Gaynor’s Restaurant & Pub

6N744 Medinah Rd
Medinah, 60157
Gaynors is a very traditional Irish Pub. Very nice ambiance, friendly neighborhood crowd. Most of the food is pretty good, you'll have to find what you like by trial and error.
I can only say that I wish I read Pierre D.'s review before arriving. I work in the area, and the friends I usually go out to lunch with decided to give it a try, as we've driven past it several times before. I'll put the problems with this place in a list form for easier reading: 1. ZERO cars in the parking lot, similar to Pierre's experience. It took 45 minutes (in the height of the lunch rush) before another customer appeared. Red Flag #1. 2. As soon as we opened the door, another guy and I both thought it smelled like stale beer and ammonia... basically, my fraternity's basement after an epic weekend. Great for my fraternity, not for a restaurant. It's one of those places where the management seems to be cutting all the corners, and it definitely shows. Red Flag #2 3. The drinks came in glasses so small and ice-filled you only got 3 gulps before it was gone, and I STILL rejected my iced tea since it tasted so funky. 4. The bread was several days old and moldy. Red Flag #3 5. I had only 2 bites of my turkey Reuben before giving up, and my friend could only stomach 3 of his fish and chips (he later described it as "fish jerky"). Silver lining: the fries and chips were actually OK! The best part of the experience was when the bartender (who disappeared for 5 minutes at a time several times, even though we were the only customers in the place) did not put up a fight when I asked her to remove our charges from the bill. Not sure if I'd recommend this place for anything edible unless it comes out of a sealed plastic wrapper. I half expected to see Gordon Ramsay burst through the front door with a "Kitchen Nightmares" film crew in tow at any moment. We had to stop at another diner for food on the way home, so don't make the same mistake we did!
I've been to Gaynor's a few times as part of an annual train pub crawl with friends. It's always funny to me because some families may be seated in the back having dinner when our huge group of rowdy drunkards rolls in. I see Gaynor's as more of a sports dive bar where pitchers of swill are usually in order. I'm talking a pitcher of swill for $7 on Saturday nights - now that's a special. They have specials each and every day and the prices are right. I've picked off my friends' appetizers before and have always been pleased with everything I had. If a place serves you 5 apps on a garbage can lid for $20, you can safely assume it's a dive. Their options of apps are pretty delicious though - deep fried bacon, fried pickles, wings, friend mushrooms, onion rings, slides, mac & cheese bites, cheese sticks, chicken strips, deep fried tacos. As you can see, everything is deep fried on the app menu aside from the sliders which rest assured have their own unhealthy virtues.. I love the midwest. I always have fun at Gaynor's and am really happy with their beer prices. They sometimes have a band playing to boot!

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