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Visit below restaurant in Saint Charles for healthy meals suggestion.

Visit below restaurant in Saint Charles for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Edi I.

    Was so exited to try this place! It is beautiful inside a lot of attention to details gives you a very warm welcome. The menu is extensive so we asked our waitress menu recommendation. We waited a very long time for the appetizer to arrive , we were given the wrong drink orders and the braised short ribs were beautifully presented but cold and not tender leaving us very disappointed! The pyramid dessert was ok, we're not impressed with the chocolate quality.

  • Peter C.

    Ok decided to try this place for my buddies Birthday dinner. All I can say is decor is cool, and trendy. But the food was horrible Here is why. Ordered the soup with shumai. I received a small bowl with three frozen nickel sized "shumai" in broth with two pieces of shaved zucchini. Its the was the same shumai you get at Super H mart frozen 12 to a package with graded/chopped fish product as stuffing.. I even asked the waitstaff if these were made here she could not answer me. Strike One Second we ordered the bacon wrapped scallops. Again bamboozled, ;out came these salty uniform oblong pieces of bacon wrapped in chopped "scallop" filling. Why ruin scallops like that? Sauce was too salty.. Strike two We then ordered two rolls, Dragon and Gentleman's Both had shrimp tempura one was soggy and the other crispy. Both rolls tasteless no flavor its the first time unagi sauce had no flavor!. . So not only was the food bad, I felt who every is making these dishes up is trying to sham the people of St. Charles. We know better. Any review with more than two stars, you probably work there. and if you do, I give this place three more months. The coolness of the decor etc... will only go so far. Do not believe me, order the soup with Shumai. pay 5.00 for it.

  • Brian R.

    Excellent service, eclectic sushi, superb non-sushi options and Saint Charles most hip scene

  • Kelly T.

    I have eaten here twice now- once for dinner and once for lunch. Our food was excellent both times and service was great! Both times I had maki and one roll was totally enough for my meal. Tasty appetizers and delicious desserts too. Our cocktails were also well made. I would recommend this restaurant and will return!

  • Lucas C.

    I had high hopes based on a recommendation and the awesome decor, but it just didn't deliver. Food- We started off with the bacon-wrapped scallops, beef asparagus rolls, and the golden lobster sushi roll. At first taste these appetizers tasted good. The bacon-wrapped scallops were melt in your mouth and juicy, but greasy and oily. The beef asparagus rolls were juicy, tender and delicious, but oily and greasy. The golden lobster roll had excellent flavor, but was mushy and had no seaweed base to keep it from falling apart, and also it was oily and greasy. Noticing a common trend here? Everything was over-oiled to the max. For dinner I had the steak and shrimp. One star for the filet mignon being delicious and well cooked, still oily but not as oily as the other stuff. The shrimps were under this bed of egg patty that tasted like eating straight butter, and the shrimp didn't taste fresh. The fried rice was decent, but it was so wet with oil that I couldn't stand more than a couple of bites. I also tried some of my dads bi bim bop, which tasted like a pile of mush. Service- The server was nice but the food took a while to come out. This probably would've been a three star review, but at $260 for five people, the quality was just not acceptable.

  • Dan S.

