El Nopal

6016 W 300 N
Hancock, 46140
Quick and dirty: Family restaurant with a good food selection. Very good food and excellent service. Recommended. We went there at around 5 PM on February 3rd (I'm a bit behind on my reviews). It was Superbowl Sunday, and there were only 2 to 3 tables filled. We had margaritas, choriqueso, chili verde, and carnitas. Margarita: Well prepared, but a little heavy on the mix. OK. Choriqueso: A little thinner sauce than we've had elsewhere, but extremely flavorful and meaty. The dip had a good bite without overpowering the flavor with heat. Recommended. Chili verde: Good taste and a large portion served with rice, beans, and tortillas. The meat was tender and well-seasoned, and the sauce was thick enough to cling to the meat without being pasty. Recommended. Carnitas: Excellently done, and a large portion served with rice, beans, ant tortillas. Nice and crispy outside, tender inside. Flavorful. Recommended
I'd say that everything about this restaurant is good. But nothing about the restaurant is great. The service is fresh and professional, however, I find it just a little aloof. Perhaps that's a cultural thing, I'm not sure. I'm not necessarily complaining, as we got our meals quick, and they were piping hot. I just prefer a little more friendly server. The meals are good, tasty, and filling. But nothing sets them apart from the dozens of other mexican restaurants on the east side of Indianapolis. If I'm in the area and craving mexican food, I'll certainly stop, but I won't make a special trip there.
Pretty run of the mill little mexican place. Great service, normal mexican food. I enjoyed my meal. Food came out really fast, perfect for a quick lunch. I would definitely come back.

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