me this location can do no wrong as far as cooking the wings perfectly! Staff was friendly and super nice! Clientele was a little rough as i witnessed a dude with his pants sagging half way down to his knees while on the phone talking like he's in some gangster rap video... But even with that I was there solely for the wings! I got my usual ten piece meal which was 5 Cajun wings and 5 habanero mango wings with two rolls, fries, blue cheese, and a soda all for under $12 and very filling! Catch me here every Sunday getting my wings for the big game people, it gets no better than that! If you like it hot try their atomic wings you manly man you!

  • Tim R.

    First time here, got some wings for the game and everyone thought they were great! We got 4 kinds, twelve each +2 for an order of 50. Mango Habanero- starts out sweet and finishes with a very pleasant fire Lemon Pepper - very tasty, not hot. Beware it clashes with blue cheese dip. (Lemon + dairy = yuck) Louisiana spice: dry, I liked it, not my favorite, but hot enough to satisfy and a welcome departure from traditional pepper sauce. Hot, red pepper sauce. Not hot enough for me, but I fear atomic would be inedible. That's my list, in order of preference. Will definitely order again. Not the best in Indy, but located close to home gives this place an edge.

  • Elisha G.

    This is my second time to this particular Wingstop and I must say that I am not at all dissapointed. The quality can change from franchisee to franchisee but it has not, it is still wonderfully delightful and will be worth every additional minute that I'm going to have to add to my work out as I beg for forgiveness for not sticking to my health routine and picking up extra calories. Each time that I have come in they have given me an ETA on when my order will be ready only to have it done ahead of time. 5 stars from me!!! I reccomend this to anyone and everyone that loves wings as there are many flavors to choose from and many other side dishes to choose from as well.

  • Robert K.

    Love their wings, but I think it is kind of crappy that they have a sign in their window about coupons online but they won't accept them unless I print them out from home. A lot of places accept coupons on phones. Wing Stop needs to step into the current century and then I would give them 5 stars...

  • Adam B.

    Wingstop wings are very good and they are not overcooked like the crappy wings from BW3. The selection of flavors available for the wings are the best in the city. The restaurant is clean and the staff is very friendly. They have a couple of TVs in the restaurant so you don't have to miss too much of the game if you come over at half time. You even have the option to order all flats or drummettes, which I really like. I would have given it five stars, but the wings in some cases could have been a little meatier. The wings at Boombozz in Westfield have the best tasting, meatiest wings around.

  • Eric K.

    If we're talking about the wings alone they're great however I'm pretty sure the people they hire to run their customer service wouldn't be trusted to watch paint dry. I placed an order online, went to pick up, server says oh I'm sorry I didn't see it'll take 15 minutes. Little annoyed but whatever it happens. About 10 minutes later another customer comes in same thing. Oh sorry I didn't see it. It's Like ma'am this just happened 10 minutes ago you think you would start paying attention to the Computer for orders. So as I sit, about 15 minutes go by no food. Someone that walked in gets their order before me, then another person again so I ask politely hey what's taking so long I ordered before both those folks. Turns out my order is sitting on the counter server didn't see. I've Never written a review before but this was so bad I felt compelled to.

  • Serlena M.

    This WingStop has nothing on the in Greenwood. The wings are smaller and they overlook the chicken. It is so dry I was disappointed today I guess I will travel south for the ones I love GREENWOOD!

  • Susan A.

    Their wings and fries are good but the customer service is terrible. Hopefully after they've been open a bit longer it will get better. I've been twice now, the first time took 30 min to get my food, the second time took about the same and I called my order in that time but the order was wrong, there was no dipping sauce after I asked twice for ranch, and my order sat on the counter for at least 10 min while the employees chatted. There were at least 8 people working and no one seemed to be paying attention to anything but each other.

  • Christi B.

    I was really excited about this location opening up so close to my house. Its been years since I've had their wings but I remember liking them. I placed my order online and arrived 15 minutes after expecting my order to be ready or very close to (estimated wait time was 15-20). The cashier seemed very confused about my order and I quickly understood why - it hadn't been picked up off the printer in front and communicated to the kitchen. The other cashier told me order would be up shortly and I took a seat to wait...and wait. My original order was placed at 2:36 and my food wasn't ready until 3:15. I didn't receive an apology or any attempt from the staff to right the situation. To top the experience off, the fries were undercooked and my original wings in 'hot' were flavorless. Next time I get a wing craving, I will head a bit further down the road for basic customer service.

  • Jeannie W.

    Wings were great, seasoned well w the Garlic complaints. My fries, however, had zero seasoning on them....not even salt. So very disappointed as where I used to live we called them "crack fries" as they were so addicting. Will give it another try and hope for better results.


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  • Takes Reservations : No
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    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Bike Parking : No
    Good for Kids : Yes
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    Attire : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : No
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    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : Yes
    Waiter Service : No
    Caters : Yes


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