    After reading all the hype about this place, we decided to check this place out for ourselves. However, we waited for the "new restaurant" smell and big crowds to die down first. Well, Kelly & I finally came here last night for her birthday. (Well, that, we love sushi & recent gall bladder removal surgery ruled out anything really super fatty for the time being.). We had reservations at & and were quickly seated. The place has 2 levels and we were seated on the main level. The decor is odd. It's a mix between night club, Asian and French. The main floor is brightly lit with some modern lighting but also a few big, crystal French chandeliers. The tables for 2 and 4 people are modern design. We sat in a booth. The booths are comfortable but deep and sit low. The backs look like a big old fashioned French headboard off of a bed with decent padding. The seat of the booth was fabric (which made sliding in & out after our sushi coma challenging) and deep, but comfy. You literally sink into it a few inches. The table we had was higher than the booth seats. Felt like we were 4 yr old kids at the grown up table requiring some booster seats to get our arms comfortably on the table. The table also had a wide main base which was too close to the booth given my large feet so we had to sit spread eagle. They played some trendier nightclub dance song or two that just seemed like it was an a constant loop...but maybe that's the old, out-of-touch-with-what-today's-kids-are-listenting-to guy talking. Service was great all night. They were quick, not overbearing and our water glasses never got low. The waitress was very helpful and knew the menu well. We had done some advanced scouting of their menu & had a pretty good idea what we wanted. Kelly ordered acoconut based sake cocktail which she really enjoyed. Since we were eating sushi & I wanted a lighter beer, I had a manly (ahem) beer, Angry Orchard. For our appetizer, we had the bacon wrapped scallops with teriyaki & a tiny bit of crunchy stuff in it. As a guy who bleeds bacon, I was looking forward to them. They were good but not great. Can't say I'd highly recommend them. They weren't what we imagined. They came out as 4 1" wide, 2" long little bacon wrapped logs. They had a little zing in them afterward, but didn't taste like scallops to us AT ALL. They tasted more like teriyaki bacon wrapped, scallopcakes. About 5 minutes after the appetizers , they brought out the 3 maki rolls we ordered: The Sunny Hill, Crunch Melt and Midori. Each roll was big with 8-10 pieces each. The Midori is essentially an all vegan roll with sweet potato, sprouts, avocado, etc. Being predominantly carnivore, I shockingly really liked it. I didn't see or taste much of the sweet tater though. The Crunch Melt was like a California roll with some crunchy bits and melted mozzarrella on top. It was a warm, smooth creamy, delicious roll with a little crunch in it. It was Kelly's fave roll of the night. My fave roll was the Sunny Hill, but that's the carnivore in mecoming out. This was a crab-based california roll with some crunch included and topped with salmon, a light citrus dressing and black sesame seed. It was very light, refreshing and tasty. As our plates were taken, the waitress asked if it's true if it was Kelly's birthday. Kelly confirmed. The waitress brought out the dessert menu, saying that there is a complementary birthday dessert option on top BUT the manager was willing to give her free reign on the dessert menu. The cost differential between the usual free dessert & all other options was $1 , so while I scoffed privately at the huge extra expense (eyeroll) the manager incurred, it was the thought that counted and greatly appreciated. Kelly ordered the pyramid, a pyramid of dark chocolate mousse, drizzled with white & dark chocolate and hazelnut bits in the middle. As both chocolate mousse and a real moose would plow right through me, I had a tiny bit. It was very good. Kelly ate about half of it, fearing gall bladder removal repercussions. When our check came, we asked what was upstairs. The waitress said it was more seating but we were free to check it out. Gighting the heavier gravitational pull from consuming a few schools of fish, we waddled upstairs. If you have an option to sit upstairs or downstairs, sit upstairs! It's far darker, way more intimate, some modern tables along with some very low tables and older, french, velvety loveseats beside them. I didn't care for the white framed, French mirrors ala every fairy tale &/or Shrek. They also have a room for private parties which was very nice, but just had odd, clear plastic-y looking charis. All in all, I'd give it 3.5 stars but we'll round up. The decor, appetizer and music were all a little off-putting/disappointing/inconsistent. However, the drinks, service and sushi were great. Since that's what we came for, we'll be back.

  • William C.

    We had a party of ten with one guest who could not climb stairs. The on-site owner was extremely accommodating and made arrangements on the first floor. The decor is very modern and upscale. The waitstaff is knowledgable and helpful with the menu items which I recommend you view on line to narrow down your choices. Our selections included steak, salmon, sea bass and sushi. WONDERFUL! I had the "Gentleman" sushi platter and my wife had the salmon which had a delicious glaze. All vegetables were plentiful and cooked perfectly. It is a bit pricy, but worth it.

  • Cory H.

    This place is excellent! After moving to the area there was few choices for good sushi, this place is IT. Everything we tried on the menu was amazing. The Jalapenos stuffed with tuna appitizer is a must. We tried at least 6 of their signature rolls and all were great. The drinks were perfect as well. The place is very modern and the lay out is beautiful. The Shakou roll is one of the best Ive ever had and I eat a lot of sushi nationwide. This place is our new go to Sushi restaurant, for the neighboring suburbs this is a an excellent destination restaurant as well. Cant wait to go back!

