Dairy Queen

8959 Crawfordsville Rd
Clermont, 46234
I just love a fast food location that has it's act together, makes it easier to be picked when we are in a pinch and needing some delicious fast food. The fact that DQ has Blizzards just makes this an even better choice. This location so far has only impressed me, fast & friendly staff and well made food. Both inside and drive thru, yaaay! So rare in fast food these days. As a note, DQs new sandwiches are quite good, I really enjoy the Turkey BLT! Well made Blizzards here too, so far none of that "all topping on top, just ice cream on bottom" shenanigans. Pretty easy to get in and out of this location as it is one big loop. The drive thru window is up pretty high which is kinda funny but not a huge problem. I am glad this location is close to me! Definitely a good choice when you're craving DQ!
This DQ is very clean, and relaxing. The food and service was great. Nice fast food alternative that makes you want to eat in or site on the patio as opposed to going through the drive thru and eating at home.
I really enjoy this Dairy Queen. As already noted, but worth repeating, this is one of the cleanest Dairy Queens ever! The service has been good each time I'm here with both counter and drive through service. It's quiet in the afternoons if you need a peaceful spot. I believe the malts and shakes are better here than other DQ's I've visited. Whenever the weather is decent I love to sit on the patio. On sunny, bright days you have the option of using umbrella at tables or soaking in the sun. I've enjoyed my sundae outside on an extremely hot day using the umbrella in a light rain. The bike rack is located on corner of patio. Beware of heavy week day east bound traffic between 4:30 and 6:00. Going east you're fine but trying to cross 36 to go west can be frustrating. Regardless, Stop in next time your in Clermont.

(317) 291-5770

Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt, Fast Food

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