Auntie Anne’s

100 Oakbrook Ctr
Oak Brook, 60523
I'm addicted to Aunty Anne's. I usually come by this location during an Oak Brook Mall trip. The food is awesome, but my one complaint is the really long lines that spill outside. There's nothing they can do to combat it, but I just wish they were shorter.
Thumbs up! Only thing.. Wish they were a little bigger so during the winter times you don't have to stand outside and wait
I've been addicted to these pretzels since tasting them at the Water Tower Place where I worked back in the 90s. My usual, lemonade and a caramel pretzels.

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Food Stands

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2407 W 22nd St
Oak Brook, 60523
I stopped by this Starbucks to study with a friend and man, it was pretty empty. I would definitely love studying here if it would only stay open til later. It closes at 10 PM on weekdays and 11 PM on Fridays and Saturdays. Service was super fast since it was not busy at all. This Starbucks had an awesome playlist going to help me study, too! I am excited to go study here in the future. There are lots of tables and chairs inside and outside. And there's even a drive thru!
What you would expect out of a typical Starbucks. Go and get your caffine on and stop looking at the comments
One of my favorite places to study since they have a little patio outside of the store. Great way to get your vitamin D. This Starbucks also have a drive thru. Compared to other places, where the drinks are watered down, this place has the best non-water down green tea frappuccino. The staffs are really friendly and the service is quick. Before I can even get to a table to sit down, my drink was ready.

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Coffee & Tea

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Hyatt Lodge at McDonald's Campus,2815 Jorie Blvd
Oak Brook, 60523
Jaime was a phenomenal server!!!
This place was fantastic! We arrived at the hotel in the afternoon and went to the Water's Edge cafe where we met Dan, the manager of both restaurants and the bar, who was very friendly and personable. We told him we had reservations for Piazza later in the evening. We got to talking and told him this was our first Valentine's day engaged...which apparently he made note of. When we arrived at Piazza later in the evening, Dan was there, remembered us, seated us at the table of our choice and offered us a glass of champagne on the house to celebrate our engagement. The restaurant has a very nice ambiance and our waitress was very helpful and personable. About halfway through our drink, Dan brought out a bottle of champagne, topped off our glasses and told us it was on the house. Cheers to that! I ordered the Risotto which was very tasty, but could have used more seafood. It came with 1 large scallop (which was probably the best scallop I've ever had!), 1 shrimp and 1 piece of calamari. My fiance got the seared bass (which we were told is stripped bass) was excellent as well. It came with egg noodles and sprouts on top. The service was outstanding as well! The waitress even shared a story about when she was in Italy...a very nice touch at an Italian restaurant, and especially because I am Italian. My fiance really had her mind set on carrot cake for dessert, which they did not have on the menu but told us they would get from room service. It was small for 2 people to split, but very tasty. Dan also put the dessert on the house! Are you kidding me? We need to get engaged more often lol! We had planned on using a gift certificate purchased from for $25 off, but would have felt guilty doing so, considering all the free drink/food and sincere hospitality they gave us. So needless to say, we will be back in the near future, gift certificate in hand! :)
What a hidden treasure! So thankful for , without it, we never would have thought of coming here. Food was great, service and atmosphere was fantastic. They add garlic and herbs to their olive oil which makes the bread so much tastier to eat when dipping. For an appetizer, we got the stuffed mushrooms, these were excellent, but not worth 10 bucks, maybe if we got 4 or 5 of them then yes, it would be worth it. I ordered my staple angel hair marinara, which was great, and my hubby got the chicken rigatoni which was pretty tasty as well. We will definitely be back, with or without a coupon ;)

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Italian, Pizza

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Water’s Edge Restaurant

Hyatt Lodge,2815 Jorie Blvd
Oak Brook, 60523
If you are looking for a quiet location overlooking a man made lake/pond, then this place is for you. They have a nice selection of salads, deli sandwiches, hot sandwiches, and specials. This restaurant, and the other restaurant, are located in the basement of The Hyatt Lodge at McDonald's Office Campus. If you self park, then you just have to cross the road and there is an entrance door, directly to the restaurants so you do not have to go up to the reception area and then back down the stairs. Our sandwiches were served with either fries or chips and a very large, very delicious dill pickle. You order at the cashier, you are given a number, then you find a table and your food is delivered in very short order. Indoor and outdoor seating available and all menu items are available for carryout. Wonderful place away from the mall.
This restaurant is inside the the Hyatt Lodge on the McDonald's campus which is located on serene grounds. Their breakfast is delicious. We had oatmeal with pecans, dried fruits, milk, honey, and cinnamon. My boyfriend had pancakes with orange zest marmalade which was fantastic! Great service and restaurant overlooks a beautiful lake. The hotel is great as well!
Water's Edge is on the McDonald's HQ campus. It overlooks a small lake/pond, and it really is a beautiful view. Their sandwiches are great, I like the chicken sandwich with avocado, and their turkey sandwich is good too. You don't have to work there or be there for a meeting to get into the restaurant, it's open to the public. It's off the beaten path, kinda hard to find if you're not familiar with the campus.