  • Amanda V.

    I work in downtown St. Charles and I'm so happy this place is open for lunch. I love the vibe and the decor of this place. It reminds me of the places I love to go to in Chicago. My favorite things to get are the Sea Star ceviche, oyster shooters without sake (the best thing ever!), and the dragon fire roll. This place is super pricey so my only remark is that I wish they had a special lunch menu. I find it crazy spending anything over $25 for lunch. I spent $50... That's appropriate for dinner but definitely not lunch. As for service, we got sat right away and our server was great. We received an extra special appetizer compliments of the chef! That was delicious. I would come here again, but it would be after pay day :/

  • Cat F.

    I came here craving sushi and I was not disappointed. The atmosphere is certainly... eclectic. It's not my thing, but on the first floor there are really nice comfy booths and it's fine. The first thing we ordered was the filo wrapped ahi. It was AWESOME. I think we ate it in seconds. It was essentially just sushi, but a wonderful appetizer. For our meal we shared the green dragon, the shakou, and the gentleman. They were all delicious and satisfying, not to mention very well made. The gentleman was our favorite, the black rice was a unique touch! Side note: my boyfriend is a whiskey connoisseur and he bought a bottle of the Hakushu Japanese whiskey after seeing it on the drink menu and trying it. If you're looking for a great experience in St. Charles (albeit a little pricey, but you get what you pay for) I highly recommend Shakou.

  • Dave K.

    Place looks very trendy.. music choice and volume makes you feel like your in a city night club.. hard to have a conversation with the volume level and type of dance music.. service was average.. food was top notch.. crab cakes where good but small (bite size) and you only get 2 per order. Spring rolls were delicious.. maki was also excellent..we would visit again but hope they change the music and lower the volume.

  • Cheryl F.

    Service was great, atmosphere relaxing! For being open only three weeks you would never know it!! Highly recommend!

  • Nichole C.

    I'm not sure why other yelpers had so many problems with this place. Yes, it is fancy. Yes, it is expensive. Yes, I bet it is busy and perhaps service isn't as fast on the weekend nights. Guess what? It's a SUSHI restaurant, in downtown St. Charles, and it's not a casual pub. What else would you have expected? Honestly, reading the other reviews I was iffy about coming here for lunch with a friend and our two very small children, but you know what? As fancy and expensive as this place may be, they were totally accommodating (minus not having a changing table in the restroom). I even brought in a big ass stroller and they let me put my car seat in one of their beautiful cushy booths and hid said giant stroller somewhere while I ate. And then parked it next to our booth after we paid without me reminding them. Our waitress was also great. She knew a lot about the menu (both food and drink...though she definitely knew more about the cocktails than the beer {oh well}) and was willing to talk to us and coo at our babies while doing it too. Speaking of the menu, there is a ton on there (sushi and otherwise) AND they have a full nice bar to boot. Complete with some pretty decent American beers (and even Hitachino in addition to the normal Japanese beers you see usually {Sapporo, Asahi, Kirin, etc.})! That NEVER happens in sushi places and made my craft beer loving heart very happy. On to the food. I got my typical test rolls (spicy tuna and a spicy salmon) and they were gigantic. You only get 5 pieces but they are 5 HUGE pieces. And the spice factor was high. I didn't even have to use my wasabi. Impressive. The tuna was a little mashier than I typically like but it wasn't mushy AND mashy if that makes sense. And the spicy salmon was a mix of mash and chunks which was really good. We also got some fancier rolls which were decent, but I feel like the fancy rolls are easy to make delicious with all the extraneous crap on them. Either way, the food was good. Overall, If you want a fancy sushi 'burbs experience, this is the place. And if you don't like it fancy (and expensive), or if you need your fancy decor to be perfectly matched (What was that about? French, Japanese, Modern, who cares?), I guess you can keep on walking.

  • Jamie H.

