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Visit below restaurant in Fort Wayne for healthy meals suggestion.

Visit below restaurant in Fort Wayne for healthy meals suggestion.

Visit below restaurant in Fort Wayne for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Loved it. I went with my daughter because she kept raving about it. She goes here frequently with her friends from South Side high school because it's close to the school. I ordered two tacos with onion & cilantro and ground beef. They were so good, I ordered two more! At $1.39 per taco, even ordering 4 between us, it was a cheap date. Extremely good value, we were stuffed!

  • What a surprise! This hole in the wall has the best Mexican food I've ever had in Indiana.

  • After all the hype and countless friends telling me that these were the best tacos in Fort Wayne I decided to give them a shot. I ordered two of the carnitas tacos and two asada. We were promptly brought chips and salsa. The salsa was delicious and the taco chips were homemade, very good. Unfortunately, this was the best part of the meal. The asada tacos were greasy and fatty, lacking of any real flavor. The carnitas tacos were okay, but also fatty and a little dry. The other salsas, for the tacos, were not flavorful or spicy. Sadly, I was unimpressed with my meal there. I do hope that it was an off night and maybe I will try some of their other dishes. As of now it's a pass.

  • This place is fantastic. The best tacos in town. The Sopas are delicious. The have the best Torta that I have ever had. Try the Pastor, lengua, steak, or the chicken they are all fantastic. This place is inexpensive and delicious.

  • one word - authentic. You'll walk in and feel LA vibes from this restaurant. Talked to a guy from San Diego and said he only comes here because it feels like home. Definitely recommend to any fan of Mexican food.

  • I don't want to play the whole "I was born and raised in LA, so I know good Mexican food" card, but I was born and raised in LA, so I know good Mexican food. And this place has good Mexican food. The asada tacos stack up well against their Southern California counterparts. The place is a hole in the wall, but what do you expect?

  • I prefer this taqueria compared to the one on Parnell avenue. The tacos here are just juicy and more flavorful. I wish there was one open closer to me because I'd go at least twice a week!

  • This place has the best tacos in Fort Wayne. Their prices are about the same as Taco Bell, but the food is a million times better. The quesadilla is jammed full of gooey cheese and stuffed with your choice of meat.

  • Three of us, all Mexican food lovers, came here with high expectations, given the reviews on Yelp. I had driven by the place for a couple of years. It had a run-down look and always a few cars. That and the name of the state of Coahuila provided the exotic note that made me think this could be a bit of Mexican food heaven. We started with an order of tortilla chips and salsa. The chips were thick and good. The salsa was ok, but the hot and green salsas in plastic squeeze bottles were even better. My two compañeras ordered beef tacos. I ordered one beef and one pork (carnitas) tostada. The beef in all was chopped roast beef. The tacos had cilantro and onion. The tostatas onion, lettuce, and a light sour cream. The tortillas for the tostadas were fried crisp and tasty. Service was friendly and helpful. All in all our meal was just ordinary. It didn't look like the pictures posted. The meat didn't have the taste of roast in the case of the beef or hot fat and garlic in the case of the carnitas. Nothing was bad but neither did it rise to the level of 3 stars.

  • im going to once again remind all y'all of the fact that ive been eating authentic mexican fare since i was still in the womb, so very rarely am i this impressed with it outside of Texas, California and Mexico itself. this place really knows it's stuff. tacos, sopes, burritos and more. definitely try the chicken and the barbacoa. for those of you who love the good old classic carne Asada taco, theirs is to die for. it's cash only so that is something to know in advance. Open until 4am as well? this place is by far the bees knees.

  • Steak tacos and nachos were awesome. The chicken enchiladas with sour cream and cheese were delicious. Best Mexican food in Fort Wayne. Only downfall is you have to pay for the salsa and chips and its Cash only!!

  • Are here while visiting from Southern California. Very authentic Mexican food. Amazing red an green hot sauces, al pastor tacos, and dirt cheap prices!! Fed a family of 4 for $18.00. The place looks sketchy, but the staff was friendly and the food is outstanding! Definitely coming back here the next time I'm in Fort Wayne.

  • First time there & the nacho's where awesome. Simple ingredients but huge flavor. The hot sauce (home made) was off the charts. Will back weekly!

  • Atmosphere and food took us back to rural Mexico - where the prices and flavor are complimentary to the local workers. It is what it is! If you want a atmosphere, go somewhere else (with their Americanized Toxic Hell food) but if you want an authentic Mexican taqueria experience (Mexican TV not canned mariachi music) - this is it! We are definitely going back. 2 beef and 2 pork tacos, side of beans and rice and two VERY large drinks - under $10.00. We were full!!!

  • This place has great tacos! I usually get there later after 2am on the weekends and tacos are great after few drinks. Must try this place out!

  • Authentic Mexica fare! Loved the chorizo tacos and lengua tacos. Fresh cilantro and onions really compliment the food. We devoured the nachos and stopped short of licking the plate. Order the large soft drink because there are no free refills. Even the Coke was fresh and tasty. Four people ate their fill and took home leftovers for $40. We have been back twice and plan to go often.

  • I love the carne asada tacos with avocado and cilantro, the best tacos I have ever eaten hands down. But bring cash, no credit cards accepted.

  • Chorizo Taco's and Horchata. Does it really get any better than this? Not in Fort Wayne!

  • Best hole in the wall taco place in Fort Wayne. Tacos, Tortas, Nachos its all good here..


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  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : No
    Good For : Lunch, Dinner
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : No
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Divey
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : No
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : Yes
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : No


Mexican Cuisine

If you enjoy Taco Tuesday, then you have officially fallen in love with the Mexican Food. The main grain of Mexican cuisine is maize. Also known as corn, maize is grown for the past 9000 years after the crop was discovered by the people in Mayan civilization. Mexican empire flourished when they started growing beans, tomatoes, chili pepper, sweet potato and cactus. Till this date these ingredients are used in cooking authentic Mexican dishes and drinks.

Great use of spices, fresh chili pepper dishes like fajitas, tortilla chips, corn chips, salsa, chimichangas, burritos, nachos and quesadillas are invented in America. But when you are looking for authentic Mexican food then you must find a restaurant in the city that serves Rajas con Queso, Garbanzo in a Guajillo Chile Sauce, Pork Filled Chiles Rellenos, Chiles en Nogada, Molcajete Salsa, Pico de Gallo and Frijoles de la Olla. An eye-opening fact – Mexican don't like their food hot. They use fresh chili and other spices to create a flavor that lingers in your mouth.

Mexican food is great for those who are Gluten Intolerant as they use Corn instead of wheat in most of their dishes. Also, you can easily find many beans based Mexican dishes. Another dish which didn't get similar glory as tacos or nachos is the Mexican hot chocolate. If you love something hot on a chilly day, then go for Mexican Hot Chocolate. On merry days, you can enjoy the authentic Mexican Drinks like Tequila, Mezcal, Tecuí, Sotol, Bacanora, Charanda, Posh O Pox, Puebla and Pulque. Mexican Cuisine is for people who enjoy strong drinks and hearty meals.

Taqueria Coahuila

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