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Cafes, Breakfast & Brunch, American (Traditional)

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El Tapeo

Le Méridien Chicago - Oakbrook Center,2100 Spring Rd
Oak Brook, 60523
I love this restaurant! Great food, great view, great drinks and great service. The only reason I gave a four star instead of 5 is I wish they open for lunch, too.
Loved the clean, nice, new, nice view. Dates was great. Octopus was very salty. Seafood rice was ok. Wish they have more options on tea - only non-caffeine tea was chamomile. Host was great. She asked how we liked the food. Told her we didn't like there octopus and she took it off the bill.
This upscale and chic bar/restaurant in the remodeled Le Meridien Hotel in Oak Brook sits atop the ninth floor, affording you a look of the surrounding area. We ordered a selection of tapas on a recent Saturday evening along with cocktails at the bar, and were pleasantly surprised. All of the tapas were quite tasty, and my Pisco Sour was beautifully presented and deliciously refreshing. The only down side was the service - it wasn't as attentive as it could have been. Though there were several bartenders behind the bar, we waited quite a bit to order a second drink. However, the servers were all very nice and pleasant to deal with, once they gave you attention. It's a great place to get together with friends for drinks!

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Tapas/Small Plates, Spanish

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232 Oakbrook Ctr
Oak Brook, 60523
I was shopping with a friend and we were going to eat later in the day, but when we walked by the smell hooked us and we had to go in. It was not crowded at all for a Sunday so we were seated right away. The atmosphere is very warm and inviting. Kind of like an old supper club. I didn't want to get loaded so I had a lemonaid. It tasted like dish water? I told the waiter and he brought me another one. He should have tasted it first. Your suppose to cut the lemon in half before you pour water over it. The bread is quite delicious, with the whipped butter. As far as giving you to much food. I think they didn't get the memo. I had the special, roast beef with horseradish that was the best that I have ever had. But it looked like a finger sandwich. I know I was with a queen but this wasn't high tea. And the beef was in little chunks that hardly lifted the bun. They tried filling up the plate with a huge quarter pickle and a bowl of potato salad. I know americans are used to a wheel barrel pulling up to the table, but for 13 bucks I got ripped off. My friend had the breaded chicken sandwich and it was burnt on one side. He liked the coleslaw though. I have been here quite a few times before and have had only one other bad experience. I think that it is over priced for what you get. But they have a captive audience with lots of cash, so anything I say won't matter one bit. Thanks for stopping by. Pay your bill and get out!
i've eaten inside twice and have ordered salads to go a few times. it's pretty good food, but definitely expensive. the first time i went with a friend from work. i had ordered some soup and an appetizer. the waitress completely forgot about the appetizer and never ordered it for me. as i was on dinner break, i didn't wait. i went with the bf once and i had the filet medallions oscar. i forget what he had. the food was pretty good, but the portions were small for how much it was. the bread there is really good. i also had the martini flight, which was very cute and a nice way to sample a few drinks. not a terrible place except for the wait that happens sometimes and the price.
I always enjoy my meal here. I come here for the best turkey burger (I believe) served by a restaurant, and the fish sandwich. The choc chip cookie sundae is delicious too (and I am not typically a fan of cookie sundaes...). The greek salad is also very good ... and of course the onion bread. Service varies, but I have never had "bad" service. Just be sure to stop by at an unconventional time (I will not wait 60 - 120 minutes for any meal.....unless I'm preparing it myself).

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American (Traditional), Steakhouses

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1401 West

Chicago Marriott Oak Brook,1401 W 22nd St
Oak Brook, 60523
I had a weekday late lunch with my sister. I had eaten here once before and she had as well - we both had good prior experiences. This time around my ratings: Customer Service - 4 stars (not exceptional but better than good) Price - 3 stars (average for a hotel) Food taste / preparation / portion size / presentation 4.5 stars I had the salmon grilled with lemon / wild rice and asparagus --- to die for (exceptional) She had the crab cake sandwich / sweet potato fries (very very good) It is a hotel so ambiance is somewhat lacking - but for lunch it was a really good experience.
Food was ok, we were the ONLY people in the restaraunt at 730 on a sat night. We had a coupon which indicated it was good if you spent $50, nothing about this being for food only (not alcohol). All other coupons make it very clear if alcohol is not considered in total. Our bill was $83 dollars, $48 of food, and they said they would not honor our coupon unless we bought more food. I questioned this and some mgr brought me some bs piece of paper with mumbo jumbo legal language. Huh? How about being transparent on that alcohol isn't included (like all others do)? Now I know why the place was empty....
For a hotel restaurant, I have to give 1401 West 4 stars. I was pleasantly surprised. They had a lot to choose from, and the portions and costs were way more reasonable than what I have typically experienced at hotel restaurants. I had the hummus and the airline chicken (comes with Asparagus and veggies). YUM! They also have regular specials which I saw that some others had gotten that looked amazing. The service is also top notch. If I find myself in Oakbrook and too lazy to venture across the street to Oakbrook Center, you will probably find me here.