    In reading a few Of the other reviews, it seems like they were at a different place than I was! My family and I had a great experience here! We came in on a Friday night at 7:00, without a reservation, and we were able to be seated upstairs right away - but they only had couch seating. This didn't bother me, my mom or brother in the least...but my dad was a major Debbie Downer GRUMP about this!!! It's not out of the ordinary for him so we just ignored it. After we got seated our server greeted us and my mom and I both tried one of the two sake flights and my dad got hot sake. Some of the flight sakes were really different, but I liked them all. Once my dad got his miso soup, he could not have been happier! He was raving about how it was quite possibly the best miso soup he'd ever had. My mom had some shumai soup that was incredible. Onto the main course - my brother and I split a few rolls, excellent portion sizes and they were all great (see pics for details). My dad had the tuna...which he also thought was phenomenal and couldn't stop raving about either! My mom went with the fire cracker shrimp...once again, it was delicious. Finally, we wrapped up the evening with dessert. More hot sake and tempura ice cream, pyramid and lemon sorbet. Of everything my dad loved, I think he loved the sorbet the best. It was served in an actual lemon and he kept saying it reminded him of being in Sorrento, Italy. So, LONG story short - this place was super trendy and modern feeling, which I wouldn't say anybody in my family is - but we felt right at home and had a great time with great food!

  • Todd L.

    What a fine dinning experience. Yes it more fancy and more expensive than other sushi or Japanese restaurants in the area, but the quality and variety well exceeds others. My group of four loved the modern/trendy atmosphere and the food matched. The ribeye egg rolls were insanely good. Also the beef and short ribs were so tender and delicious. What a great addition to st Charles.

  • Loren R.

    Excellent sushi! Awesome and comfortable atmosphere, our server Alexis was so nice and very prompt. Great for a date night or girls night out

  • Alex C.

    I'm start by saying, the 2 stars for this review are both for our server. She was friendly, attentive, and accurate. She had drink refills out for us before I could even think of needing one. My girlfriend and I both bartend, and she is the kind of server that can save a place. I wish I remembered her name. She was fantastic. That's where the positive ends. The food here was very disappointing. We had 2 rolls that were recommended (the green dragon, and lobster) and one was completely bland while the other was complete mush. Nothing we ate was worth purchasing again. The appetizer we selected (the filo tuna) was all filo dough with a bit of sauce on it. There was no sign of the spicy tuna. I finished by ordering the Toro Tuna, which was clearly old and deteriorating. The cold Vegas nightclub decor just couldn't mask the complete mediocrity of the food here.

  • Felice C.

    Was planning to meet up a friend for sushi. Came at 10pm, door was locked. My friend said that he went in previously and the guy said the kitchen was closed but the bar would be open. NOPE. CLOSED. How are you going to advertise on your door that you close at 1am and close at 10pm? RIDICULOUS. Will not be back.

  • Kate H.

    Excellent! My husband and I dined here last night, and it was a great experience. Had reservations, and were seated promptly. The silverware, plates, etc are very nice. Modern, clean, hip interior. Very pretty. Started with the Seven Spicy Tuna app, sooo good. Hubby had miso soup, I had 6 raw oysters. Tried his and yummy, my oysters were perfection. Not too big, small-medium with a soy mignonette sauce inside...perfection. I noticed they really took their time cleaning inside and outside of shell for presentation. Very clean taste and presentation. Shared some Signature Rolls: Crunch Melt, Flaming Hamachi, and I think Dragon Fire. All were super fresh and really tasty. Drinks: the Shakou house beer (made by a brewery for Shakou-something like "Over The Counter"?). Very light, smooth, similar in taste to Blue Moon. Impressed. It's always hard to bring people who don't like sushi to Japanese restaurants (cough cough-my parents) but I noticed they really have something for everyone here (lobster & filet main, chicken, etc...). Staff were on point and friendly. I know when a restaurant is good when my husband has a glowing review/impression, as he worked in the restaurant industry for years and really knows a quality restaurant/food. He was raving about Shakou after dinner. We will be back!

  • Olivia B.

    Had a good dinner here the other night. The ambiance is very clean, sleek, trendy, and cool. Staff was very attentive and, as anticipated for a new restaurant, they were VERY overstaffed (I mean 8 people within arms reach at all times and constantly eyeing us...), but not in a bad way, they just wanted to help. We were shocked by the $93 bill (before tip) for 3 drinks, 4 sushi rolls, and a seaweed salad. This will certainly not be our go-to sushi place, but saved for special occasions...

