Jesse Oaks


18490 W Old Gages Lake Rd
Gages Lake, IL, 60030

(847) 223-2575

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User:Tony R.

Local place very large for it's location. This is a great place when it's a beautiful day and you wanna eat outside. When it's too cold to sit outside, you have the main building or the Leinie lodge to choose from. Volleyball is either outside or lodge. Main building is more like a local watering hole, but the service has always been good and the specials are pocketbook friendly. Large parties can rent the lodge out and the food menu is small but good. Get the Irish nachos if you really want to be stuffed. I enjoy the thin crust pizza.

User:Sean K.

Place is fun but the service sucks! Even when there is no one else at the bar waiting for a drink the bartenders don't walk over and ask what you need. I had to grab their attention every time and it took several attempts then what seem forever before they brought me one drink.

User:Bob Z.

We love this place. Great pizza. Awesome wings. Cold beer. This is a local pub that has volleyball courts and tournaments. A great neighborhood find.

User:Belinda O.

I've been going here since I was 13. Now I'm 22, and still kickin it at oaks. Don't have much to say about the food (because I rarely ever eat here). People always rave about how good the waffle fries are but that's it. This place has 6 volleyball courts. Two in a barn, and four outdoor. The reason why I do go here is only for the volleyball. Friday nights, they usually have a DJ and karaoke, and there's lots of pick up volleyball with very friendly people. On Friday nights they'll keep the lights on outdoor until 2am. Other days, it varies. More rec/int ball here than competitive. Overall, this place is a fun place to play volleyball and hangout with people.

User:Juliana R.

I guess if you're from the far north suburbs and never moved out of your parents basement then this is the place to be seen! I came here for a friends gathering, they have a nice spacious beer garden which is cool but a friend and I both got sick from dirty beer taps! Gross

User:Sofiya C.

Stopped in here at around 2pm on a Sunday for a Bloody Mary and to watch a little football. This was my first time here, and I brought my out of town sister with me. Bloody Mary: 4.5 Stars. My gripe: There is so much going on in it it's almost overwhelming. Great price, the mix itself is great... is there vodka in it? Maybe, maybe not. There is like 12 pork products on it. Next time I am going to ask to omit the hardboiled egg (just doesn't go well with the bloody), and the sausage hot dog, only because it has sausage already in it with the tatertot and egg skewer. Honestly, their bloody would be even better if they omitted 3 or 4 ingredients but sugared the bacon, maybe added a beer chaser or something along those lines. I will for sure go back for the bloodies but will customize it. The bar: The outdoor area is large, but now its too cold to go out there. The indoor area was small. There are these weird video poker machines. Kind of reminds me of a hole in the wall bar that you would find on the side of a highway. There are some TV's at the bar only. Apparently there is another dinning area, but it was empty that day and I didn't see any TV's. Beer selection is nothing fancy. Not sure how everything else is as far as how they make their drinks etc. The staff: The man behind the bar seemed to be running the show, he seemed knowledgable and tried to serve the semi-busy environment. The younger girl however.... she kept sneezing, or coughing into her hands and NEVER went to wash her hands. She also rubbed her hair, or played with it, then went to fill someones order or bring out an appetizer. My sister and I counted about 5 times in maybe 30 minutes. Then we looked around and we could't visibly see a hand washing sink or hand sanitizer or anything. By law, I am pretty sure they are required to have those. That was really gross because I am in the health industry, my sister is in the hospitality industry. We are very attentive to that stuff. With flu season going on, I hope that the staff here gets educated on hand hygiene. Other then that, the service was pretty prompt, with how huge the bloody's are I know they take some time to garnish. I will probably come back, I'm not sure if I will order food or not... depending on if I see anyone sneezing in their hands and not washing them!

User:Joe L.

While not anywhere near me, this place is awesome! Amazing food specials for quality food (e.g., $4 for 1/2lb burger and fries). Great drink specials, too (e.g., $1 beers). I wish this place was closer to me - I'm sure I'd be a regular!

User:Koka K.

I love going here for a drink but it can be hit or miss. You can quickly become a "regular" and get to know the bartenders and the other regulars, but sometimes it's boring. Saturday nights after 11 are a lot of fun. Great place to meet up with some friends for drinks, but the food is only so-so. I like to come here when I'm alone too because I felt safe.

User:Phillip C.

I came here for the first time with a few friends to watch a hockey game. There's an indoor and outdoor area, as well as a volleyball area. I'm going to ignore the volleyball area. Of note: their outdoor area is a smoker's area. Expect to smell cigarette smoke throughout the bar. The indoor area is alright; it's definitely older and shows its age in the form of low ceilings, creaky wooden floors, etc. There is no end to the televisions here; you can sit anywhere and expect to have two or three televisions in good view. My friends and I sat outside. Most beer besides the typical Miller product is bottled or canned. We ordered several pitchers of Miller and were not disappointed. The TV outside is very large and easy to see. Their audio set up leaves a bit to be desired; there is a lot of echo inside and outside. Nearby housing means they cannot increase their volume too much, which makes it somewhat difficult to hear the TV outside. There is plenty of parking and the service is acceptable. The prices of their drinks are low. The food is fairly good. The atmosphere is friendly. Not a bad place.

User:Mick B.

Tip: Well behaved dogs are invited to share the patio space. People are requested to clean up after their dogs.

User:Erin H.

Excellent bar food & good service. Shockingly delicious Italian beef pizza, worth a try!

User:Joel R.

Service is non existent. You usually sit at a bar to get prompt service. Not here. Folks just ignore you.

User:Susie E.

Specifically hopped on motorcycle for a morning ride out to Gage's Lake to grab up this beautifully garnished Bloody Mary! Having never been to Jesse Oaks before, we were promptly greeted at the bar by a wonderfully attentive bartender that spoke of specials and current events! Scoping out the huge facility, I was visibly impressed by the cleanliness & service demonstrated by all visible employees. I had the HD Bloody Mary, while the actual bloody wasn't spectacular the goodies made it outstanding! Definitely coming back to enjoy some food and the great outdoor area!!

User:Vincent B.

If I could give it a zero star I would. I've never been here before today and I will never go back. I sat on the patio and ordered the Spinach and Artichoke dip and when the waitress sat it down I grabbed the plate to bring it closer to me and burned 4 of my fingers. I said to the waitress " Thanks for letting me know the plate was hot ". She didn't say a word and just walked away. Then as I'm eating a gentleman comes on the patio with a small black dog and the dog takes a crap right there on the patio where everyone is eating. This was witnessed by several of the wait staff and no one said a thing to this guy. Are you fucking serious??? Maybe that's normal in Gages Lake but not where I come from. 0 Stars. .

User:Paul D.

I've been going to Jesse Oaks for many years, way before the bar out back, before the brick patio, and I always enjoy the atmosphere and the staff. I have so many stories over the years and they are all good ones! This bar may not be for everyone, but I've made many friends here!



Opening Hours

Mon :10:00 am - 1:
Takes Reservations : No
Delivery : No
Take-out : Yes
Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
Parking : Street
Bike Parking : Yes
Good for Kids : No
Good for Groups : Yes
Attire : Casual
Ambience : Divey
Noise Level : Average
Music : Juke Box
Good For Dancing : No
Alcohol : Full Bar
Happy Hour : No
Best Nights : Fri, Sat
Coat Check : No
Smoking : Outdoor Area/ Patio Only
Outdoor Seating : Yes
Wi-Fi : No
Has TV : Yes
Waiter Service : Yes
Caters : No