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American (Traditional)

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Real Urban Barbecue

2119 Clearwater Dr
Oak Brook, 60523
The set up is weird and very disorganized please note when you are paying for your food you will have everyone and their mother reaching over your food as you are trying to pay (not cool). The peach iced tea is okay I recommend the lemon shake up instead. I got the BBQ Brisket, Smoked Baked Beans and french Fries. The Beans were the best part. I had better BBQ from holes in the wall. I think because I did not notice a smoker (I'm spoiled I had real BBQ) that the taste was off. It was like the BBQ you make in your oven, not at a traditional BBQ not really worth the money.
The food is delicious over all order the brisket want to give Jim and staff this review for being on top with customer service. I picked up my order and I was confident that it was all there after I was at work I saw I was missing a meal. No biggie, I called and Jim helped me and was able to get my meal out ASAP. Thank you!
Awesome BBQ and many other snappy options i.e. the Mac 'n Cheese, beans and so much more!! Just go and give a try--knocks the BBQ pants off of the Patio!! Now, get going and enjoy!!

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Maggiano’s Little Italy

Oakbrook Shopping Center,240 Oakbrook Ctr
Oak Brook, 60523
Maggiano's has never been one of my favorites because I just can't deal with the size of their portions. The Ravioli (appetizer) comes with 6 squares so big they could work as the table cloth. We gave it a try this last time and went to the one at Oakbrook. The wait was bad but the ladies working the waiting list were acting as if this restaurant was located in the heart of Paris, with top notch food, with people who were killing each other to get a table. NOT. This is a restaurant in Skokie IL, people!!!! Definitely not worth the wait or the hassle. Let alone the hostess' attitude
Beware of the new menu-- big changes We (my family) like Maggiano's. We've probably eaten there or carried out about 6 times per year for at least 10 years. One of our favorite features is the fact that portion sizes are huge and we get lots of leftovers for the following day's lunch (or sometimes another dinner). Most of the items have been available in large and small size; large is definitely a bargain. But I placed a carryout order last week and got a big surprise. Apparently the menu has been revised. No more large or small-- just one size, which seems smaller than the old small. Prices, however, seem to have gone up. The net effect is a big price increase. We placed our typical order for 6 people-- calamari, salad, two or three pastas, lasagna, and some chicken. Although the total was over $100, we barely had enough to feed everybody. The old menu would have given us tons of leftovers. I still like the food, but I doubt I'll carry out from there anymore.
ok i tried this in CHICACO but this place is every where. try it where its closest to ur city! Maggiano's Little Italy - OMG. The cab driver told us to go here and said it was a little family restaurant. Little did he know Maggiano's is all over the place. Man. I was so hungry everything we ordered was supppppperrrrrrrrrrrr good. In fact Maggiano's is THE best Italian Restauant I have ever had. We ordered... mussels with white bean tomato sauce- and that shit was off the chain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can drink the soup to the last drop. You can taste the wine and parsley and everything they put inside. That appetizer is a masterpeice. Veal Marsala - and lemme tell you nowhere else I've ever eaten even has this on the menu. It was the best. Very full of flavor and the mushrooms were great. Seafood Pasta w/ Red Sauce - Like I said everything was super good... They were not stingy at all... The seafood pasta had a little spicy kick to it which made it all the better. We also ordered side pasta's with our food and added meatballs and whatever we didn't finish we would take to go & we had food for days. Tirimisu is also good here... I stayed in a hotel that had a stove and was able to warm up all the foods right from the tin. Tasted great as left overs as well. Just like it was in the restaurant.

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Roti Mediterranean Grill

2109 Clearwater Dr
Oak Brook, 60523
Typical lunch food. Nothing too extraordinary. 4 star!
Headed here for lunch a couple of times during the past few work weeks and I'm hooked. I get the BPE (best plate ever) and a side of falafel and I'm good. The BPE consists of their grilled chicken, hummus, cucumber/tomato salad, a pita (yes, only one), red pepper sauce and rice. All dumped together in sweet harmony on a plate. And sweet harmony it is. Their red pepper sauce is sooooo good - I dunk everything in there! The chicken pieces are moist and flavorful and the falafel is crusty delicious. Pretty much the best Medi food I've ever what if it's a "fast food chain?"
Good fast-food Mediterranean. I like the chicken roti plate with couscous, hummus, extra dill sauce, feta and olives. YUM. The falafel are a different texture than I am used to, but I have to say they are my favorite of all the places around! Join the rewards program and earn free food pretty easily with the app.

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