  • Lars T.

    We went on a Sunday night - party of two. While I recognize the place is new, there was no compelling reason to go back soon. The Good 1. They did a beautiful job building out the location. 2. They had nice china, stemware and silver. 3. Clean modern look. 4. We ordered Flaming Hamachi that was beautifully prepared and delicious. The Bad 1. The edamame wasn't served hot - cold center 2. We ordered a bottle of Rock Saki Cloud clearly shown in the menu as 720ml (see screen shot). A significantly smaller bottle was served. We pointed out the discrepancy to the bar tender. After checking in to the problem, he identified the problem as a typo in the menu. They agreed to adjust the price. Based on the check, the price is also wrong in their system. I wonder how many people don't notice the difference and are over charged as a result? 3. This was the real problem, our dinner was served 1-2 minutes after our appetizers were served. 4. I ordered Sweet & Chili Chicken Katsu, the breading was thicker than the chicken with little chili sauce. Presentation was poor. Ate 1/4 of it, didn't bother bringing the rest home. 5. While it wasn't an issue Sunday night, parking will be challenging on Friday and Saturday night. Understanding they are new, I may try again after several months, but not anytime soon.

  • Krista H.

    Tonight was my first time dining at Shakou it was a great experience everything was delicious some of our favorites were the egg rolls, Shakou roll, the udon noodles and the black widow roll. My only complaint was they don't list drink prices and my dads beer was $12!?!

  • Tabby J.

    The ambiance felt very modern yet a bit sterile. Very open, but a little too big. It was clean, with it being a new restaurant, but it didn't feel too home-y. The color scheme was a dark gray and accented yellow - shiny Buddhas all over the place if you're into Buddhas all over the place. Overall, felt like a mix between a glammed up high schooler's crib and a car dealership. More of a place to hit up on a Saturday night for drinks, not a place to bring your kids. My fiancé and I went for lunch on a Tuesday after an extended Memorial Day weekend. We started with the Edamame. It was an extremely large portion for two. We got the Nigiri bento box, Black Widow, Volcano, and Flaming Hamachi. Glassware was clean and presentable. The chopstick holders were a nice touch, but I wonder how well they clean those... Nigiri Bentobox - Fish tasted fresh, nigiri was the best item of the bento box, salad was soggy due to premixing the dressing, tempura was standard, California rolls were decent. I wish the gyoza had more of a texture than mush. Volcano - If you like eating heart attacks, this is the roll for you. So very fried, like the heated lava crisp of a deathly volcanoey heart attack. I had one roll and couldn't eat anymore. Flaming Hamachi - It had the shell of a fresh fish roll, but it was missing an in-your-face punch of "POW, I'M FRESH!!!" Overall, mildly fresh, but salty. Don't use any extra soy sauce. The Black Widow - This was the best of the three rolls. The scallop was a little over cooked leaving a rubbery texture. I felt a little healthier eating the black rice, but the the sauce was a jolting reality check in the amount of calories my poor unexpected body was consuming. Shakou, I give you three stars. No more, no less.

  • Todd D.

    Strange experience, after making reservation restaurant called several times to confirm we were coming, but then when we got there they couldn't find the reservation. First impressions disorganized, cold, arrogant staff. Weird euro/east coast decor looks like a nightclub, or discotech. Loud techno music. Smells like raw fish big time, (maybe that's something sushi people like). Since they lost the reservation we left and went to a better sushi place in St. Charles Mr. Samurai.

  • Cicely A.

    BEST SUSHI IN THE AREA!!!!! My husband and I had a wonderful experience after going here on a whim. Our server was wonderful and extremely knowledgeable, the sushi was top notch, and the ambiance is fun!! We enjoyed seeing all the sushi chefs made at the bar while waiting for our food. They even accommodated to our special request. I highly recommend Shakou if you're craving delicious sushi. Everything is fresh and no fake/mystery fish!!! Yum!

  • Steve W.

    Great new restaurant in st Charles. Finally food instead of bars. Great atmosphere. Very trendy downtown feel. If your sick of the same old Same old THIS is the place. Great bar great food! I kind of doubt some of the people that gave marginal reviews were even here. Check it out! We had salmon and braised short rib. Only thing left was the bone..... After meat fell off it.

