Wolfs Head Inn

6937 Joliet Rd
Indianhead Park, 60525
Wolf's Head Inn makes me sad. I don't like feeling sad. We used to come here quite a bit when I was a kid. This restaurant was awesome back in the day, up until just a few years ago. It changed ownership then, and it all went downhill. My husband and I were here Saturday night. What a shame this place is now. The facts: Our server was kinda wacky. I was brought 2 dirty beer glasses one after another so decided to just drink from the bottle. The once famous onion loaf was hardly cooked through and was doughy and gross in the middle. The burgers we ordered were not good. My husbands was alot weirder than described on the menu, and came out topped with 2 rings of canned pineapple?!? Icky!! I ordered a plain burger (med rare); no cheese no lettuce no nuthin. The inside of the burger was slightly pink, as a medium rare burger should be, but it was dry. I found this to be totally perplexing. In between the disappointing onion loaf, dirty glasses, and depressing entrees, I couldn't help looking around at how much this place has changed. Alot of the cool antiques and movie set artifacts are gone. What pictures and things remain are crooked and dusty looking. The ceiling is early 80's banquet hall ugly, and the server station was jumbled and messy. I was picturing Chef Gordon Ramsey and what he'd have to say about the state of things. And if the dining room gives this impression, what is the kitchen like?!? I can't think about that. Too late now, anyway. In closing, I'm going with 2 stars, when really, it deserves 1. I just can't do it! Stangely enough this place means alot to me, as it holds many good childhood memories.
My in-laws and I go to this place once in a while and it's quite good. The outside looks like a strip-mall bar, and I probably would never have found it myself. But I'm glad I did! Good pub food and burgers, and a fun old-timey atmosphere. There is tons of memorabilia and just interesting stuff on the walls. The staff is very friendly. Recommended!
For some reason, my dad and brother love this place. Therefore, I had no choice but to return for my brother's birthday dinner. I played it safe this time and decided to stick with a burger since this is a bar atmosphere. I ordered the bleu cheese burger which was cooked beyond overdone to the point that the crust on the meat cracked when I bit into it. Still, as overcooked and dry as it was, it was swimming in grease, which indicates it was cooked on a dirty skillet with other burgers. I stopped at my one bite. My son also had a burger and he stopped after three bites. The only good part about the meal is that they took my meal off the bill (as well they should). This place needs to be closed down before my dad's birthday or I'm in big trouble. I'll just have to order a glass of water.....eh, on second thought, I'll bring in my own.

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