Fatman Bowl

13860 Rockland Rd
Green Oaks, 60044
Service here always seems to be bad. It's the kind of place that if you aren't friends of the staff they seem to forget about you while the staff talks amongst themselves and ignore the customers. The food is subpar. The bowling alleys aren't good. They constantly get stuck and then you have to find a staff member ( which is hard to do in bowling area) to fix it only to wait a few minutes before it happens again. The TVs are nice as well as the setting so it has potential to be nice but I haven't seen any changes over the years on how this establishment is run. Oh and finally get the sports packages if you want to be a sports bar. Last football season I went in to watch some games that weren't on network tv only to be told they didnt have the nfl package.
Went there for lunch with coworkers. Being a vegetarian, I requested if they could make me the taco salad without the meat, throw in sine black beans etc. The server said "maybe", and comes back in 20 minutes with my salad. Seriously, it was just iceberg lettuce in the taco shell! Worst taco salad I have ever eaten. Never going back....
We had a Groupon.. $25.00 for bowling, a large pizza and a pitcher of pop.. The pizza was GREAT. Our lane got stuck but not a huge deal, they reset it. I thought the place was cute and clean. A good deal for what we paid. However, I looked at the menu and the prices are HIGH if you don't have a Groupon. For example, mozzarella sticks are $9.00? Whoa! Not paying that. Also, this was the first Groupon I have ever gone to that we got handed a bill at the end for "tax". It's always built into the Groupon. If it wasn't for the tax and being too expensive to order extra food, I would have given it 5 stars.

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Sports Bars, American (Traditional)

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