  • Christopher B.

    Had dinner here last night with my girlfriend, my sister, and my brother in law. We made reservations 6 days in advance because we knew this place was new. It was their first time out in awhile and we were all looking forward to it. So as we arrived, we found that my sister and brother in law had been seated at what looked to be suitable for a 2 top, literally right in front of the entrance and across from the bar. Not exactly comfortable seating to say the least. It definitely left a sour taste right from the start as we noticed plenty of other comfortable seating that was available, but apparently was reserved for more "posh" customers. We had already ordered drinks so figured we would just stick with it rather than try to get another table on a busy Friday night. The server would disappear for extended periods of time during dinner, and anytime a course came we felt like we were rushed to eat it so we could reclaim just a scant sliver of our table back. At times it felt like Jenga, if we moved the wrong the plate or shifted a glass we were in jeopardy of losing an entire dish. This obviously did not make for a pleasant experience. The only thing that stood out about the food were the prices. I've had much better sushi at a number of the existing sushi restaurants in the St Charles and Geneva area. Overall the flavors were bland, the rolls came apart easily, and nothing stood out as anything but average. Drinks were good, but expensive and served in stemware that seemed to sacrifice functionality for appearance. The manager (or who I presumed was the manager) never came by once even though he was two feet away from our table (we were right in front of the entrance remember?). He did appear to be hob-knobbing quite a bit with other customers, so it was yet another strike against this restaurant (what my $200 is not as good as theirs?) So to summarize - overpriced, pretentious, with average food and stuffy seating. Sorry Shakou, but I think you've lost this customer for a long time.

  • Bob P.

    We walked in and were blown away. The restaurant is gorgeous. Our drinks were made perfectly. The plates and glassware are top notch. We had three appetizers and four sushi rolls. The dishes we received looked the part, but didn't deliver. We were left feeling that if it looks good it is. The reality is it's okay. Dress it up all you want the food is nothing special. I'm sure the trend of looking hip and cool at a restaurant won't last long once people realize it's expensive to act trendy.

  • Mark K.

    Here's the recap: Pro: short ribs were very good; wife's firecracker shrimp looked outstanding; appetizers were very good. Overall quality of food excellent. Server was pleasant and informative. Cons: dinner lasted a good two hours plus. Food order was messed up a bit, but they didn't charge for soup that was wrong but corrected. Kind of loud and dark. Overall: worth a try, we will return. Hip, lively tech music with a cool contemporary decor. Food was good. But still working out kinks so 3 stars for now, maybe 4 next time!

  • Martha M.

    Shakou is undoubtedly the best restaurant in St. Charles. The atmosphere is very modern and clean; simply beautiful. I ordered a vodka martini and I'm very particular about my martinis, but it was perfect. I loved the pretty glass, and it was ICY cold! We ordered a variety of appetizers, and every one of them was as good as it gets. As for the sushi, it was perfection. Everyone in my party was gaga over their entrees. I had the seared tuna, which I'd recommend to anyone. We had two desserts, which were crazy-good. Our server was professional and knowledgeable. He was friendly without being intrusive. The extensive menu offers something for everyone. Next time I go, which will be very soon, I'm only ordering appetizers and sushi. The food is too fantastic to limit myself to one large dish! The only negative I could find was the noise level. They need to find a way to fix the acoustics in the building. If I could, I would take off a half star for noise, bring my review to 4.5. I would recommend getting a dinner reservation for the lower level, if at all possible. The upstairs is too noisy and "clubby" for a nice dinner. Go upstairs after dinner and sit on one of the gorgeous purple velvet couches

  • Steve S.

    Nice to have the upscale, city ambiance in a sushi-fusion restaurant in St. Charles. We went a couple weeks ago, the first week they were open. The decor was great, definitely bringing the city to the 'burbs, something that's been sorely missing from downtown STC. Service was attentive and not overbearing. The sashimi pieces were large, just like their maki. The saki and oyster shooters were great as well. We'll be back!


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :11:00 am - 11


  • Takes Reservations : Yes
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Intimate
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : Full Bar
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Has TV : Yes
    Waiter Service : Yes


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