RT 52 Roadhouse Pizzeria & Pub

101 N Pennsylvania St
Sublette, 61367
I LOVE the Roadhouse! We come out here bc we go to Woodhaven, its super close and the food it awesome! Their staff is very down to earth and personable! The burgers are good, salads are on point, and you can't go wrong with the pizzas!
Tonight I had the roast beef with Italian sausage combo on a toasted bun with mozzarella cheese. The wife got Italian beef with mozzarella cheese and a side of sweet potato fries and I got deep fried mushrooms and onion rings. WE BOTH AGREED IT WAS AWESOME!! Not only great pizzas, but great sandwiches also. Check put the photos!!
I love their pizza!!! For a small town outside of Chicago they are doing it right. Sandwiches, salads and appetizers are really good too. Woodhaven Lakes visitors add this to your list of places to eat outside the camp ground!!

(815) 849-9999


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La Fiesta

107 W Main St
Sublette, 61367
We stop here often, and the food is good, traditional, Mexican faire in a small town of 550. I'm amazed that this restaurant is located in Sublette off of US 52 on Main Street. You'd never see it if you were driving down the highway, but if you get a chance to stop by, you won't be disappointed with the food. The service sometimes is less than desirable, which is why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5. If you get the owner of the restaurant, she will work hard to make sure that you get everything you need. I've found that the other servers don't put as much effort to serve their guests. I've found that I'll get a beverage and nothing more until the food is served and then no more beverage as the check is dropped off. Portions are great, and the food is wonderful. You'll find the best Mexican-based breakfasts anywhere in northern Illinois that is only served every Sunday but only on Saturdays during the summer.
The food was pretty good for around these parts. There aren't a ton of options around here and this one seemed to have the most reviews. I'm not sure about the reviews before about the inattentive waitstaff as our server (at some points 2 would come to the table) was just as sweet as pie and super attentive. We had the beef enchiladas and chicken flautas. Which were both good, however if I go back, I would request them in corn tortilla as they seem to assume flour as the preferred favorite, which might be true around here but either way they were both pretty tasty. If you like a little spice be sure to ask for the spicier tomatillo sauce. It's wonderful! Onto the fried Ice Cream which was HEAV-EN-LY. It had hints of coconut to it as well. I'd definitely come back when Im in town again and will recommend to our friends who just moved here.
This is in a very small town and lucky to have one in such a town. It is decent, but not the best I've had. The fried ice cream is the best and the rest is ok...

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Countryside Tap

1831 Tower Rd
Sublette, 61367
We tried to come here for dinner, but the kitchen was closed so we were kind of bummed. Luckily they offered a variety of pizza, so we ordered one of those. We got the white garlic pizza. Unfortunately, unlike most white garlic pizzas, this one had sausage on it. It was easy enough to pick off, and was still delicious so I wasn't too worried about it. Drinks are cheap and good. Hopefully you get the chance to order a couple of apple pie shots and enjoy your night!
We spent the weekend at Woodhaven Campground and stopped in here on Saturday for lunch and to watch some college football. There were four of us so we grabbed a high top table in the bar area. Although college football was being played at the time the two TVs were showing news and a random sports talk show. We would have asked for the TVs to be changed, but we never got the chance to speak to a server. After sitting there for 10 minutes a server walked by and said she'd be right with us. Right after this a group walks in and tell the server they know her mom. She promptly sat them in the dining side and tended to their table. We waited for about 20 minutes and finally decided to leave as we had yet to even have our drink order taken. My wife's grandparents are property owners at Woodhaven and we come out occasionally. I definitely won't be back to Countryside and after telling them how bad the service was neither will they.
Before you enter Woodhaven, or after entering and getting situated, you must stop by Countryside. I can't say that I have ever truly heard something bad about this bar. In the summer it gets rockin' and the beer is ice cold. Great place to catch an important game too if you are in Woodhaven and NEED to see the Bears crush the Packers.

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