Kicks Bar & Grill

19578 N 1960 E Rd
Towanda, 61776
One of the best little dive bars in McLean County. There is not a bad item on their menu. Tater tots..Tenderloins ...homemade pizzas ....giant fish sandwiches... chicken fingers wings ...french fries. All very good, but bbq chicken pizza is the best. The servers work their butts off and the guys in the kitchen do the same. One of my favorite places to have a beer and some good bar food.
"Kick's Bar @ Grill" was my worst eating/bar experience in the last 4 months (15,000i miles, & 30 states) of traveling the USA . BLAH food & BLAH service! "Mitch" the cook was personable & he impressed me! The brat burger was tasteless, extremely thin (expected "burger" thickness) ... if you are gonna call it a burger, make it a burger. A McDonald's sausage biscuit has more flavor & substance! I do NOT recommend, even if you are hungry ... drive on! 1 Star rating + 1 bonus Star because of Mitch! "Run-A-Way Bill" Party Reptile (.com) 09/12/15
FIVE STARS!!! Great food, great service, great atmosphere. It's a must try when in the area, and don't forget to sample their buffalo sauces. honestly my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

(309) 728-2060

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